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The Mysteries of Nan Madol

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posted on Dec, 21 2010 @ 05:10 AM
reply to post by SeaWind

Yeah i really didn't think it was that interesting of an episode myself but it shows quite a bit of the ruins as well as gives a bit of history

posted on Dec, 21 2010 @ 12:35 PM
reply to post by TheBirdisDone

I agree we always seem to judge past civilizations as if we are somehow more advanced in all ways. Because we drive, we fly, we have computers . . . maybe they didn't need these things they had other methods we can't begin to understand at our current level of awareness.

Exactly. Once we put everything we think we know away for a few minutes. And look at what's in front of us. Then we can come back and use that modern science and understanding to our benefit without the paradigm and presumptuousness attached to it. IMHO though. The public just hasn't been given all the facts. And it's not easy to come to an informed and sound conclusion without them.

posted on Dec, 21 2010 @ 12:52 PM
reply to post by NibiruWarrior

I understand what you're saying.
Nothing wrong with being an optimist, or a realist. Better than living life as a pessimist.

posted on Dec, 21 2010 @ 01:19 PM
reply to post by Godhood

You need to go back and read what I said again, I said "it could be interpreted" as a near death experience not saying that it was or thats what my opinion or belief was.
Then by saying interpreting an alien encounter as a near death experience is "brainwashing" is you putting your beliefs first to fit your own ideas, just like you said about me and the near death experiece.
People that believe that extraterrestrials have interacted with humans on this planet believe it so passionately because they dont like the thought of being alone in the universe, that there has to be someone else. I do believe there are other worlds out in the cosmos with intelligent life but to be able to prove of their existence and prove that they have visited and interacted with the human species is extremely hard to scientifically prove.

posted on Dec, 21 2010 @ 01:28 PM
reply to post by lawlb0t

To answer your questions 1. what is a near death experience? read some books on the subject read the forums on this site. 2. Why have many cultures who apparently had no contact with each other tell very similar histories?
it seems they had no contact but most of them did and some kind of cataclysmic event that the whole world experienced like the great flood or meteorite striking the earth is something that many cultures experienced and wrote down or orally told through the generations. 3. Why are there ancient sites all over the planet, and we cannot recreate most? There are ancient sites all over the world because its well populated and why we cant begin to recreate something like the pyramids is because the knowledge to do has been lost. 4. What are the limits of empiricism in our current society? sorry dont have an answer on that one. 5. What is rational evidence?
google that one

posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 01:21 PM
Unreal....Kind of like Stonehenge...How was it built...Who knows?? Nothing of these proportions could have been built by man, tool construction for things this big were not made 1,000 years ago...

posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 02:42 PM
reply to post by Chrisfishenstein

The megalithic structures were constructed with basalt logs, a volcanic rock that breaks naturally to form long blocks, then stacked to form walls as high as 50 feet and up to 17 feet thick. The average weight of each log is 5 tons, with some weighing as much as 25 tons each. The stones and columns are so heavy that mainstream scholars have yet to determine how it was built, who built them, and exactly where the building materials came from.

posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 04:53 PM
interesting thread.

i suppose a city built in the sea would make a comfortable home,

for the nommo!?-

posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 05:40 PM
reply to post by WHOS READY

Here is an interesting account by K. Masao Hadley, Pensile Lawrence and Carole Jencks, research workers living on Ponape.What does tradition say about the mysterious ruins of Nan Madol?

The main building is referred to as the “Temple of the Holy Dove” in the legend. Only three centuries ago, Nanusunsap, the Dove God and high priest, was rowed through the canals in a boat and opposite him sat a dove which he had to look in the eyes all the time. If the dove blinked-and doves do so constantly-the poor high priest had to blink back. A strange conceit. However, the legends relate that originally the symbol of Nan Madol was not a dove, but a fire breathing dragon.

The stories about the origin of the island and the buildings are woven round this formerly indigenous dragon. The dragon’s mother had excavated the canals with her powerful muzzle and so created the islets. The dragon had a magician as helper and this dragon-magician knew a rhyme with which, thanks to the power of the charm, he could make the basalt blocks fly over from the neighboring island, and then, with the help of another rhyme, use them to make buildings without the inhabitants of Nan Madol lifting a finger.

posted on Dec, 23 2010 @ 05:58 PM
It's very interesting that the use of sound is refered to here - as I have come across the same thing in many cultures, and even in the legends surrounding coral castle. Very interesting read, thank you.

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