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Christopher Lee

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posted on Dec, 21 2010 @ 12:09 PM
Christopher Lee is by far my favourite actor.Since i first saw him as Dracula until today,he remains number 1 in my list.
The last 6 years he has been in the music industry,in Heavy metal music to be exact.He has sang some classics such as "My way" and "High noon",but Sir Christopher Lee is officially a heavy metal singer.
He has been a guest singer- narrator in Rhapsody of fire albums:
Symphony of enchanted lands
Triumph or Agony
The frozen tears of angels

And a guest narrator in the 2010 version of Battle Hymns by Manowar(song
ark Avenger/original narration by Orson Wells)

He has released 2 personal albums:
Charlemagne: By The Sword & The Cross (2010)

Here is some of his work since 2004:

Rhapsody - The Magic Of The Wizard's Dream

Also in French,German and Italian

Rhapsody - Unholy Warcry

"O Sole Mio - It's Now or Never"

ACT II: The Iron Crown of Lombardy

ACT III: The Bloody Verdict of Verden

Manowar 2011- Dark Avenger

And here is an epic moment when he receives the Spirit of Metal award at the Golden Gods.

Hope you enjoyed it.
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posted on Dec, 21 2010 @ 12:15 PM
reply to post by Phantom traveller

Starred and flagged. I loved him in all those Hammer films!

posted on Dec, 21 2010 @ 01:20 PM
Great thread...He is favourite actor as well !

All Hail Lord Summerisle

posted on Dec, 21 2010 @ 01:23 PM
Christopher Lee is THE MAN!!! I mean seriously, when he grow's his hair and beard out, he makes being old look beyond wicked and cool. And has the act to go with it. No matter how righteous and pure you may be inside, we all wouldn't mind looking like a bada$$ sorcerer/warlock if we could pull it off Christopher Lee style. Am I right?

Heavy Metal at 80+ = Awesome!! and that's all I have to say about that.

The dude own's...let me rephrase that, dude is for "cool guy", "hipster", yadda yadda yadda. We're talking about Christopher "I can probably shoot lighting from my pinky finger" Lee. So he's not a "dude". Lee is a Diabolist, the El Diablo of cool. Own's occult book's that are to rare or unknown to even be considered occult books.

Play's the best Sorcerer, Necromancer, Warlock, etc to ever grace the screen. And if the look's aren't real enough, he can back it up with that voice. Matter of fact, Christopher Lee isn't even an actor!! He's the real deal.

And to top it all off, him and Ian Fleming, before they were famous, would go around Britain in the middle of the night during WWII and assassinate spies and would be enemies of the state. Probably assassinated them with his bare hand's or telepathically. How's that for bada$$????

He's got more demonic energy in his left testicle than Satan and all his minion's combined. If that's not cool + bada$$, then I don't know what is. My newborn son will be named Christopher Lee + my last name. I hope I can look that awesome when and if I get in my 80's.

posted on Dec, 22 2010 @ 03:14 AM
Christopher own's the grimoire The Clavicles of Solomon, also known as The Key of Solomon or The Lesser Key's of Solomon. There's a Book 1 and Book 2. According to some insider's Christopher own's the original that was written by Solomon himself. Solomon wrote it for his son Roboam. Solomon commanded his son to never allow anyone to read this book and for him to bury it with him when he died. Roboam followed his father's instruction's. Year's and year's went by when some Babylonian philosopher's were repairing Solomon's tomb and came across the sepulcher Roboam was entombed in. They found the book.

Now this is where the myth kick's in. None of the philosopher's could decipher any of the text. After awhile a man named Lohe Grevis decided to take a crack at it. While he was asleep he was visited by a being that introduced itself to him as an Angel of the Lord. The Angel was sent to extract a promise from Lohe that he would never allow the unworthy or the wicked to ever understand or know what the book contained. No text from the grimoire would ever be allowed to be read or understood or translated to anyone who is wicked, unwise, or does not fear god. So in other word's God himself was worried about this book falling into the wrong hands. Oh, and I guess you can imagine Lohe must have deciphered the book. I mean, it's not often we have an Angel come over to talk to us.

Book 1: Is about conjuration, invocation, and curses to summon and constrain spirit's of the dead and demon's. They will be forced to obey thy's will and every command issued by it's new master. It also cover's how to find stolen item's, become invisible, gain the people's favour and love, and other great hit's.

Book 2: Goes over various purification's which the operator may or should undergo (in other word's, Exorcism's). How the practioner should clothe themselves, how certain magical implement's should be constructed and used in different ritual's and other operations. And last but most definitely not least, but that age old question that's on everyone's mind these day's, which animal's should be sacrificed to what spirit's.

