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Random Travels and Misadventures (a thread for all to write in)

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posted on Dec, 24 2010 @ 01:42 AM
Free writing. I will start. Just write about an adventure or someplace you traveled too.

From Ohio to Arizona
in two days flat.
In an old beat up Bravada
I really miss that...

Seat warmers would not turn off
The heater guzzled most of our gas
Hotter and hotter as we headed west
Them dang seat warmers burnt my ass

Stopped in Texas for the night
Slept for about ten hours
Back up in the mornin'
not a single skyscraper or tower

On the Indian reservations we stopped
all the dirty looks I got
I was quite nervous being around there
I was a white person, they liked me not

Riding the Arizona boarder
Out the window I threw a cigarette butt
Blue and red lights, oh mr popo Im so sorry
He says "Give me a good reason not to arrest you, are you nuts?"

Walking around my buddies yard
Combat boots pulled up my legs
In fear of them rattlers and scorpions
I didn't want a wooden peg as a leg!!

I had no money to get back home
the little bastard lied to me
I missed the grass and trees
That is all I wanted to see...

A best friend of ten years
He deceived me, what a shame
But I do miss the adventures
I know I will never be the same...

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posted on Dec, 24 2010 @ 02:19 AM
A poem by Staciebee, who is a member, allowing me to post this for her in my thread.

Way back in the day I was a stoner,
Just a kid.
Road trips were the bomb…
Oh the crazy things we did!

Drive our cars through the woods,
Up and down the county line.
Greatful Dead a blastin',
Feelin' might fine.

Livin' like an immortal,
Oh the speeds we would dare!
Chillin' like a villian,
The wind whippin' through our hair.

Sometimes I miss the easy feelin',
That we experienced back when...
We smoked that magical herb,
And skipped the tonic and gin!

posted on Dec, 25 2010 @ 01:07 AM
Airsoft guns galore
Load'em up
Shoot anything we could
Lughtbulbs, windows and doors
Dog poop under the handles
Under the handles of car doors
Vasaline on door handles
neighbors had no clue
Paintballing our school sign
Trashing that soccer field
Down them bottles of vodka
walkin down the streets
Hiding our cigarette smoking
drive around the country
With loaded .22s and shotguns
Blasting our way through the woods
We said we were "hunting"
Man the fun we had
Stupidity of it all

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