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Human Genocide: Cover-up Operations for ALIEN HARVESTING ? ! ?

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posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 02:44 AM

Originally posted by Ophiuchus 13

S&F -Seems POSSIBLE. If you consider Wars and natural disasters then there is much room to comment. I think it would be a smart way to harvest more intelligent species w/o them even detecting it. SAD Wonders what eats them?

Wierd thing is imagine if the REAL leaders of nations were given the orders and had to carry out the harvesting on their own Countries, SMH
Like different beef taste different from what its grown on may apply to humans and what is ingested as well.
DEEP thread

The rabbit hole does go deep. The Haiti earthquake or the even more shocking Asian Tsunami in which most of the victims' bodies were never found, come to mind. Regarding dietary diversity it could be that each ethnicity was purposely designed for flavor characteristics, depending on whether they prefer white meat or dark meat? Our own diet is also something which might be part of the end result. Is it any surprise that the Illuminati controlled agro-industry has used massive amounts of chemical additives possibly as seasoning to tenderize the meat or fatten us up? This is a wild allegation, but sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.


posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 03:04 AM

Originally posted by svetlana84
quote by CG Jung:

"We need more understanding of human nature, because the only real danger that exists is man himself . . . We know nothing of man, far too little. His psyche should be studied because we are the origin of all coming evil."

In case you don't know it yet, Carl Gustav Jung was an establishment shill designing manipulative levers to the human psyche for our handlers. He laid the groundwork for much of the experimentation for the Tavistock Institute and the CIA's MK-Ultra mind control program. This dedication is not indicative of a transparent vocation of truth transmission.

SOURCE: Carl Jung Timeline

1902 - Jung gets his Ph.D. at the University of Zurich with a doctoral dissertation On the Psychology and Pathology of So-Called Occult Phenomena.

Interestingly he starts out studying the very topic we are all concerned about today, demonic mind control by dimensional entities, which thanks to efforts such as his have been masked by mainstream psychology as being human generated and something we can only accompany but never cure.

1907 - Jung's first meeting with Freud. He writes the work The Psychology of Dementia Praecox .

He becomes the spiritual successor of Freud who helped Tavistock develop its Mass Mind Control techniques, again focusing on what the church called demon possession thus the word "dementia' which becomes sanitized as an affliction which sponteneously emerges without any external psychic influence. His work helped "remove authority over our souls from priests placing it in the hands of medical doctors".

1935 - Jung's Tavistock Lectures, London, on "Analytical Psychology".

During the Nazi "mass mind control experiment" he lectured at the Tavistock Institute, and contributed to their know-how applied during World War II whereby intelligence agents were given psychiatrically induced schizophrenia to fragment their mind and create Manchurian Candidates as moles to infiltrate behind enemy lines, consciously unaware of their mission. For those who don't know how Tavistock fits in with the NWO Illuminati Agenda, here are a couple of illustrations.

Jung's premise that Mankind is by nature Evil is the OPPOSITE of the premise of this thread. Here we are starting off by stating that Humans are by nature Humane. Which means that in essence Human nature is GOOD and that therefore Crimes Against Humanity are not perpetrated by or for Humans, but against Humans by another species, namely Aliens.

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posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 03:38 AM

Originally posted by littlebunny

18And another angel came out from the altar, which had power over fire; and cried with a loud cry to him that had the sharp sickle, saying, Thrust in thy sharp sickle, and gather the clusters of the vine of the earth; for her grapes are fully ripe.

Doesn't that suggest we're all about to become a buffet?

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Hi Charles,

That's terrible! But it makes sense. Yes that portion of the Word is eerily close to describing a season filled with unspeakable horror on one hand and super sexy and delicious on the other. I almost want to grab a rib-bib and start dancing to this popular ad...

posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 03:41 AM

Originally posted by aliengenes
when i was in my early twenties i hypothesized that we were food for the gods, now i'm in my late 40s and everyone still thinks i'm nuts

Hi Alien Genes,

All it took was a quarter of a century for the rest of us to catch up...


posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 03:58 AM

Originally posted by MikeboydUS
So youre having problems accepting human nature and blaming aliens for genocide.

