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My first astral projection??? OOBE?

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posted on Dec, 24 2010 @ 10:20 AM
I think it must be it. I have astral projected myself this morning. Well, around 5am this morning I woke up. I always woke up around this time because of a dream. I usually mediate afterward lying down. It helps me to calm down and remaining peaceful from whatever dream I had before. I was going through my chakra system until I was at my crown chakra. A good 1 hour session. I didn't feel the heat of the Kundalini energy but a tingling sense of cool energy throughout the entire session. I was under my bed cover. My lower and mid Dan Tien were the most active with the most tingling sensation. After an hour or so I decided to stop and sleep. I turned to my side and folded my arms.

About 3 minutes or so I felt something or a pressure coming up through my spinal cord. I felt I was vibrating somewhat. I thought it was nothing and possibility the Kundalini energy decided to rising up. All of a sudden I felt I wasn't in my room. I decided to open my eyes and my perspective changed. I didn't see my bodily parts but felt them. I still felt that my arms were still folded and my legs were lying flat on the bed. However, I saw my foot really up close like a gymnast bending really low. I noticed that my vision movement was very mechanically precise. Then, I saw a door, my bedroom door. I decided to push it with my feet. Now, I am at my apartment hallway. Here, I tried to move around by twisting my foot in order to not hit anything on the way. Right now, I felt like flowing around. So, I managed to leave my apartment and finding myself in a huge lobby.

First, I encountered a fish tank. Then, I encountered a woman but it was futile for me to hide from her since she saw me. I tried to hit on her. In real life, I don't do things like that but here I felt I didn't have any restraints. Somehow, she got on the phone and talking to her boyfriend named James. I got bored and decided to sit down. I then realized that I maybe experiencing astral projection and remembering all the posts I read here on this subject. So, I decided to try to move my legs and attempting to walk with them. I have been flowing around and my perspective was very close to the ground. I managed to extend my legs but felt like an 1 year old learning to walk. My arms were still folded to my chest.

Now, I walked to the balcony and tried to see what place I was in. I noticed that I was in some enclosure. I decided to leave this place by jumping off from the balcony. Somehow, I was on the main street walking around, with my arms still folded. I wasn't sure if I should move my arms. I felt heavy or burdened by something but didn't know what. I passed through couple of store fronts and, in the reflections from shop's window, I saw myself carrying a big rifle. Looked like I was a soldier. Up ahead, I saw a very straight, hilly road. It was all dark green color with tree on the sides. Then, I passed through an encampment with some Japanese words on it. I went inside and realized this place used to be a detention for the political prisoners. And now it turned to a museum. Judging from the area, I say the time frame was some time after the Japanese surrendered. I was possibility in China, maybe in one of the southern cities.

Inside this encampment I saw pictures and drawings of various political prisoners. I was so excited seeing them. My heart was racing fast and so as my breathing. I could hear my breathing at this point. Somehow, the vision before me began to fade away. Eventually, I found myself or my awareness or my consciousness back to me sleeping position. I opened my eyes and realized my arms were still folded close to my chest.

This is possibility the first time I became aware I was astral projecting. I may have experienced them before but wasn't aware of it. I found that the metaphor behind this straight, hilly green road interesting. I think it is telling me that my road ahead will be tough but not impossible. And everything would become clear and "straight forward." And the color green??? Health? Well being?

posted on Dec, 24 2010 @ 10:16 PM
sounds very interesting. do you believe that you were the soldier in a past life of yours or that you were imprinting on what was around you?

posted on Dec, 25 2010 @ 05:39 AM
reply to post by ChiForce

Definitley an astral projection. When you get really used to it you can basically go up to anyone else that is dreaming and have sex with them - just make sure they are females that are dreaming - there are some nasty demons that try to take you for a ride if you are not careful. If you are really pro you can meet some non-human entities. You can even go on missions and again, if you are really pro you can find your enemies and taunt them in thier dreams. However, again, the further you enhance these abilities the more difficult entities that you encounter. At first its just lower spirits, then human beings, and then basically you are in "interdimensional" territory where there are all kinds of things. There are some really powerful ones out there, and they have all kinds of machinery and equipment. The good ones are friendly and teach you a bunch of things, and if you can get enough energy then you can convert yourself into a higher-dimensional being and there are many different kinds of forms that you can take. Also, at higher levels there are various "energy predators" - often spiders that clasp on to you, and other beings that can totally re-engineer your higher astral body - there are some that clasp on to you and channel your energy, eventually turning you into one of them, however, depending on your unique characteristics, you will develop different forms (i.e. the ability to shape-shift your interdimensional form). Finally, for the pro of pros, you can eventually turn your mind itself into a space ship (basically, build one with your imagination, and then use it to fly), and basically fly to all the higher planets and explore new territories. As soon as you start to experiment with these aspects, there will be many beings that will start to help you, however, you won't always be conscious of your dreams every time you go to sleep, however, you will be living a "double life" in your dream world, that will be revealed to you upon physical dissolution. Don't give up, have faith, when you start to gain energy you abilities will naturally increace, however your biggest threat will be from regular people around you, as they will try to take your energy subconsciously. Usually for me, just even walking around a mall, even with family members, they will try to sap as much energy that they can with manipulative words and bodily movements - this is because they cannot produce energy themselves and are basically destined for "the dark side" - usually they fade into oblivion and thier awareness continues as various memories within thier descendents.

When you understand that consciousness after death is not 100% guaranteed, then you start to understand the real intent behind the mind control/dark agenda, and it becomes a matter of urgency to develop yourself spiritually.
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posted on Dec, 25 2010 @ 06:05 AM
reply to post by ChiForce

sounds like it was a nice experience, and on a christmas eve.
the timing might be the most memorable element,
if your astral travels become common or almost nightly
it will be hard to count or distinguish one from another...

i mostly recall the most profound experience first. then i can dig up
the memory of other times i became an astral body and the places
i traveled to. or explored...

i would guess that next time it should not take so long to project yourself.

happy holidays

posted on Dec, 25 2010 @ 12:51 PM

Originally posted by philosophies
sounds very interesting. do you believe that you were the soldier in a past life of yours or that you were imprinting on what was around you?

I do. In fact, I believe as so some years ago when my spirit guide, a young soldier, visited me in my vision. Let's just say he "implanted" in me a soldierly life in order to help me dealing with what happened to my life back then. What is a soldierly life? Self sacrifice. Love, honor, and duty. Fear of no death.

posted on Dec, 27 2010 @ 06:19 PM
reply to post by SystemResistor

snap!! how do you know these things? i think all of those you mentioned happened to me. ive got a question heres a link

i have lost the ability to lucid dream.

posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 03:48 AM
How do you Astral Project? I never found a good tutorial so to say....
And people on this forum seem to know how.

Anybody got hints? And meditating doesn't seem to do anything, or am I meditating wrong?


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