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Assessment of the book,” UFO Highway.” The Dulce/Alien Reveal.

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posted on Aug, 22 2011 @ 02:52 AM
reply to post by ufo_superhero


I have always found it amusing when one hurls ad hominem attacks, pejoratives and all around acrimony while hiding behind a moniker and or avatar; doubly so when the same person is masquerading as a "third party."

It's a safe bet that the majority of folks who give this thread a "cursory look" won't catch on; however, the smaller percentage–who are "paying attention" . . . well, let's just say you're not fooling anybody in that group.

When I revealed the results of the investigation into the DD-214 to you, (i.e., that the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) as well as the Fairchild Research Information Center at Maxwell Air Force Base confirmed it was fraudulent) and the others in our group e-mail, I did so with proper decorum and deference (even given the implications).

Moreover, still giving you the benefit of the doubt (at that time)–I suggested that you just refile the FOIA in front of witnesses, and open the response in the same manner, no fuss, no muss–you declined. Your initial response was to come back with more smoke and mirrors, and when that failed the vitriolic attacks began, both here at ATS under your "ufo_superhero" pseudonym, as well as in the group e-mail.

As you know what has been published here in this thread is but a "brief abstract" of the facts surrounding the bogus DD-214 and your reactions to these disclosures in the group e-mail (although everyone can see your comments here via your alter ego). I mention this because, when one concocts a grandiose story, it's impossible to cover all the bases, mistakes are made; in other words, it's a lot of rope one lets out. Continuing to try and separate people from their money by defending alleged anecdotes of a hypothetical mystery Colonel, whose primary bona fides was an alleged DD-214, now proven to be fraudulent by the very institution it was claimed to be received from–will only precipitate further investigation . . . is this really the road you want to go down?

For example (sticking with the DD-214), when you related to me how you obtained the bogus DD-214 you said you used your "CMAS (California Multiple Award Schedule) through the Department of General Services, and created a 'Letter of Authorization' prompting the necessity for the DD-214 belonging to the Colonel who provided me his SSN and full name."

You then said, "The Letter of Authorization stated that he was being submitted for a position requiring a background check with Matrix Innovative Systems, Inc. working at the U.S. SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION location in Sacramento on Folsom Boulevard."

Months later, when you were on the Paracast, you told Gene & Chris that "the Colonel filled out form 180, and you mailed it, with the return address to your 'private mail box'"; when I asked about this major discrepancy, you said, " I may have told you I did, but it would have been an honest mistake."

With either story of course, "the buck stops with you–you claimed to have mailed it (form 180) to the NPRC, and likewise, you claim the bogus DD-214 was returned to you . . . that is until I received your apology letter of June 14th, where you admitted the DD-214 is bogus and deny fabricating the doc. In the same sentence you wrote:

"however, I was not completely forthright over how I obtained them (I never was). "

So, by your own admission–you lied on the previous two occasions, but "now" you're telling the truth?! OY!

This entire debacle brings good friend & colleague Dennis Balthaser's motto to mind:

"Always Telling the Truth, Means Never Having To Remember Anything"

MODs, and or Mark (Allin) if you're paying attention:

The NPRC has stated the DD-214 is bogus.

The Fairchild Research Information Center at Maxwell Air Force Base has confirmed that the separation authority used on the bogus doc didn't exist in the year the doc was dated (it didn't come into existence until 11 years later).

The source of the doc, i.e., Anthony Sanchez, in his own words in an e-mail to me and researcher Scott Ramsey admits the doc is bogus.

I don't know what protocol is, but this thread, and the other The Dulce Interview: Retired USAF Colonel Confirms Secret Military Installation at Dulce should be moved to the "hoax section."

If verification is required to facilitate this I can provide the names of the personnel at both the NPRC and Maxwell Air force Base upon request.

Frank Warren

posted on Aug, 25 2011 @ 04:35 PM
reply to post by Frank Warren

Wow sir, you are pretty insecure if you really think you are talking to Anthony. Ha ha! But as for a hoax, you are truly obtuse if you think the government is going to give you, “a UFO researcher” the truth.

Really Mr. Warren, do you think that some guy off the street who says he is a UFO researcher, and who approaches the government to ask for verification a UFO WHISTLE-BLOWER’s DD-214 is actually going to get the truth?

Ow... that must hurt.

I have read all your posts, and it seems to really bother you the most when you are being called out for your own failures as a UFO researcher. Yeah, I am sure of it. That's why you are upset. It's obvious.

I personally believe as do many others that Mr. Sanchez's work is not a HOAX.

If you truly feel that simply because your government official TELLS YOU the DD-214 document has an error in it that it's indeed a HOAX, then everyone who thinks you are a REAL researcher must "really" re-evaluate whether you should even be listened to.

REASON: how do you know that the document was NOT actually sent to him? How do you know if the document was distorted by the government to discredit the colonel? Is it not possible that the agency he went to actually sent him that document?