This is as bad and absurd as blaming the devil for when bad things happen or people do evil.

I am only trying to reconcile what I view as a hypocrisy. That human nature isn't Evil and that it is Illuminati SPIN throughout the ages which has blamed our nature for SINS which did not originate within us. Certainly there are Humans who perpetrate unimaginable crimes against others, and I have witnessed ritual sacrifice so I know what some are capable of. But my contention is that they are moved NOT BY HUMAN NATURE but by an unseen force which is Alien in origin, whether caused by physical beings from beneath Earth's surface or outer space, or by ethereal entities from an unseen dimension.

If I do happen to "blame the Devil" it isn't because I ever did believe in him before, but maybe because I might have crossed path with him 'in the flesh' which brought me to reconsider much of what is actually happening here in our very messed up society. This is what made me for the first time consider in real and physical terms that we are living in an Animal Farm when before I had interpreted this to be a metaphor born of George Orwell's artistic licence and only meant to illustrate behavior patters rather than reveal a gruesome truth.

Originally posted by MikeboydUS
The truth is humans are the most violent and destructive species on this planet. From serial killers to dictators they commit crimes of such horror to not only other species on the planet, but to themselves and at times even their own offspring, that the only word that truly describes their nature is monstrous. Humans are monsters. They are the bogeyman for most life on this planet.

If they get treated like unclean vermin, they have no one to blame but themselves.

This is where I beg to differ. We have been fed this SPIN by our rulers for eons, since antiquity and perhaps beyond. Because this puts us in the same boat as the culprits, making us either take a stand against all of humanity or leave them unpunished for what is today called "Crimes against Humanity".

Sure there is monstrous behavior, and to explain why people who perpetrate such crimes do so in such an uncharacteristic manner it is said that "Power Changes People". I propose that this is yet another MYTH to conceal the fact that other entities, through demonic possession or the influence of occult ritual are brought to change and become AVATARS for some outside force which is NOT HUMAN in nature or origin.

Originally posted by MikeboydUS
Sure there are decent humans out there, but studies and history have shown you can take almost any "decent" civilized/domesticated human and turn them into a monster. The instincts are there just waiting to be awakened.

This is simply NOT TRUE. That can only be accomplished when you have broken the resistance and removed all human dignity, character or conscience from an individual. This is what the Bloodlines have done to their offspirng for centuries. It is the same process used by the CIA's MK-Ultra mind control drug induced hypnotic shock treatment to fragment personalities. The Milgram experiment was contrived to convince people that it is normal to let yourself be taken over by an outside authority even to the point of committing crimes because "it is part of human nature". This was spin using an instrumentalized experiment with test subjects who were morally weak and already what might be termed 'broken individuals' volunteering for experimentation for a hand-out. Pseudo-scientific spin by Illuminati propagandists.


posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 04:10 AM

Originally posted by Electric Crown
what an absurd concept. killing our own is part of the human condition. Homo-sapians killed out the Neanderthals. not aliens.

quit projecting the ills of humanity on other people, wake up and smell the blood.

Dear Electric Crown,

I have had to smell the blood at a young age, being required to officiate as a child in practices which made me wonder in shock just how bad human nature can be. Yet I conclude that it is not human nature, but the "taking over of human choice" by some outside force, which brings people to such barbaric and inhuman actions that even the culprits dare not breathe a word out of fear their inhumanity might be revealed? Do they fear tp display their own humanity, whatever it may be, or some form of "inhumanity" which inhabits them?

Some are torn between their own original identity... and the dark side. Yet is that dark side actually human? Aleister Crowley, a reference if there ever was one about the dark side apparently concluded not. Here is an illustration of LAM whom he met in Giza and which inspired him to become 666 The Beast and fancying himself the anti-christ.

