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Hoover Dam Star Map - Photos inside - Let's discuss the symbology!

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posted on Dec, 27 2010 @ 10:27 AM
reply to post by AmethystSD

Two of the images you have posted, Alcyone and Thuban are from Star systems, even though Alcyon is related to the star sign Taurus it has its own cluster which is Pleiades. Thuban is known Alpha Draconis although most commonly known as Draco
Did you know that?
I am guessing you do, but I didn't see it posted so I thought I'd mention it.
Interesting Pics.
Great work, this is what I come to ATS for. Thanks.

posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 12:11 PM
reply to post by emsed1

Why did I find the Colorado seal so interesting, or why is the Colorado seal so weird? I find it interesting, because the symbols on it are fairly um, let's be conservative and call them unusual for an American state seal. Keep in mind that the CIA is moving (or has moved) its headquarters to Denver, and that the Denver airport is above an underground secret facility. Not to mention the totally bizarre and disturbing murals at the Denver airport. I've heard a lot of rumors about Colorado and the Denver area in particular, but I could only speculate about the specifics.

reply to post by atlasastro
Yes, I knew they were stars, that's why it's a star map. But, maybe not everyone who visits this thread would know that, so thank you for pointing it out.
You're welcome for the pictures. I can't believe what a hard time I had finding good pictures of this part of the Hoover Dam on the internet. I'd think a national landmark with such an elaborate artistic feature would have tons of pictures online.
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posted on Dec, 29 2010 @ 06:13 PM
There definitely masonic symbolism but the star map looks remarkably close to the seven sisters (The pleiades star system)

posted on Jan, 6 2011 @ 12:36 AM

Originally posted by mr10k
reply to post by PeasantRebellion

The fasces being the symbol of a republic? HA! Heck my History teacher taught me fasces, the base word for Fascist, is the symbol of a fascist government NOT a republic.

Where did I say otherwise?

Mind your quotes buddy.

posted on Jan, 20 2011 @ 08:13 PM
Alcyone is a star system, in the Tau sector.
Tau Star System
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posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 12:26 PM
I've noticed people have mentioned Colorado. The Hoover Dam is in Nevada. It's on the Arizona and Nevada border. I have driven across it a few times but never got out to look at the symbols up close. I had no idea these were even there. Thank you for posting. I was more concerned with watching for pedestrians. Next time, I'm going to stop and take a look at the winged man.

posted on Jan, 26 2011 @ 01:39 PM
It would be interesting to see if the newly opened Hoover Dam bypass bridge has any plaques/statues. I'm in Las Vegas but I haven't been there since it opened Oct. 19, 2010. Now I have a reason to go on a sunday joyride in my new car.

The official name is the "Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge". O'Callaghan a former governor and of course Pat Tillman who played for the Cardinals, then joined the army and was killed by friendly fire.

However...We all know the real job of the Hoover Dam is to conceal Megatron, leader of the Decepticons. And the star map shows how to find him from their home planet Chaar.

posted on Jan, 28 2011 @ 02:27 AM
you know what they say?

TPTB always like putting things out to basically clown on us.

like a trick to tell people "hey look you morons this is what we're really doing!"

posted on Feb, 7 2011 @ 04:48 PM
reply to post by Chi-and-Me

I went on the bridge while I was there. On the path leading up to the bridge there were some educational podium type things, but I wasn't paying attention to them. They weren't very interesting to me. There was a bronze inset on a wall at the opening of the bridge. I think it was the dedication. I didn't notice anything occult about the bridge at all.

posted on Mar, 2 2011 @ 10:00 AM
very insightful posts and cool star map. i didn't know it was there.

posted on Oct, 20 2011 @ 11:26 AM

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posted on Oct, 20 2011 @ 11:52 AM

Originally posted by emsed1

And why Colorado?

i suppose it's because the Colorado river is the source water


i drove over the Dam more than twice, but never went 'tourist', but i did stop at one of the overlooks, just for the view of nature & the Dam

it seemed more Art Deco or even Gothic to me than steeped in Star symbology...
but that is what Gothic is supposed to exude...hidden meaning & a story behind the landmark edifice..
Art Deco not so much

thanks for the sharing

posted on Oct, 26 2011 @ 12:23 AM
reply to post by Estharik

Hey Man! I was just took a Vegas vacation with a few college friends, and one afternoon we headed over to the dam. It was really cool to see from the outside, and even more awesome when you take the tour and go down inside! It's amazing the attention to detail; beautiful stone floors and such even deep inside the place. As others have said, the overall style is very art deco. Some of the areas people used to be able to tour are now off limits, which is sort of a shame with all the work that went into it. I highly recommend checking it if you get a chance.

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posted on Oct, 27 2011 @ 04:54 PM

Originally posted by Cataka
Yet mainstream scholars refuse to acknowledge the Pyramids aligning with Orions Belt thousands of years ago because it does not fit their pre-conceived ideas.

that's the problem with 'scientists' today who think by denying things they know everything

I didn't know the Hoover Dam had such things so good job with posting pictures. I doubt all these symbology all over the US landmarks are related to anything real, it is just to give it a more eerie and interesting feel. The map is obviously a star chart, maybe the place is good for observing the sky? I don't see other reasons why this was placed there.

posted on Apr, 8 2017 @ 07:03 PM
Ok, Hoover dam is on the river to Las Vegas it has the story of Orion the hunter saying this can breach time

Orion killed by scorpion
Last supper right window blocked by scorpio
Central window marks Polaris current North Star
Left window vega.
The star map doesn't just indicate things like this 9/11 is ra and amen, the bird and two plumes, astrologically this occurred on the year of the snake, the time of the snake is 9-11am, if we add Erica, not only this but amen itself is the ram headed Sphinx which in modern day is the temple of baphomet connecting the Freemasons, Hoover dam and the prima materia
Age of Aquarius, our current age the water bearer exhalts Mercury, the prima materia reads as follows, the water that resides in the air and is replenished to the waters below exalted by Mercury, the prima materia is symbolised as a cube, in transformers a cube that transforms the properties of metal is kept in Hoover dam, when we entered the age of Aquarius, Russian scientists discovered transmutation science which is in effect the prima materia aka the rainbow of heaven, a dams purpose is to stop floods, it is not just a star map, they're literally narrating history using pictographic encrypted symbolism.

posted on May, 24 2017 @ 06:55 AM
Weird that just the Hoover Dam has such "considerable" conspiracy symbols....
I never knew that.

I cannot understand that the US Gov. placed these symbols on the Hoover Dam.
-- Just my 2 cents

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