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strange shared dream

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posted on Jul, 6 2004 @ 03:29 AM
Hi all im new to this i tried posting in predictions but only got one bite so thought i would try it here and see if anyone can tell me what it means
...anyway here goes
ive been having this dream over the past few yrs ( i must point out here that i have never had any dreams come true although my mum is a sensitive and does experience these things occassionaly) they come once in a blue moon but its always exactly the same. Im outside but i dont recognise the area or the people. I look up and see some sort of strange cloud annomoly.then out of this annomoly comes first one ship then another and another i know its an invasion but im not afraid. The ships are all the same. I never see the aliens although i know they are around. There is no time frame to all this before anyone asks. My last one was different as in my parents were there and i was trying to tell them that i had dreamt this happening and i knew it was an invasion. Thats the wierd thing i know its an invasion but no one else seems to realise and they wont ( including my parents) listen to me.
I recently decided to tell my mum about this dream and as i started explaining she started finishing my sentences. It turns out that she has been having exactly the same dream.( note i had not previously mentioned this dream to another living soul)
This is my dream i was just wondering if anyone else had anything similair or could shed some insight into this.
i cant understand y i am not afraid in the dream i am totally relaxed.
My mum has dreamt of people dying or in danger and these have actually happened.
Thanks in advance for any help

posted on Jul, 6 2004 @ 03:09 PM
I had an odd dream about an alien attack.. mind you I do not believe it is a premonition...

Just like some bible predictions "rapture" the aliens swooped down picking up those who would be saved, I was on their guest list....

After this they proceed to destroy civilization.

At some point after this they investigated what might be sites of human inhabitance, that survived.

Their intension here was to gather them up.. for peaceful purposes.. maybe some sort of re education.

They used those "saved" to try an talk these survivors into joining them, but many ran from the ships when spotted... a reasonable response.

For some reason the fact that they had destroyed civilization and killed almost every living being seemed logical.. and I wasn't mad or disturbed by it.. we had become dangerous.

THe last thing I remember about the dream..I was sort of hanging half out of a low flying craft.. we had spotted a tent community and were attempting to pick up survivors, who scattered when they saw us. THe craft was following one man who fled.. as I hung out the craft pleading with him to take my hand.

Spooky to say the least. THe part that bothers me the most is that I felt this attack on humans was justified... It was like I was brainwashed


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