And this might be only one of the forms that what is so dark that we cannot see it when awake with our eyes wide shut, which is out there acting as predators or farmers, making deals with our lowly gatekeepers who fancy themselves our masters while serving them as slaves. They are the devil worshiping Illuminati Satanists who invite "Legions" of demons to inhabit them and who hope to thus gain power as their servants.


posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 04:15 AM

Originally posted by spacekc929
With all the crap we put in our bodies, I can't imagine that we taste very good

Hi Spacekc,

Itt is at least reassuring that this would probably mean that we aren't being prepared for human consumption. Yet have you ever eaten a live mouse? That's what snakes love. Maybe what we are fed is something which does appeal to a different species, and what we find to be contaminants are actually delicacies to them? After all, if we are eaten, we know neither by what, nor what they might find tasty.


posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 04:41 AM
It's a possibility that we are just cattle for alien species,but you cannot blame every genocide on ETs.
Us humans are a bloodthirsty species and capable of many terrible stuff.

So i partly support your opinion and i will give some examples as to why this could be true:

1)There are followers of certain deities (Kali,Shiva etc) that eat human flesh,they do that in order to gain immortality and as i suspect to come closer to what their gods are.
2)The christians in the communion eat symbolicaly the body of Christ and drink his blood.
3)There are many myths that drinking human blood and eating human flesh can give one immortality and eternal youth(like the vampire myth).
4)Human sacrifice and cannibalism are common in almost every culture.I'm not talking about cases of mental disorder but as part of rituals.
Human sacrifice

My thoughts is that since humans are trying to reach theosis,it's natural to mimic in some way their gods.If these gods are the aliens you are reffering(i'm a fan of this theory),then we can assume that aliens are using us food.

But again we cannot blame every genocide or mass murder on aliens or humans controlled by aliens.

PS:It's kind of sick but there are recipes as how to cook humans.

Edit to add:the Hulu commercials are really funny.
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posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 04:42 AM

Originally posted by Mayura
Genocides? Perhaps. You must factor in mass disappearances as well.

You guys are pretty close, allow me to share what information I have. Bare in mind what I'm sharing is reality, people like Cobra soldier slave are still clinging to falsified establishments.

Thousands of children and people go missing every year in this country, even more around the world. The lower casts of 'rulers' sometimes called Draconians or reptilians, physically consume these subjects. There are many deep underground bases (DUMBs) around the world, that act as meat processing plants. Besides just eating the victims, who are usually sliced open while alive and eaten fresh, there are a number of genetic experiments taking place. Shadow elements of our governments and the black military are in joint operation of these DUMBs. You can research Dulce base, nightmare halll, DUMBS, reptilian agenda, etc. I may even throw in some links of my own. Information is out there, regardless.

As for energetics... Above these Draconians, you have the real ring leaders. These are tall blonde Nordics, very similar to humans. Still relying heavily on technology, they seem very advanced and you could say spiritual. These are actually reptilians who have stolen DNA from the Plaedies star system and modified themselves. These beings work mostly behind the scenes, although religion has been their forte'. They consume the prana, chi, energy, emotions of victims and the masses. When people pray to Jesus, Allah, etc, they are actually boosting the energy of these overlords. The New Age movement goes along the same lines.

Greys are thrown in the mix, but mostly as servants. Some are even technological or android-like in nature. They are mostly delivery boys if you know what I mean. Conducting research and samples is another big job of theirs. No doubt they are behind countless cattle mutilations...

That's where most of the missing people go. Are all genocides related to this? No.

Hi Mayura,

That's pretty much it in a nutshell. Not a pretty picture but who said life was a walk in the park?

Added to this there are some pretty worrisome implications for our future. Agenda 21 has us clearing out most of the surface land of the planet - presumably making way for the presence of a competing species, unless you buy the official cover story that it is to preserve the biological diversity of insect life. LOL.

Another one is that the Illuminati have been bio-engineering genetically modified humans to create artificially generated dedicated physical characteristics. We may then see the emergence of a variety of "Humans" which no longer have a soul Matrix as we now do when naturally born, and who happen to fulfill pre-designed roles for our society or for the incidental uses of our masters or farmers.