Unlike the usuall grimoire's written or created in that time, these book's do not describe the appearance's of any Demon's or what kind of work these Demon's may do if summoned. Instead, Solomon drew each preparation out for each experiment.

Another big difference with this grimoire is that it required you to invoke the protection of your "God" (whomever that may be...) before you performed any of the "experiments". All of the other grimoires' required you to perform the ritual/magic through God and in the Name of God. So with these you only had to ask for his protection, nor did you have to perform these in his name.

Most of the operation's or experiment's as they were called, all required numerous item's that you had to personally construct yourself. But the item's used to construct the main experiment with, also had to be obtained a certain way
The material's had to be constructed at the right astrological time corresponding with the experiment, and had to be marked with a specific set of magical symbols, then blessed with it's own specific words. All of these substances needed for the magic drawing's and amulet's are detailed in the book. And it describes the mean's to purify and prepare them. Most of the symbol's incorporate the Transitus Fluvii: The Occult Alphabet.

Pretty interesting stuff if you ask me.

Christopher Lee played Duc de Richeleau in the 1968 movie The Devil Rides Out. This movie is available to watch on youtube. Here's the trailer from 1968:

Lee came into possession of this book and studied it for the role of this movie. This book was his study guide that made his character come to life on screen. Pretty cool huh? But if you ever get a chance, check out his movie roles on From the very begining of his movie career all of his roles and movie titles have consistently referenced or been about topics and subjects such as: The Devil, Lucifer, Demon's, Hell, Necromancer's/Wizards/Warlocks, Evil Lords, The Occult, and on and on and on...well you get the picture, or what i'm trying to say, especially once you look over his many films.

But to look at this talented actor and see his many different movie roles, it's not wrong to say that he has some serious fascination with the occult, the devil, hell, heavy metal, war, etc. In order for him to play all those roles he has to have insane amount's of knowledge on this subjects. And as all of know, in order to have such a vast amount of knowledge about this stuff, you have to take a serious liking to it. How many things do you dislike that you learn and study all about? None, correct?

The roles we see him play on screen along with the heavy metal at his age, and his hobbies and likes; he is this way for real. lol, i'm being serious. So the question is, does this mean he's really not a good actor because he's just simply playing himself or being himself. Just standing there getting filmed saying what he's told to? he such a great actor when it comes to his subject usual roles that they've literally taken him over? Or because he loves that kind of thing so much he just acted it out literally? LOL. Either way, he's one amazing individual. An enigma. A star is one of a kind. To many celebrities are just that... Celebrities, not stars. Christopher Lee and everything that is Christopher Lee, his whole persona, his whole existence, is way to colossal to be considered "celebrity". He's what they meant when the term "Star" was used to describe someone famous. He's the personification of a Star.

Okay, I know, I went a little overboard talking about Christopher Lee today, it's not hard to see, hell, I see it for myself and we are usually the blindest when it comes to our own fault's in our endeavors. No, i'm not obsessed with Chris Lee neither. Since we were on the Chris Lee subject I just though I'd share my reason's for liking and respecting the man. It's not often we see an Actor that's "that" real in real life, like he is in the movies. What we see on that movie screen is practically the real Chris Lee. With other actors you see many different roles being played, then see them and how they act off the camera.

But anyone who used to be a special assassin that was teamed up with the "real" James Bond (Ian Fleming), then goes on to act, dabble in the occult, and perform Heavy Metal at age 83, oh, and has the look of evil when they want to, lol, is a pretty darn interesting person in my opinion. Hence my reason's for raving today and tonight about Lee. And it's 4 n' the morning so you can all kind of see a little bit over bored is being fought here on my end as well. We all have our battles.


posted on Dec, 22 2010 @ 05:52 AM
reply to post by Phantom traveller

Wow I never knew he had a whole different career in the music industry! S+F
I love his films too.
He appears to be as mad as a box of frogs which is also a bonus
hreat stuff

posted on Dec, 22 2010 @ 03:27 PM
reply to post by J.Son79

Cool info.I didn't know half of it.Stars for you.I knew he is a descendant of King Charlemagne and step cousin of Ian Fleming.I had heard that he was interesting in the occult,but you my friend seem to know a lot of details.

My newborn son will be named Christopher Lee + my last name.

Your son will be the coolest kid around.Congratulations i wish you the best for him.

Thank you all for your replies

Some more:
Srom the movie "The Return of Captain Invincible"
Choose your poison

Die Walküre

Alan Arkin & Christopher Lee sing "Mr. Midnight"

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