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WTC 7 near symmetrical defenestration.

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posted on Dec, 19 2010 @ 03:52 PM
I am sure there is a pic, but I am feeling lazy. Click the link and look at 0:15.

You see 2 floors where 90% of the floors are defenstrated and fires. You see 3 floors where all the windows are intact. Then you see 2 floors where 90% of the windows are defenestrated. We have been told WTC 7 has been damaged by the collapse of WTC 1 or 2, meaning according to the NIST report the damage was caused by random debries hurled at the towers.

Aaaannd go.
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posted on Dec, 19 2010 @ 04:29 PM
I think its pretty obvious that the fire was started inside the building. Since it was a planned event, could be any number of devices and layout. What is clear is that those fires were not started by falling debris from the other buildings, IMO anyway.

posted on Dec, 19 2010 @ 08:15 PM
reply to post by Cassius666

Pictures are of the NORTH face of WTC 7 (or didn't you know that....)

That was side away from WTC The side that was not struck by debris

Also notice something else.....

All the floors missing windows are ON FIRE !

Watch some of these clips - Clip 3 and Clip 10 especially

Can see windows failing from the fires

Or didn't you know that fires cause windows to fail?

Another condition is called "AUTO EXPOSURE" Window fails, fire bursts out of windows, heat cause window
ABOVE to fail, fire enters broken window extending fire vertically

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