We may therefore see the production of highly enhanced superior human bodies for the soul transfer of the ruling elite. In parallel they will probably produce a variety of dumbed down genetically impaired mentally deficient laborers designed for "grunt work". A class of GEEKS, meaning intellectually limited yet technically proficient drones in lab coats to run the machines and repair the software would be indispensible, and probably a class of robotized synthetically cloned Sex Slave All-Purpose Servants such as have been studied, analyzed and elaborated during the CIA's Monarch Mind Control Program which went into full swing with Marilyn Monroe and went on through the sixties and into today's integration as "Honey Traps" for intelligence operations.

So we are confronted with 4 very unpleasant images. 1. We are being eaten. 2. We are being farmed. 3. We are being betrayed. 4. We are being replaced.

It is no wonder that all of humanity in its collective unconscious is revolting in horror at the plans for the New World Order and the UN's Agenda 21. Why else would they need to unify the farm under a single regime when they've been farming us in small plots called countries for eons?


posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 04:55 AM

Originally posted by TheLieWeLive
I have thought of this as a possibility. We are the perfect cattle. We take care of ourselves. You don't have to feed us because we will go out an obtain the food. The reason this intrigues me is the missing history we have. It's as though we have had technologies before and something wiped out most of humankind and our accomplishments and then left a few to start over to rebuild the flock.

Egyptians could do knee surgery with pins and glues. Where did that knowledge go and why did it take us to the 60's and 70's to relearn this?

Hi The Lie We Live,

Our missing history isn't really missing at all. It is perfectly well known, and it isn't by accident that the library of Alexandria was burned down. It is not without cause that we are forbidden access to the Vatican's library. History remains, but we are not to know. Why? Because it would reveal that we are farmed, harvested and betrayed by our pretended priests, doctors, kings and generals.

Even today our contemporary history is being kept hidden from us, from Tesla free energy technology to anti-gravitational flight, from health cures to dimensional physics, the actual physical nature of the universe is probably known but has already been preemptively removed from our access to knowledge. Dumbed down pseudo-science, mind numbing educational conditioning and fascist academic orthodoxy are used as firewalls against us ever understanding what little we might.

This is an Animal Farm and we are the Animals. Yet humans aspire to more than simply being animals, we do have our higher spiritual nature as well as a 'humane' soul and conscience. Much like in the movie Spartacus we must lift ourselves to the task of resisting the unacceptable, foiling the enemy's plans. The Roman Empire subsists, not because they are Romans but because power was transferred to the Vatican, but because it serves another Empire, possibly resembling the Empire of Ming in Flash Gordon? Just a wild guess, but it matches the circumstantial evidence better than the storybook tales of benevolent gods.


posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 05:04 AM

Originally posted by Expat888
Interesting theory.. And at the end of the day its still just that .. Cambodia was mans inhumanity to man as were the holocaust, the pogroms in soviet russia, the purges in china et al throughout history.. Yes during the war there were sightings of unidentified craft in the skies of vietnam, laos and cambodia.. Saw a few during that time in those areas - as to them landing and harvesting people in those areas vivid imagination on someones part.. I witness much of what went on in that area during that time and ALL the killing was done by humans...

Hi Expat,

Thanks for sharing, no replacing actual field experience. It is interesting that you saw yourself UFOs in Southeast Asia back in the days. What is interesting was that Kissinger ordered the attacks on Cambodia without any war being declared. Later we get Pol Pot who "disappears" 3 million people. Something is amiss.

Please note that I never said that saucers beam aboard living people in genocides. Also it wasn't mentioned that humans, i.e. in this case soldiers, weren't doing the killing. What I wondered was where do the bodies actually really go to? How are they really disposed of? The folklore brought into the Nazi Holocaust was that their personal effects as well as their physical parts were sorted out and recycled, in current ecological political correctness. Their bones were turned to soap, their skin used as lampshades. What I mean isn't whether some of this wasn't actually done, but whether it wasn't done to explain away where the millions went, they assuredly weren't all burned.

