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Attention UK Gun Owners - Your Rights Are On The Line!

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posted on Dec, 21 2010 @ 10:24 PM
Peoples all around the world since time immemorial had armed themselves for self-defence and the protection of others.

Common Law:

Do not Murder
Do not Injure
Do not Steal

Gun Rights setting out the inalienable right to keep arms.

USA - 2nd Amendment:

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed

United Kingdom - Bill of Rights 1689:

Freedom to have arms for defense.

Blackstone's summary (PM of UK in 18th century) is the Declaration of Rights and common law rights to self-defense enshrine the rights of Britons and Americans.

Definition of 'Keep' & 'Have':

"keep" are "to retain; not to lose," "to have in custody," "to preserve; not to let go."

Video Link covering below points briefly:


Statutory Law:

Laws which a government passes to restrict the rights of citizen and subject alike.

But Common Law is senior in both status and precedent to Statutory Law...

Since after World War 1 the march to disarm and slowly enslave began in the UK:

Firearms Act of 1920 - Which made it illegal to possess these weapons without first obtaining a certificate from the police and registering each individual firearm.

The Firearms Acts 1936/7 placed additional controls on fully-automatic firearms, effectively restricting them to the armed forces and police.
The Prevention of Crime Act 1953 prohibited the carrying of an offensive weapon without lawful authority or reasonable excuse.
A major and true right of a citizen or subject was dismantled at this point.

The Criminal Justice Act 1967 was passed which introduced Shotgun Certificates.

The Firearms Act 1968 introduced the concept of compulsory security for rifles and pistols and incorporated the Shotgun Certificate first outlined in the Criminal Justice Act 1967.

Creep, creep, creep is the thin end of the wedge...

1987 - Following the strange events of the Hungerford Killings comes a test for gun owning community.
Center-fire Rifles that have semi-automatic capability are under threat from a conservative government, recently re-elected.
The response from the organised shooting community is muted. The official response from the spineless NRA UK is -
"We have no requirement for these weapons in our 'sport!'"
So the conservative government passes the Firearms Act 1988.
Without a breath of protest vast swathes of semi-auto rifles are seized, destroyed and eliminated from private citizens hands!
Any possibility of a citizens defence force or organisation is eliminated. Handguns are left alone, despite Ryan using one to kill along with the assault rifle he had.

Not for long though...

1996 - An even more questionable and shocking event takes place in Dunblaine, Scotland entailing the killing of many school children.
Thomas Hamilton, a rogue freemason and pederast/paedophile, is the killer who is found dead at the scene with several handguns.
The Cullen Enquiry seals the truth of what really happened that day.
Following the killing of the innocents a media onslaught against innocent gun-owners a feeble and desperate conservative government (AGAIN!) treacherously enacts Firearms (Amendment) Act 1997, which effectively banned all but .22 pistols
This effectively banned the private possession of all modern pistols, even for competitive sporting purposes save .22 pistols.
Even 'antique' revolvers of 100 years old or more were affected by this draconian move as the police considered anything in 'available calibre' to be covered. Even Britains legendary Webley .455 fell under this despicable act.
Gun Clubs now are expected to vet and establish probabationary measures against ALL newcomers, essentially policing citizens wanting to own section 1 firearms. Additionally many gun clubs have to close due to the pistol prohibition.
To actually become a full gun-club member you now have to ‘conform’ to extra ‘rules, regulations and policy’ of a Home Office Approved Gun Club!
Failing to ‘tow the line’, meet strict criteria (which varys) leads to a downturn in gun-owners.
Despite the slavish attempts from the government to placate the snowdrop campaign the conservatives still manage to lose the 1997 election and New Labour are elected. All that disarming for nothing as it turned out. But wait, look what comes next...
Any chance of gun rights being restored by a so-called 'peoples party' are soon torpedoed.
Tony Blair (war criminal) enacts the Firearms (Amendment) (No.2) Act 1997. This now means even the .22 pistols that were excluded by the Tory gun prohibitions are now banned as well.
Small commiseration is that UK gun owners are compensated for the guns they are forced to surrender. Yet some say if enough of them stood together and fought it out in court using our ancient laws and rights the government would have backed down....
In the end the gun owners used the 'compensation' money to buy up weapons still legal to own. You will see this in the video I've posted above.

The official reasons for all this madness was to 'prevent criminals obtaining firearms', yet criminal gun-use is on the increase, the police are increasingly and oppressively armed and the police state is more than ever tangible.

The march of absolute gun control now continued even after this needless of gun control:

The Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 has brought certain types of air weapons into the categories of control created by the firearms acts.

Closely followed by the so-called Violent Control Reduction (VCR) Act of 2005. This affected imitation firearms further, along with blank-firer weapons and even Air-soft weapons (fires soft plastic bbs)!

2010 - ANOTHER spree killing, this time in Cumbria involving an enraged and vengeful man armed with a shotgun and .22 rifle. The police AGAIN were powerless to stop him, despite having opportunity's during the events and pursuit. The killer is found dead and gun rights are once again under threat. Due to the absurd and near-criminal laws that prevent citizens carrying weapons for self-defence no-one had the chance to stop this madman in the act!

This time it's amid celebrity culture and sure enough there are two proponents of ABSOLUTE gun control.
Lucy Cope, an embittered woman along with an Asian-British man called Keith Vaz. They both take aim at what's left of our shredded gun rights...

It's a time for the MAJORITY of the gun owning community to do something instead of NOTHING.
Be vocal, make your voice heard. Make videos demonstrating your stance. Above all else write to your MP, media newspaper of choice stating that you are a proud gun owner who is law-abiding and willing to lawfully demonstrate against ANY threats to removing Britons ancestral right to KEEP and BEAR arms.

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posted on Dec, 21 2010 @ 10:50 PM
Great post, my friend, i wish you well in keeping what ew rights you have left.
Remember Hitler brought in Gun control as a first measure of cementing his dictatorship, Look wgat kinds of hell descended on Britain for that.....
The Bazis are taking oover in sheeps clothing,........

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