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2 pictures to examine

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posted on Jul, 6 2004 @ 10:44 PM
yup edinburgh i am

paradise on earth
also the most haunted graveyard on earth....and i pics of ghosts i have taken in it... that is of corse Grayfriers Churchyard.

i live on the northside about a 1 min drive from The Royal Mile (hollyrood palace & Edinburgh Castle)

...but dont everybody go selling up and moving here...its quite and peacefull....just the way i like life

posted on Jul, 8 2004 @ 01:31 PM
In response to the original pics...might be a non-manned drone of some kind.....

posted on Jul, 10 2004 @ 03:27 AM

Originally posted by kinglizard
I thought I would post the images in question to help the conversation along. I didnt alter them in any way; I just cropped and enlarged the photos so they would be easier to view.

Wow thanks the site was down so i couldnt see them yes one does look more baloonish but it also seems to match the heavy UFO that alot of people seem to have seen while the first picture was too clear for me eyes to not see it at a Circular object that had an arch in the fron where there was alot of dots... windows maybe? alien dogs might like to stick theird heads out the window to ya know

posted on Jul, 10 2004 @ 05:17 AM

Originally posted by thematrix

Lil question for airplane buffs. Does a jet on afterburner show distinct light emitting from its rear that, from a distance, would look something like that?

[edit on 6-7-2004 by thematrix]

I don't think so. Refering to the second pic, if it were an airplane in afterburners, I'd say that the light is strangely white. Such fire is quite really red/orange, and it doesn't glow like this one looks.

To me, it seems on the first pic that indeed it could be triangular shaped dark object. But the second one is weird because it seems rather like disc shaped, and light colored.

posted on Jul, 10 2004 @ 05:34 AM
They do look interesting, unfortunatly I've just joined this thread and the link to the original pictures is down, any chance of them being put up again so I can see them uncropped, please?

posted on Jul, 11 2004 @ 07:49 PM
** removed***

try this

the problems iv had with my webspace of late

top pic is marked where i was standing when the pics were taken, it was behind the camera ish that i saw the UFO

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posted on Jul, 11 2004 @ 07:53 PM
please note the white object was the first pic taken, the darker object was taken a few seconds later, as it slowed and started moving along to the right.

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