I actually think that Hitler's FINAL SOLUTION is what is today being pushed forward under the UN's Agenda 21 plans for Global Government and centralized fascist Eugenics control. The end of a farming cycle and our replacement with a new crop of genetically improved cattle.


posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 05:58 AM

Originally posted by Getsmart

Originally posted by Expat888
Interesting theory.. And at the end of the day its still just that .. Cambodia was mans inhumanity to man as were the holocaust, the pogroms in soviet russia, the purges in china et al throughout history.. Yes during the war there were sightings of unidentified craft in the skies of vietnam, laos and cambodia.. Saw a few during that time in those areas - as to them landing and harvesting people in those areas vivid imagination on someones part.. I witness much of what went on in that area during that time and ALL the killing was done by humans...

Hi Expat,

Thanks for sharing, no replacing actual field experience. It is interesting that you saw yourself UFOs in Southeast Asia back in the days. What is interesting was that Kissinger ordered the attacks on Cambodia without any war being declared. Later we get Pol Pot who "disappears" 3 million people. Something is amiss.

Please note that I never said that saucers beam aboard living people in genocides. Also it wasn't mentioned that humans, i.e. in this case soldiers, weren't doing the killing. What I wondered was where do the bodies actually really go to? How are they really disposed of? The folklore brought into the Nazi Holocaust was that their personal effects as well as their physical parts were sorted out and recycled, in current ecological political correctness. Their bones were turned to soap, their skin used as lampshades. What I mean isn't whether some of this wasn't actually done, but whether it wasn't done to explain away where the millions went, they assuredly weren't all burned.

I actually think that Hitler's FINAL SOLUTION is what is today being pushed forward under the UN's Agenda 21 plans for Global Government and centralized fascist Eugenics control. The end of a farming cycle and our replacement with a new crop of genetically improved cattle.


During my time in the area .. Saw many mass graves.. Or bodies just left without burial where they were killed.. Saw entire villages slaughtered and the bodies left without burial.. To be eaten by animals and claimed by the jungle.. Things dont last long left in the open in the jungle and its amazing how fast the jungle will grow back over places that had been cleared and inhabited.. Still get nightmares of things that saw in cambodia at that time..

posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 11:48 AM

Originally posted by bluemirage5
reply to post by Getsmart

I'm finding this hard to swallow considering no one else has breathed one single word after all these years knowing the numbers of American and Coalition forces in Vietnam.

There would had been alot more who knew about these among the soldiers.

I'm not buying it.

Hi Blue Mirage,

I'm not asking you to buy anything and you are quite right to reject anything which doesn't make sense. What I was referring to was not so much the Vietnam war, as the later Genocide perpetrated by TPTB, namely the Illuminati Sorbonne-trained Pol Pot who created the ideology behind the genocidal Khmer Rouge who were on their watch when 3 million of their compatriots were culled.

Whether some measure of bodies vanish during wartime is possible, for whatever purposes who knows. The Baghdad red lake is one which causes concern, it has been visible on Google Maps for quite a few years and I do think that they update them every so often. At least that wasn't air brushed out. Yet what I was pointing out wasn't the usual grinding down of population by way of battle, but the larger scale more broadly genocidal events.

Now don't go thinking I'm especially morbid or fascinated with mass murder. Yet it has existed and is threatening to happen to most of the rest of the surviving population in forthcoming years, if the UN projects for our future move ahead as planned. So we had better mobilize our grey matter to figure out sooner than later just who is behind the Illuminati and their depopulation agenda. Or bide our time, hoping that the farmer won't choose us or our family for culling.


posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 11:52 AM
Anyone see the movie Skyline? The movie is real similar to what this post talks about. The aliens come in one day out of the blue and start collect thousands and thousand of people. The pods they send down emit a hypnotic like blue light and if you look at it you are instantly locked in to it and can't look away. The aliens then just come by and collect them up.

My point is that in the movie they were after our brains. If someone was to harvest us then it doesn't mean it would have to be for food but some other use. We use whale blubber for their oils and other animals for their body parts. They wouldn't have to necessarily eat us for us to be of use.

