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Weird Creature, Australia!!!!!!

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posted on Dec, 26 2010 @ 08:40 PM
reply to post by Kryties

agreed, I have a friend who is a 'stoner' but has an IQ of 129.

as to the creature I propose it was the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Chruch of FSM

the thread author may even wish to become a Pastafarian after his encounter with their god.


P.S) just joking btw, I think this is an interesting story & I hope someone can figure this out..
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posted on Dec, 26 2010 @ 10:04 PM

Originally posted by bluemirage5
reply to post by pixiekaram

It was your mother in law !!!!!

Truly the funniest thing I've heard all day!

posted on Dec, 27 2010 @ 04:16 AM
reply to post by B.Morrison

I used to be a stoner and have an iq of 138..... your point is??

In regards to this "creature" just forget about it, we all see strange things at night that cannot be explained.
LOL and btw your picture looks like a turd with a hair through it sitting on a piece of toilet paper.

posted on Dec, 27 2010 @ 04:39 AM
reply to post by exo87

Wow, didn't you completely miss the point.

B. Morrison was replying to MY comment that the OP shouldn't have assumed all stoners are stupid. You are actually completely agreeing with us.

As to your comment on the OPs picture - the OP made it perfectly clear that he wasn't a good artist - I was the one who requested he draw a picture so we could get a visualisation of what he was talking about.

And your comment on it being 'nothing'? Show me your evidence or shut up. If you have nothing intelligent to add to the conversation then I suggest you do not add anything at all.
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posted on Dec, 27 2010 @ 04:47 AM
reply to post by Kryties

Calm down sweetheart, i was just # stirring. This blokes from frankston... ffs it was probably a bird or a bat, # me it could have been this

And fyi what i said about my iq is bs, i don't know it tbh.

posted on Dec, 27 2010 @ 04:52 AM
reply to post by Kryties

You didn't have to add that you know Not all 'stoners' are stupid - but I get your drift mate

I'd also point out that there are millions of very stupid and very lazy *non-stoners* out there too!

Thanks OP, i think the drawing it and scanning is a great idea for you to do.

Strange that it's profile view was ultra thin...and you say it *literally* vanished before your *poof* gone vanished?

The thin, non-visible profile together with vanishing kinda hints at an inter-dimensional origin..perhaps a brief crossover of multiverses?

ETA: Just has a look at your drawing, and now i'm thinking more that maybe it was a military drone of some's a thread about a 'dragonfly drone' that someone photographed.

I saw another story recently that was about a new military drone that looks like a large insect, that can cling to walls and trees etc and stay there for days, or months even until it's needed.

Could be what you saw?

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posted on Dec, 27 2010 @ 06:52 AM
I have waited for it tonight....but I havent seen for the dragonfly drone that thing it looks to bulky... I will check tomorrow morning and night and post wether I saw this thing again


posted on Dec, 27 2010 @ 08:36 AM
reply to post by pixiekaram

Yea the ATS interface is HORRIFIC! The search is terrible and every 10th thread I hear computer savvy people ask how to upload a vid/photo.

posted on Dec, 27 2010 @ 08:54 AM
reply to post by pixiekaram

Did it look like a Broom by any chance ?

posted on Dec, 27 2010 @ 09:49 AM
Hey [snip] stop giving the OP a hard time.

OP, from your description and your drawing it screams fruit bat to me. Once bats have left their roost and are actually hunting they do fly incredibly irratically as they zero in on prey. Some bat species could also most definitely be described as flapping their wings in a manner similar to butterflies.

I also feel from your posts/descriptions of the event that you cannot categorically say there were no limbs as in the bat photo posted earlier.

As much as you and half of us want some extraordinary explanation, I feel the truth here is rather more mundane.

PS don't you just love it when people of other countries tell you you can't have a beer bottle bigger than theirs. Darwin stubbies rule, I used to drink mine at The Humpty Doo Hotel. I also used to be a stoner, and I strongly believe it was responsible for raising my IQ from 138 to over 155.
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posted on Dec, 27 2010 @ 11:39 AM

Originally posted by pixiekaram

MY mate saw it but didn't take any real notice (he's a stoner and doesn't think anything is possible eg.employment) so he was just like yeah its a bird, but for me and the misses it was crazy

You are making a very discriminating statement here.

What the hell?

So, in your eyes someone who smokes weed should never be listened to and does not think employment is possible?

