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OMG! Jesus revealed Christ Consciousness on Christmas - thru Beyonce?!

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posted on Dec, 26 2010 @ 03:53 AM
OP, I think your interpretation of the song being about God/Jesus is not far from the mark. I don't know that your autowriting, where you wrote out the lyrics meaning, came from God, though. That sounds more to me like you channeling your subconscious openly, and not some external entity...but then again I'm an agnostic and don't much believe in those sorts of external forces acting upon people (another debate for another time, maybe).

The lyrics are ambiguous and could either be written about someone she loves completely who makes her feel an almost holy-like love, or it could be about her faith in God. It's deliberately left impossible to know for certain and left up to the listener to decide for themselves what it means.

Art can be a powerful thing and I've had my own most extreme feeling of "religious" or spiritual awe in connection with great pieces of art. It's really its purpose, it's why we value it so much. For me, I've felt this sort of thing most often in response to some great writers like Shakespeare or Melville, a few great visual artists like Rodin and probably with some Beatles songs, as well ("Tomorrow Never Knows" especially, which, interestingly, takes its lyrics from the Tibetan Book of the Dead and Timothy Leary's writings...). Without those occasional feelings of spirituality coming from great works of art, I'd probably be a full blown atheist, but instead it keeps that little thing in my head that says, 'maybe...' so I can only call myself an agnostic. Maybe it's just a powerful chemical response to art, but maybe it's something else I'm feeling. Hard to say.

posted on Dec, 26 2010 @ 04:11 AM

Originally posted by LifeInDeath
OP, I think your interpretation of the song being about God/Jesus is not far from the mark. I don't know that your autowriting, where you wrote out the lyrics meaning, came from God, though. That sounds more to me like you channeling your subconscious openly, and not some external entity...but then again I'm an agnostic and don't much believe in those sorts of external forces acting upon people (another debate for another time, maybe).

You seems really cool, thanks for the thoughtful message.

Yea its crazy that you mention that because while this all was happening I was really thinking yea where literally in the coming from. I really wanted to ask so many things but I got the feeling everytime I wanted to ask something that this time was not for me to ask any questions and that if I did it would muddy the clear connection I already had.

No one has acceptable data on dimensions, densities, hierarchies etc because all of that stuff just contradicts itself. I hear Christ Consciousness is 6th dimension. Then your higher self is located somewhere between 4th and 6th? I thought we were multidimensional so we have a piece of us in every dimension. And if that was The Mr. Jesus himself, LOL, then where would he be?

While this was happening I got the certain feeling that higher self, Christ conscoiuness, and Jesus were the same and I was talking all to all three. Perhaps maybe telling me it really doens't matter what your connected to, just take the message.

posted on Dec, 26 2010 @ 04:25 AM
reply to post by MyProblemWithEvil

This is so great! We meet in the Lord!

I am a Jesus believer AS WELL! PRAISE THE LORD!

posted on Dec, 26 2010 @ 04:48 AM
Sorry. Beyonce is no inadvertent conduit of Christ consciousness.

If she is, then I'm Satan.

posted on Dec, 26 2010 @ 05:52 AM

Originally posted by saabster5

What I'm trying to say My is, you have a gift. You're introduction thread when you first came to ATS was one of the most eloquent written pieces I have read on ATS. Sure it might not have come across as a topic to discuss around the dinner table, but it had the emotions and feelings of a human being. So to say that you don't have a very in-depth understanding of creative writing and the essentials of grammar, would be like trying to say the moon is rectangular or something similar, hehe.

Aww great message, you definitely get me. LOL, that was pretty genius but there is something about this Halo writing that is just beyond anythng I've ever done. I'm thinking more and more it's a higher self rather than a separate being. Perhaps the Christ Consciousness realm is where the higher selves are. I recently believed that your higher self is the only "God" you ever ever access, that's your own personal God. It does feel like the theories on the densities and the hierarchies just all contradict each other.

You have a point because I can express my personal feelings well. But I'm lost when explaining the mechanics of creation. I've never fully believed anything long enough to understand it and be able to explain it. So that brings me to why I think this happened. I think it happened because I told my something above how joyless this is and my need to get some answers on stuff soon. It expressed to me "I'm crying with you" which didn't really help I wanted more help. Sometimes you need to meet halfway so that's what I did and wow the result was pretty euphoric. I'm glad something decided to snap with it!

I gotta quote myself, this one blows me away how these 2 sentences are so profound "Communicating with Jesus is electrifying as she receives a constant stream of Christ Consciousness energy flowing through her because she has finally agreed to receive this gift. It is the gift of “knowing” without doubt that the love that our God, Jesus, feels for us is real and everlasting. "

I'd never write this quote because I'd never think this! Now I see that I've never accepted "the gift" because I was SOO sure it didn't exist, just brainwashing. I thought wow people are idiots, they seriously think they're getting some gift. I had no idea that the gift itself was the KNOWING. If I reject the gift of knowing, it's like I'm refusing to answer my own burning desire of find God. I remember while I was writing this feeling the message "We want to give you this gift, this is what you've always wanted, can't you see what it is." Refusal to believe that Jesus is God just maintains the void(wound) I don't want. The gift is beyond value because it fills in the painful void, and plants gardens of "real and everlasting love" on top. Not only do I believe it and FEEL it but there's probably nothing I could ever do to reverse this and NOT believe this.
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posted on Dec, 26 2010 @ 10:12 AM
reply to post by freedish

So because carbon dating is not accurate, your white-italian-god put dinosaur bones in the earth to test our faith?

Do you see the logical fallacy in that kind of thinking?

They have a word for people like you and the OP. It is a coincidence a thread about your way of thinking was posted...


posted on Dec, 26 2010 @ 12:28 PM
Because the premise of the thread is that the OP :

So I go online, start listening to it, reading the lyrics and then I START TYPING STUFF FROM BEYOND! THE INTERPRETATION OF EVERY VERSE OF THIS SONG. I know I wasn't really writing because I don't use these terminology and phrases. I've read a lot of this information but I'd never know how to portray it so perfectly as it was being streamed to me. Here goes, let the chills begin. I feel obligated to post this all over the internet because this shizzz is crazy, and yes I really wrote this! So proud of you my little pineal gland, thank you babe!

And, all the words he wrote came from another website, this thread is being closed:

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