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The Radical Left and their Media Control?

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posted on Jul, 6 2004 @ 03:30 PM
Greetings pit people, I have a question mainly for the right leaning US members. Really just to satisfy my own curiosity I suppose.

There seems to be a hell of a lot of talk about the 'Radical Left controlling the Media' and the Radical Left controlling this and that. Does everyone sincerely believe that?

Just from an outsiders point of view, isn't it entirely possible that it appears that the 'Radical Left' controls the media because you are viewing everything from a position so far right of the mainstream that pretty much anything else is left?

It seems anything that even questions GWB and his handling of 9-11/WoT/Iraq is immediately categorised as 'Radical Left' then just starts getting insults thrown at it. What is the majority opinion in the US?

Speaking from an outsiders point of view, I can say that the general opinion here in Oz certainly seems to be that the post 9/11 actions have left a lot to be desired. Ironically though John Howard seems to have snuck past a lot of the blame as it was based on US intel rather than Australian.

Beyond that there is the larger issue of what I would have thought would be a fairly concerning loss of credibility in Asia and Europe. Not to mention the issues with the Middle East.

Also, I note that everyone seems to think Fox is the only network that isn't all Radical-Lefty. But from the ABC and NBC morning shows I've seen, they all seem much more pro-US than I would have expected from an extremely Left wing source. The war coverage has all been pretty generic positive-vibe sort of stuff. A little too positive really from compared to the news from most other sources (but morning shows of course aren't really hard-news sources I guess).

But you get my gist, where exactly is the 'Radical Left controlling the Media'?

PS. One thing I sure would not like to see is a pile of Left wing types jumping on the end of this and trying to tag along and flame right wingers for no reason. I personally consider both extremes of the political spectrum as ignorant as each other. I'm trying to satisfy my curiosity rather than change others opinions via insults.

posted on Jul, 6 2004 @ 03:40 PM
There are many many questions. Regarding 9/11, and more recent events like Nick Berg, and does any mainstream media source even mention any of it? It just gets forgotten, the only coverage is through independant sources that are always deemed 'less credible'. There is alot of crap in both sides, but the mainstream media is certainly not on any left agenda.

posted on Jul, 6 2004 @ 04:09 PM
"Just from an outsiders point of view, isn't it entirely possible that it appears that the 'Radical Left' controls the media because you are viewing everything from a position so far right of the mainstream that pretty much anything else is left?"

This would clearly bankrupt the group therapy industry!

The new century of political discourse was birthed in America. One of the core tactics effecting this change is something called "Working the Referee" - crying wolf so loud and without pause, that the perception is shaped.
Do the myths survive the simple surface skim of seeing who actually owns the media? Of course not; how can industry lobbying for monopolies be critical of the establishment that will serve them & all of their needs?
This same VP or Seceretary of this or that who is calling for the "media frenzy" to stop about prison torture or Halliburton, were the same group of people who "stacked" appearences on every conceivable outlet when they had something they wanted you to hear. That Liberal media myth was easily shot down with that, if there were nothing else: to See Condi "Long Grain" Rice's face on ABC, CNN, NBC, CBS, Fox all within a 30 minute span, all live, would be all the proof you needed.
The Radical Right always needs an unwashed minority group of devils to pinpoint the crusade on; American "Negroes", Reds in Hollywood, Hippies, Beatniks, Homosexuals, and now "Towel heads"......all of them weilding fantastical powers to sway the very course & character of American life.....only with "Father" to implement a "strong hand" and save us from them & ourselves.

posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 12:47 AM
As a career TV journalist, with News editing capacity in a top 5 market in the USA, here is my take.

From an entertainment standpoint, I can see where the media seems liberal, with a very open minded view to explore new ideas. Entertainment programming is usually much more all inclusive of new/radical ideas to keep attracting its audience.

But from a news viewpoint....its almost always conservative...mostly because a broadcaster doesnt want to do anything that is going to affect ratings and hence, revenue. There is also a credibillity issue that journalist must watch....the information must be consistant and credible. These factors play directly into the station owners and management being conservative more so that liberal. Media owners have not only a lot of $$$ on the line, but those that use licenced airwaves also face preassure from the FCC/government to adhere to certain policy or the station could lose its ability to broadcast. Hence the Stern crackdown of Stern....

Another serious factor in which viewpoint (conservative/liberal) is getting out thru media is media monopolization....
As someone that works in the broadcasting industry, there are fewer and fewer companies for me to work for....there are also fewer and fewer options for views to be transmitted on, even tho it seems that there is an ever increasing # of channels to surf.

What i mean here is this, look at Fearchannel....they own the majority of radio stations nationwide. They also own most venues in the US. They can limit exposure of a musician both in play on the air, as well as live in a concert. There are few if any other alternatives for that musician to get their music out.
There is a similar consolodation happening in news. Fewer and fewer voices, more and more of the same corporate party line. Homoginization of opinion is occuring as the # of different voices are heard shrinks.

We need MORE left in the media not Less.

posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 07:19 AM
The news media to the "left". Not hardly. This is another one of those points that if the conservatives say it enough the gullible begin to believe it. This is said so that anything doesn't quite go their way they have a finger to point to someone. These days the media is controlled by the right just noting the number of conservative talk shows on radio and TV. The problem with the right is just what the author of this thread stated. Most continue to go to far to the right, and anyone's viewpoint to the left of Attila the Hun is considered a liberal.

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