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Hope for Humanity

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posted on Dec, 21 2010 @ 03:20 AM
So much greed, too much pride
Are we just going to sit and watch from the side?
So much envy and so much violence
Are we just going to stay in silence?
So much jealousy of who has what
Too many minds, they stay shut
I see a great abundance of ignorance everywhere
And not too many people seem to care
Where is the love for one another?
Can we actually care for eachother?
Instead of loving just yoursef
Instead of only thinking about yourself
Instead of being a slave of corruption
Instead of feeding al the assumptions
Spread some love, it's not so hard
It should have been done from the start
Into someones life, put some cheer
Instead of having your head stuck up your rear
Humanity? Yes, there is hope for it
If you don't wait around and sit

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