Who knows, our brains could be great for tanning Alien leather.

posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 12:43 PM

Originally posted by ThinkingCap
Sorry, but if their intention was to eat us, we would all be much healthier. Human, compared to almost everything else, tastes the worst on this planet. Maybe they are taking our pineal glands, and getting high off of them? Haha, honestly, I do not believe that this is the case. But it is a possibility...- [Horror music]

Are you speaking from experience, and personal sampling? Or are you simply assuming as much? A friend working as a Journalist in the Congo dined a few years ago on "long pig" which he later learned wasn't a type of swine, but he didn't notice that bad taste you refer to. We're pretty similar to that animal in terms of our dietary
regimen, and I hope that's where the comparison ends.

Regarding the Pineal gland, there are reports from various sources that this might be the physical connector to our souls? Also there is something else which is highly concentrated in people who have been subject to sheer terror, and that is a number of substances including endorphine dopamine and especially adrenalchrome. These are said to be the 'natural additives' of choice for the Aliens who devour humans as well as for the Satanist Illuminati who indulge in human sacrifice after torturing their victims into such anguish as to gorge their blood with such substances for ritual drinking and its associated 'satanic high'.


posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 12:50 PM
reply to post by Mayura

No, I'm not surprised, and your "metaphysical experiences" are nothing more than delusions. The amount of crap that's been introduced into the environment since the industrial revolution is insane. Clearly this is shown to be the major causative factor for the ever increasing rates of insanity.

and bahahahahahhhaaaaa back at your for taking up all these ridiculous "new age" terminologies that put $$$$ in the pockets of con artists who laugh at all you fools as they go.......

posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 12:57 PM

Originally posted by gunshooter
Well put together thread OP, well thought out, you certainly got my attention, I have my own theories, beliefs, and experiences that I dont want to share, but I do believe you are on to something. Almost to hard to believe, but eerily plausible in this crazy day and age. I wont take anything for granted anymore. I say fight back hard and to the death if it is what it is. I'll be damned if I'm food for something else.

Hi Gunshooter, and thanks for the kind words. These are as you said, just thoughts, and maybe also a passing belief until I discover something which seems truer than this. It is a hypothesis, but as you say so well "eerily plausible in this crazy day and age".

But is this day and age any crazier than the others before it? Maybe not, only now we have become acutely aware of how crazy our human condition is and with the newfound cross referencing of information thanks to the Internet we are comparing data and analyzing far more issues from different perspectives than ever before. So it has only now become apparent that we are living amidst many illusory constructs and that there is an underlying reality which is different from the depictions of the world we have been taught.

Regarding fighting back hard and refusing to be food for something else, that's the spirit and we just might prevail if this turns out to be accurate. I wouldn't have entertained such an idea for a second had I not myself been exposed to an encounter which made my previous "normal" scenario about the ways of the world and the why's and wherefores obsolete. I will soon post about that experience once I locate the scattered testimonials which from time to time I relayed from memory in other threads and messages. I deeply hope I had been deluded and that the premises of this thread are unfounded. But a convergence of evidence points the other way.


posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 01:12 PM
reply to post by galadofwarthethird

They wouldn't need the bases. The fleet would have everything they needed. At the most they might contruct an orbital starport at a Lagrangian point.

Manufacturing, refining and processing of resources in either orbital plants or factory/refinery ships would be far more advantageous, no gravity, pollution, etc. We have plans on earth right now to do the same thing at some point. An orbital industry would have many advantages. Plus there's always asteroid mining.

If there are any "Star Trek" style space monsters, like plasma beasts or crystalline entities, they would be like insects or maybe even fungus in terms of evolving any form of intelligence, much less sentience. I don't think they would apply. A Post Singularity civilization wouldn't have to live anywhere. They could happily reside as information on a network. The hypernodes making up the network could be anything from Jupiter brains, Dyson spheres or even specialized neutron stars.

What if your right....but lets say that these advanced aliens don't do it for the need, just for the fun and challenge or some alien logic that they have. Have you not seen mighty earth hunters killing prey like buck and deer for the fun of it, even with high power snipers and rifles. They could be advanced and bored looking for some sport or fun. Who really knows. If aliens exist that is.

