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The Red&Blue Syndrome

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posted on Dec, 19 2010 @ 09:24 PM
Hello ATS, this is my first thread and as such with all first times, please be gentle and civil, as i will try to express myself in those same basic principles.

So what is the Red & Blue Syndrome? Well i don't know, yet. I'm just gonna list and give my perspective on what i think and feel are the symptoms, in hopes that we all together can maybe diagnose it.

Some of you might already thought of some in your own associative mind process upon clicking on this thread, ill take some wild guesses:

Republicans and Democrats

Blue Pill and Red Pill

Coca Cola and Pepsi

Pokemon!! lol

Bluish Angels and Red Demons

Well, this thread is about all of those, and not one in particular, see what im asking of you the readers is that for a second let's miss one particular tree for the whole forest and try to picture things i'll present here as a whole and not particular subjects.

But let's begin at the beggining... I wont make any of you sit again through Color Theory again but yes, Red and Blue are infact Colors.

Red Color @wikipedia

Blue Color @wikipedia

Two very predominant colors that is, see i first started to think about this when i kept hearing older coworkers at an architecture atelier, amidst jest always mention that all politicians here in Portugal who are freemasons usually wear light blue ties for the big events, and considering that Freemasonry in Portugal is mainly branched from the French Rite of Freemasonry that does make some sense, on the other hand i also noticed those same politicians are usually the underdogs, the ones who appear to keep it local and be patriots, standing always for the people and the country, yet they are usually the ones who bark alot but when its time to oppose the other side, they always seem to bowdown and agree.
But then i also noticed that those politicians who are more active on the international front like, on the UN delegations, European Council, NATO and so on, you know the ones usually saying something like:
"There is a "Brave New World" out there, and WE should be part of it!". They had the same habbit, except leaning thowards red ties.
So i kinda pieced them leaning on the Scottish Rite.

But either way, this was when i gave Freemasonry too much undeserved attention, masons are generally good people, but Freemasonry as an organization is highly Overrated. This thread is not about Freemasonry, its just another example.

Still on the Politics front, i started to look beyond the ties of my own country's puppets, i had noticed it seems to be a big treand among leaders on the world stage, from wichever nation, in the big events usually when its the top two rated puppets of the moment one is wearing red the other is wearing blue, now firstly, some might argue than in cases and specific countries like Russia, France, UK and its respective colony, its normal that sock puppets wear their countries national colors.
But my national colors are Red and Green, and in many countries who dont have flags with those colors, the local puppets seem to wear them too. I can recall back to when Greece started to crash visibly, the Greek prime minister still easing the people that it was nothing to worry about that they together could overcome it "as a people", on a positive tip, he kept showing up in public with blue, wich yes it is also the color on the greek flag...
But when Greece didn't recover and the markets and investors came knocking on the door, the Greek PM in a much more sober tone introduced to the people of Greece all the goods things the IMF would bring, and yes this time sporting a red tie instead.

but ok, im done on politics now, and sorry i didnt provide links for videos and pictures of said puppets and their limited fashion sense, but i bet the most of you all already noticed it too, if not start paying attention, do your own research because i dont have the luxury or time to be browsing for the muppets pictures.

(i apologize for suddently started calling politicians puppets all through that text, but as of now i neither fear them nor respect them. i dont think im perfect either yet, anyway)

Now to end this section of the thread and before i take you all into a more visual experience, have some nice music by The Who

Disclaimer: any similarities to the issues discussed above and any reference to "sun worshipers" are totally unnintended and purelly fragments of fiction.

posted on Dec, 19 2010 @ 09:24 PM
here i will just let the images speak for themselves.

and i could go all night, just keep finding new images, but i hope that some of you got the general point by now, theres tons more examples i could present but im affraid my own mind is saying stop for now.

so before i dig myself up further, is anyone else seeing and understanding where im getting at? or am i just seeing things?

please let me know, and provide further examples i may have not thinked of now.
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