The greatest minds in history smoked weed. Its your kind that really annoys me, I bet you think your better than your "mate", typical.

posted on Dec, 27 2010 @ 12:14 PM
wow .. can we speak about this creature ?
im curious to have a paint drawing or a picture

posted on Dec, 27 2010 @ 04:51 PM
reply to post by pixiekaram

actually to me the flight pattern you are describing Does sound an awful lot like a bat. I used to go swimming at night all the time in the house that I grew up in...we had a large outdoor flood light, and bats would gather around it to catch the insects. I would watch them for hours...they would move much as you said...randomly flirting about from place to place, really quickly. Ocasionally one would flutter right past and "buzz" your head, missing it only by an inch or so. Now although my experience with them was was limited to that area where they caught bugs in the flood lights around my pool. It is possible that normally they fly in a less random, zig zagging manner, when not hunting flying night insects....but this I do not know for sure. Perhaps if this is the case...then you are used to seeing them fly normally, and not used to them hunting bugs?

posted on Dec, 27 2010 @ 09:26 PM
Just came back to see if there were any new developments.

Had a couple more thoughts too - if it was black - some black creatures are "iridescent" - like a blackbird - and hence if they move - the 'color' changes and it may even appear to "vanish".

Also - to the stoners and beer drinkers - rock on with your bad selves!
My comments here about beer bottles were to try to ascertain a "size". Absolutely no dis meant. From me, anyway

I'm drinking El Salvadoran beer right now - it is in (for these parts anyway, US, The Americas in general) - the most 'common' size - which is 12 ounces or 355 ml.

I was glad to see the size clarified myself, because it does sound bigger than what I had first imagined. Sounds bigger than a bat, in any case. So far, I am leaning toward some kind of night bird.

I think there are the Night Herons in OZ? These things are fast too.

Here is some info on them -
Black Crowned Night Heron

And AHA! I see they have a relative in OZ and other parts -
Rufous Night Heron

This thing *would* have a wine bottle sized body and a fairly large wingspan. It also has - like string type projectiles sticking from the head, which might look like "antennae". However, it is dark mainly on its topside while the belly is white. Of course, in dim light - it may appear darker.

Perhaps there are even more birds in your area, which are similar or related, which are more darker in color?

Well, just a some more stray thoughts. If nothing else, since you are near water, you can go out and watch for some Night Herons
These are just awesome birds! Very cool. If you don't know what they are - you'd think you're seeing some kind of Eagle or Hawk. Magnificent creatures!

I hope you will see your creature again, or at least figure out what it is

ETA - this pic - from my first link - looks very similar to the shape of your drawing, and does look darker than they appear in daylight.

I do think it could have been one of these. And they go goofy after storms if their nests (usually near water) have been disturbed. Of course they are often out at dusk normally too.

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posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 04:17 AM
good find, also forgot to add that during mating season some of these birds can go crazy ive been swooped by magpie and also some other types of small birds so if it is that time of year that would make sense.

posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 11:07 PM
q_ball, if the 'good find' was for me, thanks. If not it's no matter either, because I only know of these various creatures as I go out hiking alot. Not so much thinking, just walking around alot

I see all manner of weird creatures, even in this urban area, birds, insects, fox, beaver, weasels, prairie dogs, various water foul - all manner of birds, and some really odd insects lately ( some very odd humans also
) .... I find OZ very interesting too, from all reading about all the interesting animals and weather

I have never been to Australia, but I would like to go someday. My last "Big Trip" was to Caracas, VZ and it was awesome! Some weird and wonderful creatures in the jungles there! Great beaches too

I can read about the creatures of OZ in the meantime

Very interesting thread and responses!

posted on Dec, 29 2010 @ 12:54 AM
reply to post by Whiffer Nippets

yep the bird you showed IMO looked like the pic and what the OP described. I dont think its any thing suspect. However has there been any recrnt sightings? If the OP is worried he shoudl contact the council and get some one out there maybe some one who knows wildlife - could be a rare specie thats maybe gotten lost?

posted on Dec, 29 2010 @ 01:40 AM
Out side of the bats and huge moths, it couldn't be a sugar glider could it? (They're kinda cute actually. Some people have them as pets.) It's more or less the marsupial equivalent of a flying squirrel.

It wouldn't "fly" fly, but with enough momentum at the end of its gliding path it can go back upwards. And I can definitely picture such a critter "disappearing" once it lands in another tree.

posted on Dec, 29 2010 @ 04:07 AM
Any update from OP? I wouldnt be too worried about it mate unless its swooped you again, best to contact some one to maybe have it safely removed and let back into the wild

posted on Dec, 29 2010 @ 04:55 AM
Sorry been busy past day or two havent had much of a chance....I still have not seen this creature since but I will keep looking and update if anything out of the norm happens around here again but does anymore have any other explanations as to what this could be.

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