I could see them toying with us for their own amusement. Heck a civilization like that could have created our entire world and all life on it for their amusement. Its highly unlikely they would hide from us though. The only plausible explanation I can think of why they would hide from their ant farm, would be due to rules, directives or laws. Who would have set up these rules though and why? Who would enforce them? Where's the game wardens or the park rangers?

I'ts already in use it's usually called the ethereal plain now a days or stuff about chakras and other unseen dimensions, you know were souls go into body's and play games. Immortality is sometimes like being a rock I would think, sure it would be fun for the first million years, but then it would get old and pretty boring especially if you knew everything there is to know in the universe.

You don't need any quantum mysticism, when you have an interstellar matrix. I don't know if digital immortality could ever get boring. The universe is so vast one would never run out of things to do.

True if they were that far off, but what if they like to eat humans for the heck of it, plus they could just not be as advanced as all that, just more advanced then us....Imagine if some hundred years from now humanity came to a planet that was a couple thousand years technologically backwards basically horse and carriage type of place with stone building and grass huts....What would we do?

If they arn't that advanced they would still be stuck in their own star system. We are less than 100, possibly 50 years from a singularity. Even then we still have awhile before we get out of our system. We have to invent an interstellar drive and a power source for it that will at least make it to Alpha Centauri. Maybe after we build the first orbital supercolliders we'll be able to manufacture (there's that orbital factory stuff), enough antimatter or even small black holes that will be able to power some kind of drive that will warp or fold space. If we don't blow ourselves up, we might have a drive like that in 100 years. If technology continues to progress at current rates, the transhumans that develop them will have more in common with sci fi creations like the Borg, Cylons, or Terminators than modern homo sapiens. Might be called Homo Sapiens Cybernetica. If we do happen to find some primitive species living at Alpha Centauri, it will be apocalyptic for them. Humans are like locusts. Imagine the film Avatar, but with Terminators invading Pandora.

Could be, if that were true we could even be some sort of genetic creations or seeds that are meant to change the planet and atmosphere for whatever reason. If they were so advanced we could just be a tool that they used for something like the above reason of terraforming planets. Or even just seed a planet and move on type of deal.

A Seeder civilization isn't that too far fetched. I don't think they would build worlds and seed them with life for terraforming. Terraforming would be better accomplished with nanite assembler swarms. If they were planetbuilders and seeders, they probably would do it for philosophical/ideological reasons.

Things would get real interesting if there were two or more Type II civilizations, competing for resources and competing ideologies. One or more could be "Seeders", who build worlds and plant life on them. One or more could be "Beserkers" who seek out worlds with potential competitors and exterminate them before they become a problem. One or more could be "Watchers" who go on interstellar safaris and tour other worlds. Some Seeders could protect their worlds from being destroyed by Beserkers or from intruders like Watchers. Some Beserkers could actually be a type of Seeder, which destroys and remakes worlds in their image. Some Watchers could declare worlds to be preserves or reserves and off limits to other civilizations. Another type of civilization, could be "Lifters", who uplift primitive species and civilizations. Regardless, their motivations would be most likely ideological or philosophical in nature. They wouldn't uplift a civilization to mine for gold or engineer them to be livestock. Instead Lifters may see themselves, somewhat as interstellar missionaries motivated by altruism or a duty to an abstract principle, such as philanthropic imperialism.

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posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 01:23 PM

Originally posted by galadofwarthethird

There are inconsistencies all trough out human history, and even though pretty much most of the history books out there are just opinions, and propaganda of whatever leaders or group is in power or even plain bull, all the inconsistencies stand out...if you clear your mind of all the bull# and interference's out there both from physical pressure/pier pressure or the Ideology's and memetic viruses out there, even all the noise/information that is being beemed everywhere on this planet by all types of groups from tv to more subtle waves.... Then ask yourself this, does any of this that these people are spewing make sense?

