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anti-soldier propaganda

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posted on Jul, 7 2004 @ 08:47 PM

Originally posted by FreeMason
Oh and Navydog the UN has discovered that Iraq was hiding and exporting all their WMDs and illegal weapons before, during and after the US-led liberation of that country. Go to and go find the report yourself, they use a java applet or some crap so I can't just give you a link directly to it without a lot of work on my part and I don't give a crap about repeating old information.

You people need to stop listening to the Liberal media.

This is the same rhetoric I've been hearing - all that text and really not an answer to my question. A lot of countries manufacture and sell weapons - inlcuding the really bad ones.

Let's get back to the question - imminent / immediate threats met with pre-emptive action. You can throw out applles and other links, but I know better b/c of my military experience.

As for the Liberal Media assumptions - they are just that, assumptions. Again, my background tells me something quite different.

posted on Jul, 8 2004 @ 05:50 PM
There are many other places in the world with Evil Dictators.

As several of u mentioned, they don't have *oil*, though.


Shouldn't our number one concern be finding the figure-head of
al qaeda?

Come on guys, Saddam is plastered all over the papers because
the current administration wants the public to think he's Public Enemy
Number One so we're distracted from the fact Bin's still at large.

Sad part is...the public falls for it.

posted on Jul, 8 2004 @ 06:27 PM
..and we are veering from the topic...."anti-soldier propaganda"

lets try to focus on soldiers...

here is my question to you all...

doesn't "supporting the troops" mean "NOT sending them into
a hornets nest"?

(think: Vietnam)

shouldn't we be supporting our troops by demanding a withdrawal so they
dont' keep getting blown up and our presence there doesn't encourage
insurgents to join Bin Laden's jihad?

(Bin loves us being there)

Americans don't seem to get this. Supporting our troops doesn't
mean supporting half-assed operations; it means demanding politicians
don't use them to further their own greedy agendas.

Don't you agree??

posted on Jul, 10 2004 @ 10:07 AM
bushblows, your absoloutely right, at home you make it clear that you want your country to pull out, and then you tell the current administration what you think at the ballot box.
In the mean time you have most of your utterly blameless and brave military committed to a war zone, unfortunately they must act in ways that may go against your overall stand point, to ensure their safety. It is important at this stage that you also have a voice in what happens, during ' half arsed ops ' complain if the tactics seem suicidal or detrimental to your military's reputation.

Its tough to do, but you must support existing military Ops to ensure your troops safety.
Its equally important that you understand the nature of soldiers, they are what they are, largely uneducated young impressionable gung ho warrior types, so don't be surprised when you see things your uncomfortable with.
Its at this stage that the SNCO's and officers must show immense moral courage, to reign in the unwanted characteristics that show themselves under these circumstances.

Discipline is paramount, jump all over every breach including seemingly innocuous things, rule of iron in these situations. Do not let them discuss politics or become bored or inactive.
But above all else, support them.

posted on Jul, 10 2004 @ 10:12 AM
I have a thought on the state of our military and do they believe we should be there, are mad, are happy, etc.

In the military there is a code of conduct in which a soldier does not basically speak out against the military or its actions. Sort of like what Kerry says about waiting until he was out of service to really complain.

Since none of our soldiers in Iraq are getting out of the military (I believe they have halted retirements, etc) are we really getting to hear their true feelings? Or are the being supressed by the current policies that are keeping them on active duty?

posted on Jul, 10 2004 @ 12:45 PM
If you are against the war then you are against the people fighting the war.

That is like trying to seperate the fingers from the hand. Don't play semantics.

1. tell me one country that welcome occupiers with open arms. Grow up. Who cares what the locals think? They are better off now.

2. If the tropps come home then so do the bad guys. we took the fight to their land and there it stays.

3. I cxan't stand these petty "hate bush" posts anymore. Man, if you don't like kerry anymore then bush how is that a better choice?
Don't change horses in mid stream. Nevr get rid of a war time president because you will make the enemy stronger. look at spain. dropped their troops and there was an attempted bombing the next WEEK!

Just stop it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on Jul, 10 2004 @ 02:09 PM
Smudge - by 'half assed operations' I wasn't referring to any operations going on now; I was referring to the initial invasion. That is, sending them over there in the first place. Forgive my faulty wording.

I understand the nature of your average infantry soldier. Was married to one, have a family member who served in Vietnam and I worked with soldiers (as a civilian) for several years.

Yes, many infantry guys are gung-ho. I attribute that more to their being young, though. We're all fearless (and a tad impressionable) in our youth.

I, for one, was not shocked by the torture photos released to the press.
War seldom brings out the warmth in people. What was more shocking
was people's reaction to them. Lets face it, though - most Americans
view war from a video game perspective. We're a yuppy nation which has grown fat, spoiled and dumb. I don't expect the US masses to have a reality based take on the horrors of conflict. They are too stupid & pampered.

In short, I don't judge soldiers for doing "mean things" during wartime.
War is insane. Participants are just acting accordingly.

Thank you for your input & I hope it didn't sound as though I was implying you were dumb, fat and spoiled too. Haha. I wasn't!

To the next poster: many soldiers think the invasion was a huge mistake. Soldiers aren't stupid. They may start off gung ho but once they realize they've been duped they no longer wish to participate in a no-win, endeavor. Of course the mainstream media is repressing their opinions. You can learn more about this topic by looking into various veterans/veterans families organizations. You aren't going to get the true
story on the TV.

To the last poster - you've watched too many Rambo movies. Lots of people are against this war because our soldiers are getting the shaft, not because we're all liberal peace-niks. As for Bush-bashing, if he didn't say lurid things like: BRING IT ON after a week of beheadings and suicide attacks against our troops maybe the world wouldn't consider him to be a sadistic, witless coward.

Bush waited one month to go after Bin. Guess what? Bin's back and the 'ole NY Skyline has yet to be vindicated.

By the way - tons of Republicans are against this mess, too.

Thanks, all, for the exchange.

posted on Jul, 15 2004 @ 07:12 AM
Bushblows, I like your style, peace and keep on keeping on

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