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No, Robot!!!!!!!!!!!

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posted on Jul, 6 2004 @ 05:19 PM
As many of you probablyknow, Will Smith is starring in a new robot movie, "I, Robot." Hooray? HooRAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
This movie has taken over every public gathering place in my area. The mall has over 100 hanging posters for the movie, there is one hangins at least every 15 feet. I am not kidding. I'll post a picture if anyone wants proof of this insanity.

Why does this enrage me so? BECAUSE ITS ABOUT ROBOTS. No offense to robots, or of course, the all famous RoboJesus (praise him!)...but robot movies are always lame. Why? Because its not hard to prevent them from taking over the world.

How do we embark on such a task?

1. OFF.
Thats it! Hit the button! Unplug it! Flip the switch! RAHHHHHHHH!

If anyone else hates robot movies, please enlighten me. If anyone likes robot movies...WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!?!?

posted on Jul, 6 2004 @ 07:22 PM
hehe - I sense a familiar passion

IMO - I like robot movies...but...I think they are always way over done - like burnt to a crisp re-hashing of the same old story - now being a Kubrick and Spielberg fan, I do own a copy of AI, however, I really think there was just too much gooshy ushy stuff in the script that's not typical of the recently prolific Spielberg and not as fully invisioned as Kubrick would have wanted it.

The ultimate robot movie? 2001 man - you gotz to agree with me here Scat, even if you hate robot movies
because what happens in the end?!?! They turn poor old Hal off and we see the poor lill innocent fellow's life strangled away...

posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 12:25 AM
You can't stop Skylab, you can't turn off the Terminator! THEIR POWER CORES SHALL NEVAH FAIL ALL YOU HUMANS WILL DIE...

I on the other hand am going cyborg baby!

Actually I want to see this movie, those are some bad out ninja robots.

2001 is one of my favorite movies, if not my number 1


posted on Jul, 22 2004 @ 07:26 PM
I saw the movie the other day, I read the book a couple of years ago and was excited to hear about the movie coming out. Then I saw some previews and realized that the book got butchered. After seeing it, it isn't that bad, reminded me more of the old game System Shock than it reminded me of I,Robot

posted on Aug, 1 2004 @ 01:41 PM
just finnished watching it just now, it waz awsome.

i thought it was good the way the story differs from most robot films
in this one they want to protect humans. (in a boil ur bunny kinda way)


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