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Angel predicts major quake in California on July 7th

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posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 11:41 AM
I ought to wash all your mouths out with Mr Durdens Deny Ignorance soap.

Generally there are multiple small quakes every day in California, this guy is a quack, it was probably just a teenager who was bored. For once in your lives look at the logical side of things and call a spade a spade.

posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 01:40 PM
There is a scientist who says he has developed a way to predict earthquakes.

He predicts a 6.4 or greater in the Southern California desert before September 5th, 2004

Already a thread on it here

posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 01:47 PM
Nope. Won't happen. Why? Because I can tell you that these quakes you guys are paranoid about happen all the time. I live in S.F. (San Francisco, California) And these small quakes happen ALL the time. They aren't ANYTHING to worry about.

About living in California, where we can fall into the sea: It's worth it. Definately worth it. Great people, great nature up North in the Redwood forests (Some of the biggest trees in the world), and GREAT surfing along the Southern beaches and Central beaches. Great place...and a great mix of people. Asian, European, Indian, Pacific Islanders, etc etc.

It won't happen. I felt a small quake this morning, its normal for us.

Don't get yourselves all worried over nothing


posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 02:15 PM
Isn't Costa Rica part of the same earthquake zone as the west coast of the USA???

Costa Rica on alert after volcanic eruption

July 07 2004 at 07:45PM

San Jose - Costa Rica's National Emergency Commission (CNE) has issued an alert following an eruption of the Arenal volcano, one of the Central American country's key tourist attractions.

The Arenal volcano, 150km north of the capital, has a cone of 1 633m and erupted on Tuesday evening, sending an avalanche of lava down one side of its summit, according to the authorities.

No fresh eruptions have been reported on Wednesday, but the CNE has prohibited people approaching the volcano in a bid to highlight its potential danger to visiting tourists.

The country is visited by over one million tourists annually. - Sapa-AFP

posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 07:59 PM
Its 9:04 pm in New York city and no sign of the California earthquake, I guess the "angel" was wrong. Well I am pleased my feeling was also wrong at least my feeling wasn't as specific about the date. So sleep well everybody in California.

posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 11:46 PM
Arizona is on Pacific Time, so it's the same time here as in California...9:50 p.m.
I worried all day about this darn prediction since my kids are in LA and San Diego. Even though I have doubts about someone who would identfy themselves as an Angel, it was still a little scarey.
I guess, if something happens in Southern California, in the next 2 hours, I'll be one of the first to know. For some reason, we always get a little "bump" when there's a big one in Southern Cal.
Here's hoping the "angel" was some loony 15 year old with nothing to do.


posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 11:50 PM
1:00 in PA? Nothing yet?

posted on Jul, 8 2004 @ 02:03 AM
12:09 AM Pacific time.
Not a rumble.
We can now add this to one more failed prediction.
Thank goodness.


posted on Jul, 8 2004 @ 07:55 AM
July 8th .... California is still part of the USA and didn't fall into the ocean.
Scratch one 'angel' off the psychic list.

posted on Jul, 8 2004 @ 10:19 PM
Please Nerdling...... don't wash my mouth out with Mr Durdens Deny Ignorance soap.

I promise I won't do it again....... but he wasn't a teenager. He sounded like a middle- aged man. Scientists say there's going to be a big one before September.

posted on Jul, 10 2004 @ 07:15 PM
So far, this team of scientists have been fairly accurate. HOWEVER, they have usually been using a HUGE target area for their predictions. This particular one covers damn near all of SoCal.

So you can be pretty well certain, they got the area. Magnitude would be the next part.

posted on Jul, 12 2004 @ 12:05 AM
THREE quakes, (trinity) neat! I have no doubt that the ranks are assembling, I mean if a person believes in them at all then they have to face the possibility that they would eventually make their presence known as subtle or open as they are tasked to be. It doesn't really come as a shock also due to the fact that many reports of 'sightings' of angels or acts by unto them, have been popping up in papers, radios and the like all over the world in random yet still media quiet (as per major networks)
if one looks into it they may be surprised.

It may be a topic of speculation and faith, however I believe that it is entirely possible. Angels in particular have always been a very precious aspect of my own beliefs regarding faith. In fact they are believed to be, (the good guys that is...) quite open and honest when in apparent communication with people. That is to say if you walked up to one and asked if he or she was an angel they would openly discuss whatever they are asked. Problem is, no one knows to my knowledge who among humana are angels or not and only by instruction do they come out of obscurity to do as they must.

I only go off about this because along with the vague and numerous encounter tales, I myself have had several personal experiences that I choose not to go into. My philosophy does not require anyone believe me, it's just that when a person has a deep spiritual experience or vision, it was for them and personal, so it can never be ordained by another nor shouldd one with faith need to get public or friend-social apdroval. Know thyself: that is to know self as one is, or is it also applicable as per knowing FOR oneself regarding an event? Peace, I hope they ARE here 'cause they will be helping us home if it's all the real deal.

posted on Jul, 16 2004 @ 04:03 PM

Those are all the largest earthquakes that took place this week, they were all on the 7th, but i dont think any of them were major.

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