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The LBJ-CIA Assassination of JFK

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posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 10:36 AM

Lyndon Johnson made a dirty deal with CIA Republicans to murder John Kennedy in the 1963 Coup d’Etat. (People like Clint Murchison Sr., H.L. Hunt, Nelson Rockefeller, David Rockefeller, top Nelson Rockefeller aide Henry Kissinger, George Herbert Walker Bush and Gen. Edward Lansdale all are excellent candidates for elite sponsorship.) Lyndon Johnson and Allen Dulles may very well have been co-CEOs of the JFK assassination; with the CIA in charge of the killing of JFK, and Lyndon Johnson and (his close friend and neighbor of 19 years in Washington, DC) FBI director J. Edgar Hoover in charge of the cover up.

The Warren Commission should have really been called the “Allen Dulles Commission” because he controlled it and made it the farce that it was. Dulles was probably an elite sponsor (i.e. murderer), as well as certainly Lyndon Johnson. The 3 hardcore cover up artists on the Warren Commission were the 3 Council on Foreign Relations members: Allen Dulles (president CFR 1946-50), John J. McCloy (then chairman of the CFR 1953-1970) and Gerald Ford (CFR member, later president). John J. McCloy was a Rockefeller man, former head of Chase Manhattan bank, and very deep US intelligence since the OSS days. John J. McCloy’s nickname was “Chairman of the American Establishment,” and he mixed at the highest levels of business, intelligence and he was close to the Kennedy-hating Texas business elite. Cover up artist Gerald Ford was secretly reporting to Hoover and the FBI what the Warren Commission was doing. In 1970, Newsweek called Gerald Ford “the CIA’s man” in Congress. The CFR especially 40 years ago, was heavily Rockefeller influenced and it top players were deep CIA.

When JFK was slaughtered, Russia’s Khrushchev was literally crying, fearing nuclear war. Cuba’s Castro feared a US invasion and gave an impressive speech the next day deconstructing the CIA’s deception provocation for war. Meanwhile at Clint Murchison’s home, the family maid May Newman describes the scene: “The mood in the Murchison family home was very joyous and happy. For a whole week after like champagne and caviar flowed, every day of the week. But I was the only one in that household at that time that uh felt any grief for his assassination.”

The CIA has been called the military wing of the CFR; and actually that is not too far from the truth. The CFR was in its heyday from 1950-1990. Here is an absolutely spectacular article why the National Security State murdered John Kennedy: John Kennedy was despised by and did not control his CIA nor his Joint Chiefs of Staff.


With regard to the JFK assassination, there is wide speculation of a cover up. I firmly believe there were 3 shooters. But what are your views? I'm interested to see what others have to say.

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posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 10:48 AM
Don't forget about Nixon. He always was refering to "The Watergate Thing", I believe the whole Watergate scandal was about information on Kennedy, dirt if you would, on the investigation into Kennedy's assanation.
I have this funny feeling, no proof, the old George Bush Sr. was one of the triggerman.

posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 11:20 AM
reply to post by liejunkie01

Its been proven that Bush Sr. in 1963 was a CIA agent, on security escorting President. There are photos of him standing out from of the car in dallas, when Kennedy got into it. Bush didnt go on the security cars, but was there non-the less.

posted on Dec, 24 2010 @ 05:56 AM
LBJ's so-called "mistress" once told Alex Jones that Johnson said, "I'm going to kill that SOB tomorrow".

That's about as far as the evidence goes. Pretty shoddy reporting from Infowars.

posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 03:20 PM
reply to post by synaptic

There are reports of 17 shooters, reports NOT confirmations. After reading the short article "Count The Bullets:Blow Away All Arguments" I think it's slightly off. I think the shots go something like this

1.street 2.curb 3.manhole cover 4.JFK back-no exit 5.JFK throat - through windshield no exit trim strip 7.Stemmons street sign 8.Connally Torso 9.Connally Wrist and thigh 10.1-2 back of JFK head 12.JFK temple

Many more missed, because like James Files said they were going for the head shot, which was moving. No hits to the head till the car almost stopped. As Bob Harris says in his excellent youtube videos, a silencer can make a gun very inaccurate, which was probably the reason for the wildly missed first shots. I believe David Lifton is correct that JFK's wounds were changed before the autopsy. (brain removed, throat shot bullet removed etc)

Here's some videos to back up my views. (scroll all the way down to see hole in windshield, and notice doctoring of photo, Connally and JFK are way too large in comparison to Kellerman, it was done to remove the windshield hole) Ruby may be in backround. Johnny Roselli and David Moralis in backround.
Google the video "JFK-Case For conspiracy I" it's not on youtube. Best I've seen.
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posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 03:54 PM
My father has been saying that it was LBJ all along that conspired to kill Kennedy.

I guess he was right all along.

posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 09:51 PM
You are close---really close if you consider that Dulles was OSS and Angleton was OSS and they were British leaning OSS types that went on the infect the CIA. The CIA had divided loyalties due to part make up of American Patriots and the other made up a British leaning types that sold out America. When the OSS was run by Kermit Roosevelt and Wild Bill Donnovan, the kept the OSS patritic to America. When Truman and Hoover forced the shut down of the OSS, the tossed into the CIA this divided loyalty problems with Dulles and others. MI-5 trained Angleton and his best buddy was Kim Philby. King Harvey was called James Bond because his loyalty ran to Britain.

If you wanna really get down into it consider:

Solving the JFK assassination is as simple as taking note of the extreme right wing shift in America when Roosevelt died and Truman took over and handed British elements too much power over America’s directions so as to be used for Empire. Truman set up the CIA and lots of the British and MI-5 types caused a divided loyalty within the CIA. That division helped to have many look the other way as parts of CIA kill Castro projects continued under private funding near New Orleans. This was who Lee Oswald and Judyth Baker came to work for in the plot to kill Castro that was similar to the Stalin Doctor’s Plot. When it was clear this private plot to kill Castro failed those same plotters turned their interests into killing JFK. They wanted to pull off the same type advantage gained by the Truman take over by getting the highly corrupt Lyndon Johnson into the President position and removing their opposition toward attacks on Communism and Castro. They did this via getting the buy-in of those high in the US Government and by inclusion of Foreign British Agents that arranged the Foreign Mafia killers of JFK. That is the very heart of the sinister plot for the JFK assassination, as it takes a lot of covert cooperation to kill a US President.


and Beware of the Foreign Agents playing games to deceive Americans:

It is time to solve the crime after nearly 50 years of everyone being given the run around.

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