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a new measurement scale for the universe

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posted on Dec, 22 2010 @ 07:26 PM
The order of the universe (theory)
I wounder if the order if the universe we measure is wrong.
We measure objects of volume as weight (atomic weight) and categorize them as having an atomic charge.
I propose a new system of measure
One where it is the volume of the atom that is the important measurement to calculate interaction between atoms.
We first define a new set of distance scales for the apparent electron shells orbits.
We define new lengths based on “forces” and their distance from the nucleus.
Each force is strengthened by each other and as each force decays and turns right angle it affects the other forces that transverse through the boundary. each force as it turns right angles to the force direction is dispersed. This creates a boundary for each force that would block a certain frequency of light as it transverse that particular boundary, showing as bands of spectra.
The spectral signature of a star may represent the distance from center each of the forces turns right angles to the source.
When calculating interactions between two atoms the forces boundary’s and their distances from their nucleus, provide for a coupling of forces if the two common forces are at appropriate distances to each other’s nucleus. This means there is a joining of electrical potential energy between the two atoms in the nucleuses using the right angle to right angle coupling effect. If more than one force boundary is in the correct distance to couple, the bond between atoms is stronger again.
There can be multiple bonds to the coupling force for each new atom connected into the group.
If two force boundaries are incompatible with each other because of a secondary boundary conflict, the coupling would not be as strong and the circuit could be broken easily, separation would occur.
The coupling of the forces increases the flow of that force to the other force and increases its boundary as the two forces are coefficient to one another. Ie the connection positively reinforces the strength of the connection.
Like atoms will have similar boundary’s and group together easily.
Unlike atoms may require two or more of another form of atoms to provide a good stable boundary interaction.
This means we may need to group interaction boundary lengths and mean weight to boundary measurements, to provide for a model of what distances to boundary connections are possible.
I think there should be a ratio between atomic weight and force boundary length
i postulate the right hand to source boundaries can connect to each other because they are both right hand to their sources but aligned on their common axis.
These links at different boundaries and different forces, provide for unique overall potential voltage or potential force couplings and make for a wide range of available connections or bonds between atoms.
In a three dimentional model some forces would be right hand expansion + and some would be a left hand expansion - . with two like directions of couple repelling, and two unlike directions having attractive coupling.

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