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Congress 112! No legislation passed!

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posted on Dec, 22 2010 @ 12:39 PM
Soooooo, tell me, do you really believe it is up to Congress to enact ANYTHING? I have been thinking about what the 112th Congress could do that would help society, you know what they could do?


Well, they could help by destroying the legislation that is causing the strife in the US. Yes, you heard me right, the legislation that is causing the strife.

Tell me, what is wrong with you life right now? Does it have to do with maybe not being able to afford something? Is it about not having any money? What is money? Nowadays it does not seem to be US dollars, it seems to be gold, silver or platinum.

Anyway, how bout the government doing something that no one expects, NOTHING. Better yet, how bout they remove 400,000 of the 1.2 million statutes that are active. Then they can remove the other 800,000 in 2012. Let ONE remain.

Natural Law-Do no harm to another and do not infringe on another's right to Life, Liberty or Property.

If the LAW is broken, there is such a thing as jury trials appointed by Grand Juries.

posted on Dec, 22 2010 @ 01:33 PM
Ordinarily, I'd back this 100% and add a "no new executive orders" pledge, but I can think of a few laws I'd like to see passed.

How about a law allowing taxpayers to specify to which government functions they would like to see their tax dollars applied. For example: 100% to education, or 50% to defense and 50% to infrastructure, or 30% to foreign aid, 20% to green energy research, etc.

I'd like to see a provision to allow any citizen to bypass district attorneys and file criminal charges. So if a cop assaults or kills someone, and the DA refuses to prosecute, a citizen can get a lawyer and take the cop to court on criminal charges, instead of just civil charges. The law should also allow citizens to file criminal charges against DAs and judges for their criminal misconduct.

We could also use a law that would force a national referendum on any legislation opposed by more than 20% of the voting population. That way, Congress and the President could not force legislation on us like the bank bailouts or the health insurance bailout. If 20% of the voting population signs a petition against a law, then the entire country gets to vote on the law, not just a few bribed individuals.

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