Sure humanity is a warlike and brutal and pathetic species, but does that account for all the mass pointless wars that happen like clockwork every couple of hundred years? Or especially the reasons given for these wars to semi reasonable creatures? Has anybody even have a good thorough explanation that if subjected to some deep or clear thought and questioning wont fall to pieces or be blocked by the thought guards of ignorance and, as they say it's always been like this, so no questions authority figures, of even the most recent mass war like ww2 if you look at it with a clear mind you can see that it was definitely engineered, and I do not think any leaders of any sides of that smogus board "pun intended" were in the know truly, # even these secret groups like illuminati or skull in bones or whatever is nothing more then just jumped up boy scouts with inflated egos, otherwise known as fools, or the blind leading the blind, and always falling in the same hole.

And if you say that even the animals and insect's kill eachother regularly....True but, have you seen what even ants do to there own kind if they even get a sense that it threatens the hive...there was a thread on this site about a parasitic mushroom that took over a host ant among other things, and the hive got rid of it and even marked the ant so no other would go near. And yet in humanity on mass they would follow some leaders and ideologys off a cliff for some of the stupidest reasons ever uttered or given, if we were ants we would of put most of the individuals in the histories in there own little room and put up a warning sign. But offcourse things are more subtle and complicated on the human level then the ant level.

Hi Galad of War,

There is much wisdom in your post so I quoted it in its entirety. You bring up those inconsistencies, which are often what spur men onto becoming themselves historians, to try to lift the veil at least on one area of obscurity where the facts just don't check out. However, it is not what we must dislike, these inconsistencies, but what we should cherish as our best friends. They are the cracks in the mirror of illusion, which prove it is but a projection. These may not in themselves say anything useful, but the fact that they appear in many places where least expected and much to the dismay of those involved is what it matters to retain.

You are also probably right about the majority of the Illuminated ones who believe themselves to be our rulers and messengers of the Gods or the denizens of Satan according to their convictions. They are probably as deluded as we are, and possibly more so given that they also have deluded themselves into believing they have escaped our delusion and that they might wield any form of significant power, have a higher utility to their life, or know a greater vocation in their destiny. Yet they are but slaves of dominant masters whom they placate with undignified subservience.

They are "collaborators" of the enemy, aiding and abetting the downfall of their own kind. Absent in them is not only an operative human conscience but also a failure to have so much as basic social survival skills which are found in animals or insects, ensuring that the HUMAN FACTOR is entirely absent from their choices and decisions. They are 'team player' in the old boy network, meaning that they are fighting on the other team, the one opposing humanity, and playing ball with those bent upon our oppression and destruction.

Sure they are delusional given that only a madman would be so impressed by occult power or higher technology to be willing to sacrifice themselves as well as all others for its acquisition. Only a fool would believe that in so doing they would reap genuine benefits and gain lasting fulfillment. It would take very shallow person to so be able to shut down their sensitivity to the most extreme human suffering without empathy, lest they let themselves by so perfectly possessed that it is no longer they who are present at those times but another entity using them as a host Avatar.

The time has come for us to step in and take action in many ways, some practical or political, some collective by communicating understanding and helping reveal the truth, some intellectual in furthering understanding and preparing an alternate future in which the accomplices and their 'yet to be disclosed' masters have no place in our lives. Here's one example among countless initiatives going in the right direction.

Grassroots effort to oppose the Illuminati Agenda


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We are getting replaced OP!?!?! AAAAAAHHHH... It's a fun concept. But I can't see that happening. There's so much fear mongering and false prophecies going around, I advise you to be cautious.

I don't feel we are about to be replaced, because the Nordics up top, feed energetically from us. It's big business. It's difficult to explain, but there's something about the human energy signature that drives them nuts. All the emotional charge going around sites like ATS is probably a hay day for them.

The only new species we will be introduced to, is the 'Plaedians", or the 'Star Brothers', the GFL, when they come and remove their herd from the surface prior to Earth changes. I've heard the 'Festival of Enlightenment' coming up is a big staged contact event. Only time will tell.

I know what I'm saying is over the heads of most people... deal with it. Or just get smart

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