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France PM is a loose cannon

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posted on Jul, 6 2004 @ 10:47 AM
Chirac is a tool... He's not a good guy, he's a bad guy.. There I said...
Let's get on with the why's and how is he shall we?

First off, French authorities are having a problem with him because he isn't representing the views of the french authorities.
They call his idea's "contradictory and unrealistic".

What is he doing thats so contradictory and unrealistic?

Chirac proposed in Berlin the creation of an “avant-garde group”, which under Franco-German leadership was to pave the way for further European integration. He also raised the question of a European constitution, a European president, "one face" one voice.

Chirac's speech maybe an insignificant political quarrel, occupying the headlines one day and forgotten the next. However, that would be too superficial. It reflects the sharp social conflicts, breaking out with the further development of the European Union and tearing apart traditional institutions and parties everywhere.

Other prominent Gaullists have broken with Chirac because they regard his European course as an attack on French sovereignty and the traditions of Gaullism. Charles Pasqua, Interior Minister in the last conservative government, has created his own right-wing party. Philippe Séguin resigned the presidency of the Gaullist RPR (Rassemblement pour la République—Assembly for the Republic) in 1999 in protest, and in the meantime has returned to the political stage as the official RPR candidate for Paris mayor against Chirac's opposition.

Chirac has justified his advocacy of stronger European institutions and the formation of an “avant-garde group” with regard to the forthcoming EU expansion into Eastern Europe, which he considers indispensable in order to strengthen Europe's position against the United States, a traditional target of the Gaullists.

The development of a Franco-German axis is seen particularly in Britain as a threat to its own position, where press reactions to Fischer and Chirac's speeches were accordingly hysterical. Smaller European Union members—particularly in Scandinavia—feel pushed toward the edge by the Franco-German initiative. And finally—particularly in the wealthier areas of Europe—regionalist movements are raising their heads, determined to defend the privileges of the regional elite against the claims from poorer regions.

Behind it all rises up the social question: the sharp tensions between the mass of the population, who carry the burden of the EU in the form of sinking incomes and welfare cuts, and the economic and financial elite who profit from it.

AssCrack's European vision unleashes controversy in France

----------------My comment-----------------

Seems like Chirac exuberates much paranoia, one the United States isn't going to # with him unless he does something really aggressive and hysterical.

Two, if you listen to soldier's over in Iraq, they will tell you the real enemy is France, everywhere you go you see "made in france" on empty chemical and biological shells, ammunition , ect... They were supplying Iraq with that # and they are afraid of the U.S?
I can only imagain Chirac's fear steams from the fact that he was in bed with the enemy and feels inclined to defend himself with a "union" so they could build their military power "in case" measures must be taken.

Third, the idea of a france-german led European Union is insane!
What are they wanting, another U.S.S.R???
How well did that work out ?

All I gotta say is, this guy is dangerous and doesn't represent the body of France and French authorities, nor does he give a # about the other countries, I think his mind is that of a criminal mind, he's a lesser evil but still evil, and if he did have a strong military and wmd I don't think he would hesitate to use them.
I also think he is a loose cannon which is dangerous not only for French but for people around the world.
Not only that, but the illuminati is based in France and if one did deeper research I bet they are behind alot of the evil that supplies other evil's around the world, namely Iraq. France isn't what it once was. Beautiful people, culture, country, but their leader smells of steamy dung.

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