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Aliens might exist. UFO's might be real. You might actually be a nice guy behind all the bravado. WHO KNOWS?

It seems you are just hell-bent on hurting this guy. Truly, what is your problem? And what entitles you the right to deem this a hoax over those who would argue against you?

Who are you to make that judgment CALL?

Many people here like me believe Sanchez's interview to be a REAL event, and VERY credible despite what you think.

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posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 10:41 AM
reply to post by ufo_superhero

This is Sanchez on video with Michael Schratt (OpenMinds.TV) ... Just my own assessment, but Sanchez is VERY NERVOUS talking about this stuff. Very nervous, you can see it in his face. Another thing is this, and this is not a slam against Sanchez, but he does not sound like someone with the type of military knowledge who could understand half the things the Colonel tells about in the book. I read the book three times to date, and the Colonel is way more articulate and knowledgeable than Sanchez is.

I think Sanchez is in deep sh*t with the Shadow Government. If he starts talking about this stuff, he is in danger.

Video starts @ 2:14

As for the comment about the Dulce residents coming forward, I am not sure but I could not find any other previous instances of Jicarilla Apache people going to events to support a speaker or author of any of the Dulce Base incidents. If they are supporting Sanchez, then something is forthcoming - DISCLOSURE. I hope.

Holy Schnikes! Did anyone else notice the GREY GUN behind Sanchez in that display!? That is the Alien Weapon from the book!! Total awesomeness....

posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 01:22 PM

Originally posted by MasterOfSparkz
reply to post by HRegressor

Can I ask you a simple question? You seem like an intelligent person, very capable with words, etc. How can you state that you "know" about aliens? How can you post something on a forum dedicated to a subject as fascinating as the UFO phenomenon is, and clutter it with utter science fiction that you have ZERO substantiation for? Holy entertainment induced gullibility!

Ever heard of ethics? The people that created this fictional slant and influence within the UFO research community haven't. I can assure you that much.

Thank you, nice to hear someone is liking my writings skills.

I had an experience that is so mesmerizing not even Edward Teller and his team would be able to sum up and grasp the event mentally, no human would have the power to do what certain other researchers have concluded and for me to see that in my life makes me care little about any skeptical opinion because any skeptical opinion surely did not see what I saw. I think that every UFO seen by man could be secret human techology, but it does not account for what happened and I was not abducted. To save your questions I was part of an alien experiment with an abductee, some researchers talk of aliens preparing a future event for an abductee's life at an uncertain time. I was part of that, the aliens chose me for their reasons, not to help me but to simply study emotions. The way the aliens found me, and involved me in the whole situation is more than staggering, more than mind blowing, more than anything conceivable, imaginable, certainly much more than any small mind of a skeptic.

Heard of it before but never related it to the subject...

posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 03:28 PM
Thanks Frank, without your persistent dedication to expose this fraud we could not have done it.

I've studied enough to tell fairly good if people are lying from their body language. Based on Anthony's first video interview that Super provided I have some pretty good results.

When the interviewer made a look of distrust towards Athony the verbal commuinication of Athony hindered on a grand scale, this is when Athony breaks his masquerade and looks into his left brain region to recollect the details of his fabrication. At this point he fails to avoid his nervousness and says the word "um" in between in sentences to gather his thoughts of false information. Mr. Athony Sanchez said the "um" 58 times in his 7 minute interview (I counted). The man is lying.

posted on Aug, 26 2011 @ 11:11 PM
reply to post by HRegressor

Oh my what such bull#. Can't you see that the guy is nervous, like someone is after him or something like that? That's what I take from it...........

posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 11:13 AM
reply to post by ufo_superhero

I know with what happened to Gabe Valdez he should be nervous. There are people in Air Force intelligence who agreed with Paul Bennewitz in his findings of an alien base, a location that all the work from abductions and cattle mutilations were taking place. I have heard 3-4 full length interviews with Anthony and he was able to tell the story very well. He never would say the word "um" in the context he did so I have concluded the um word in this case is because of fear, but not because he is fearing talking about it. People are actually psychic and we just don't know it. When the interviewer looked at Anthony before the um words it was a mental challenge, Sanchez did not pass the challenge mentally and the interview was unimpressive.

posted on Aug, 27 2011 @ 11:15 PM
lol I know superhero just came on ATS for this thread, but it's such a damn good acting job for Anthony in my opinion... can't conclude

posted on Aug, 30 2011 @ 07:42 PM
Greetings Forumerions!

Kudos to Mark Allin and ATS for their due diligence and in putting the "The Dulce Interview: Retired USAF Colonel Confirms Secret Military Installation at Dulce" thread where it belongs (in the hoax section) and banning Anthony Sanchez (AKA UFO_Superhero) from this forum !


posted on Sep, 1 2011 @ 10:12 AM

Originally posted by Frank Warren
Greetings Forumerions!

