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Experiment beyond The Normal

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posted on Jul, 6 2004 @ 01:44 AM
I was wondering If anybody could see somethings about my place. I don't really believe in psychic powers that can see beyond places that they have never been but I would like to try do I live in a house or apartment and what do I have in my room? What does my room look like? I'm not forcing anyone to answer this, I am not a believer until I might be proven wrong.

posted on Jul, 6 2004 @ 01:45 AM
ale...from what i can sound very very hot
and i think you have a big d...

posted on Jul, 6 2004 @ 01:21 PM
heh carnt hurt to try (nope not claiming im psysic)

Just a shot in the dark

You live in an apartment which has a big slide window and a balcony in the main area with a sette

Your room has posters and a bed also a wardrobe (big one with 2 doors)

I also get the sence of black couler (dark colour in ya room)

Like i said prob just me imagination and im way off but carnt hurt to try

[edit on 6-7-2004 by Crash]

posted on Jul, 6 2004 @ 01:25 PM
There have been quite a few threads asking this same thing, here are some of them:

posted on Jul, 6 2004 @ 03:12 PM
ya there is shidge lol.
but yea this is my friend and he was interested in this because i told him the results of mine..i was gonna refer him to you but u were goin to bed and i didnt want to annoy you...

posted on Jul, 6 2004 @ 03:28 PM
Well, I u2u'd him a synopsis of what I "saw"

Hopefully I was right

posted on Jul, 6 2004 @ 03:52 PM
I've never really tried remote viewing & I'm probably sure I'm going to get this wrong but it's worth a shot...

A tall desk/computer set-up in front of a slatted window (blinds?) or other wall treatment. The basic color I get from this tall slim section of the room is silver. directly across is another window, also "slatted," and though the light is blindingly white when it shines thru, the apt itself is dark, almost cavernous. There is a piece of furniture for sitting, like a couch, but it has this heavy cloth blanket-like thing hanging over the seat back--the "blanket" is almost woolly, with these tassel-like things hanging off of it. There is a mesh sliver overhang lamp and a big futon-like bed thingie resting on wooden slats; the bedspread looks striped, black & white, though it might be b&w polka-dots or other bold pattern in that color. books, there are stacks of books on flimsy bookshelves attached precariously from the wall. there is a toy or "room mascot" of some sort of robot...whimsical, almost looks like that "Mr. Machine" robot toy from the 60s in design, but modern. a bored dog. in contrast to the more modern elements of the room, there are some more "ethnic" or items specific to one's nationality; these are reminiscent of an older time period, and have a heritage quality. something with a coat of arms, or an old sign listing some archaic rules. a couple of stray sports equipment on the floor...a ball that could be basketball or soccer, and a couple of weights. a "tapestry" over a cluttered desk--this desk or table is ovewhelmingly cluttered, it is the "catch-all" for the stray papers and mail & etc. The tapestry might be simply a poster, but it feels like a cloth tacked onto the wall, dark in color. also, a light hanging long from the ceiling like an upside-down daisy with no petals. if we look out the door we see a short hallway that is greatly well-lit in comparison to the room itself. A plastic hamper with holes in it like a grating. two sturdy plastic or rubber slippers in a dark color, probably blue. a small, spud-like mushroom-like coffee-table but it isn't really so much an actual table, it has been improvised, and it is a good place to put stray books & journals and it attracts cups & glasses. goggle-like eyepiece sturdy like binoculars or work goggles or other specialized eye-piece.

now, I believe that I'm off the mark with this reading, but the question I ask is: where do these images come from? I see them in my head.

posted on Jul, 6 2004 @ 04:36 PM
Wow cassie...i've never been to his house but...
Some of the things really nail his personality and thigns that i know he would have (watch him say ur completely wrong lol)
well i didnt read all of it since i dont know his house , but there were things that stood out like this:
there are some more "ethnic" or items specific to one's nationality; these are reminiscent of an older time period, and have a heritage quality.

I'm about 99% sure that he would have things like this..he just moved here from colombia and i know he's very proud of his country so i know he's have these things..also...

goggle-like eyepiece sturdy like binoculars or work goggles or other specialized eye-piece.
Yep - he's on the swim team (goggles) and he has glasses (although idk where he puts those)...
very well so far, we'll haev to wait til he comes online..he's at the gym now lol..Sorry ale for telling ur life story haha

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