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Have you been divided and conquored? I think some of you have.

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posted on Dec, 22 2010 @ 01:55 PM
Hello ATS,

I have noticed a lot of interesting things on the boards in the time that I have been a member here. Some good, some bad, some ugly, some pretty, but all in all a learning experience. But it is just that; a learning experience. I see some Threads that have requested people stand up and do what’s right for the world community in removing the tyrannical government of the NWO or try and talk about ways to improve our situation if the latter is just a CT. But the thing is if the NWO exists or not we’re not going anywhere fast and everything is going downhill. Were in a state of self fulfilling prophecy to where we are saying a lot of things, but nothing ever gets done. Yes, I have been guilty of a thread or 5 in the past but that’s before I realized something. This something was that no one does anything to improve the whole situation; just suggestions and people who refute those suggestions or ideas. A lot of in-fighting for a group that doesn’t do much but talk right?

Yes talking on a board to vent your frustrations with life is a healthy thing. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise and vice versa. But why the fighting and disagreement when we all want the same end result? Peace, and prosperity to each’s own belief and moral code. Wouldn’t see a problem there right? Well that’s one of the foundations of where this problem actually sits. You see that people will disagree, some favor the body scanners for instance, and while others support it. There will always be two sides to each story and each story will have a winner in terms of support for it, or non support. Well to tell you the truth, that does not matter because all these things… all these trivial things are to keep you divided and conquered so we as a people don’t realize that our elites, our upper class, OUR leaders, and our corporate leaders are racking up a debt and placing the bill on the middle and lower classes in the US. So whatever you’re arguing is moot because there is a solution to every problem out there but as long as were fighting each other, nothing will get DONE!

Here is an example of infighting and yes ill use 9/11 as an example. CT or not, the 2 TRILLION missing from the pentagon on the 10th of September should of raised alarm bells… but of course the infighting continues 10 years after the fact. 2 trillion is still unaccounted for and most of the people who bring it up are labeled anti-American or are ignored, or are called insane conspiracy theorists (Choose term you want…) Again infighting against each other instead of attacking the root cause; So nothing gets done. This is just an example, there are many more like it.

People may get mad or angry when it comes to a subject, but are these distractions being sponsored by the PTB? Do they support it? Well since I am not them, I cannot relate but I theorize that this is the case. Why? Well it has been that way for a long time now. I look at history and judge it and everything seems to be going backwards instead of forwards. Our freedoms are being wiped away one by one, by one. Our ability to make it in the world narrows day by day and while everyone else is suffering and fighting each other for the scraps, the elites are running away with all the wealth. While we fight each other for the scraps left behind we let our leaders rob us blind. Why don’t we focus more on the main things messing up this damn world instead of scape-goating the poor, or the unemployed, or CT-ers, or terrorists, or anyone who disagrees with the mainstream view? It’s not their fault they are where they are. It’s the system that is in place that keeps people where they are.

Yes some people can make it in this world, but it’s rare. Why? The lack of industry, low educational standards, high taxes and intrusive regulations on small businesses, as well as the handout mentality that some of us have. But these are just scratching the surface. There are a lot of things messing up society, especially the division and eradication of the middle class. (The bread and butter of any society.) Without the MC, we just have two classes, the poor and the rich. (Rulers and slaves.)

If anything I am trying to say that all these problems and issues being debated over and over again with nothing being done is a ploy, a clever yet simple tactic. Divide, and conquer. While you people fight over who gets what, or which Iphone or Ipod you want; remember were in two wars and following these distractions takes your mind off the war… exactly what the elites want. So yea, I am saying you’re playing into the trap. You may say you think you don’t, but you are. If you’re sitting at home doing nothing but complaining then you’re falling into the trap.

A final note:

I am not trying to say that sticking up for what you believe in is a bad thing, but what and how you conduct that disagreement is what keeps us divided. Try and figure out where the roots of all problems exist and you WILL find the solution… and yes I believe the end solution is a lot simpler than all this fighting. Want to know the solution? I would start with self educating yourself and question your beliefs every time you’re challenged to do so. So when you step up to the plate, you’re aware of both perspectives and have a clearer mind and are able to work collectively in solving your issue.

posted on Dec, 22 2010 @ 11:49 PM
second. amen. ditto. Excellent insight.

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