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A skeleton dream.....

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posted on Dec, 19 2010 @ 08:57 PM
Let me post it here since over at the Paranormal section I am not getting much responses. In fact, I seem to have offended someone there...
Hehehe....too funny.

This is a very weird dream I have. I don't believe it was a dream at all. I woke up around 7am and went back to sleep until 9am. Within these 2 hours, that was what I dream. I was in a room, which resembled to my parent's bedroom but the location of the bed was different. The only person in this dream resembled anyone in my family was my sister. Someone I felt she was like my sister. In this room, I was worrying about some school assignments I needed to do. BTW, I am done with College some 8 years ago. In the dream, I was also thinking about what my "sister" was telling me. Previously, in the dream, I and she were sharing the same dream. In the dream, I was dreaming that I was chasing this little kid. This woman, Sarah, appeared at the other end and stopped the kid. She asked this kid what was his name but the kid didn't trust her. In the dream, my "sister" asked me to contact Sarah since we both saw her in the dream. I felt attached to her but didn't want to "summon" the dead by calling her name. So, I was dreaming within a dream.

Back to the room, I was thinking about what my sister was saying. Then, I noticed the presence of some entity in the room. I noticed certain items in the room have been moved. I was looking around in the room to investigate what was happening and I saw the shape of a skeleton underneath the bed cover. As I walked towards to the door, I saw another woman and asked her if she heard a voice calling out. She heard it. I told her to leave the room because she has a baby on the way.

I lifted up the cover and noticed a foul smell. I saw a skeleton with only one eye still attached to the eye socket. She has a blue eye. Somehow, I was able to determine that she used to be somewhat on the heavy side. The skeleton woke up and began to talk and walking around in the room. Then, the room got crowded. I think other people in the room were asking what she wanted. She said she needed to find someone with the Kundalini energy. I didn't understand what she said maybe because I didn't know what she wanted. I asked if her name is Sarah and she said yes. I told her I saw her in my dream last night. She was somewhat shocked. I was shocked too because I thought she saw me in the dream and I thought she would know who brought her here. It was my thought of her and brought her here, in the room.

Now, I called couple of people to come into the room to verify if Sarah was the person they have been seeing in their dreams. They all said yes. With a particular young man, Sarah became somewhat attached to when he said he has been seeing her in his dream. The young man got scared seeing her in the room.

Well, then, I woke up.

I don't believe this is a dream. All the people in the dream of who I didn't really know. Except someone who I felt she was like my sister since we were sharing a dream. I was not scared at all seeing Sarah but just getting a bit concern since I didn't know what I was getting into. I believe Sarah knew everyone in this dream except me. She could be a family member. What was my relation to all the people in this dream? I really don't know. When I dream about strangers in my dreams, I don't usually get their names. Also, I have been meditating and have successfully activated and opened all of my 7 chakras. Once a week or 2, I experienced the Kundalini energy. Am I seeing myself as a medium in the dream......???

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