Kudos to Mark Allin and ATS for their due diligence and in putting the "The Dulce Interview: Retired USAF Colonel Confirms Secret Military Installation at Dulce" thread where it belongs (in the hoax section) and banning Anthony Sanchez (AKA UFO_Superhero) from this forum !


Thank you Frank for your in depth investigation.
I wrote of the encounter with a Colonel that I thought, may have been the "X". Since it has been uncovered that "X" was bogus, I will discuss whom I perceived as "X" (without naming names).
The city of Placerville, in California (which is not far from Sacramento), has a medical facility named Marshall Hospital. There in the ER (as of 2007) you will find a distinguished physician, approx. 68 years old, who is a retired USAF Colonel. His duties as a flight surgeon at Edwards AFB, and as Flight Surgeon for the NASA Space Shuttle Program are remarkable.
One story I can relate to you, is when one of the shuttles were returning from a mission, his daughter, who was there at the time, was so excited with the vision, the she blurted out," Look Daddy, here comes your shuttle!"
Of course, everyone in the crowd turned to see "the owner of the shuttle", revealing a very proud AF officer.
Yes, those were the days! Very proud days!
Go Blue! Go Air Force!

posted on Oct, 10 2011 @ 06:35 PM
I'm one of the people that shelled out the $20 for "UFO Highway", and while it was an entertaining read, it never feels good to have someone profit off of me by lying.

However, I just read this thread, and the hilarious saga of UFOSuperhero/Sanchez posting as a shill for his book.

This thread alone makes the $20 worth it.

posted on Dec, 14 2011 @ 09:56 AM
I've been following the Dulce stories since they first appeared many years ago, so out of curiosity I took the time to read the book. It's a great story, masterfully written. But.... (there's always a but..) sitting back and thinking about it, I realized that there's very little (if any) new information contained in this story.

I haven'r found Frank Warren's debunking post yet, but there was one item in the book that I thought could be verified and it bothered me that it wasn't. I'm speaking about the 2 policeman that the good colonel mentioned showing up at the gate in 1979. If the author had taken the time to track them down in order to verify the Colonel's story, it would have gone a long way to establish credibility. Alas, he didn't.

The book is worth the $20, but you're not going learn anything about Dulce you didn't already read somewhere else. The author should consider writing as a profession. The guy has the talent and obviously the imagination to be good at it.

Then again, this is just an a opinion from an average guy.

posted on Jan, 9 2012 @ 11:54 AM

Originally posted by averageGuy505
... It's a great story, masterfully written.

I strongly disagree with that statement. I am reading it and it is a clumsily contrived piece of bad science fiction. The alleged "interview" has internal inconsistency problems and "reads" nothing like an actual conversation between two individuals and promotes known hoaxes throughout.

I don't understand how anyone who actually reads it comes away feeling that it is well written or that it is a "good story." The story is a dizzying account of allegedly technologically advanced aliens creating slave castes and trying to bio-engineer themselves to fit the planet rather than taming the hostile environments that were supposedly killing them.

The real question is, "Is Sanchez getting the same treatment as Linda M. Howe and Paul Benniwitz received and running with it or is he creating it whole-cloth?" Either way, whether the "story" is coming from him or someone tasked with penning the tale to feed him, it is a pathetically transparent work of fiction.

Supposedly he has been poisoned and had "research" stolen by dark forces out to suppress this "story" of alien hybridization experiments at Dulce. Having read most of the book now, I have to tell you, those seem like some extreme measures to take to suppress a retreaded collection of alien hybrid fiction such as this.

posted on Jul, 5 2012 @ 05:27 AM
Very well, it is a fake and AS is a fraud. Nevertheless, I'm curious to read the document -- while not being interested in supporting a confirmed con-artist. Anyone interested in uploading the PDF? PM is fine so as to avoid removal

posted on Apr, 29 2017 @ 01:24 AM
a reply to: Version100

Phil Schneider "credible" ???

That made me laugh very loud, thanks for that.

Schneider was the worst sort of conman, terrible childish story taken
from UFO and science fiction books and then applied to himself.

Is the story outlandish? Yes. Very. Does that mean it's fake? No, or at least not entirely. Now I'm not sure to what extent his account with aliens is true and relation to a NWO, but even several skeptics here accept half to a majority of his story. It's reasonable to conclude, if you accept Bob Lazar's story and others accounts of space ships crashing and later recovered, that many complex deep underground bases exist throughout the country and some at least would contain alien bodies, dead or alive.

In a somewhat related case, recently 3 separate humanoid but alien looking bodies (The Atacama Mystery) were discovered of various sizes, one in Russia allegedly alive before dying and then being confiscated. This is the first hard evidence of a possible alien life living in bases underground on our planet and would make Phil's claims look not as crazy as it does originally.

Someone needs to explain what EG&G, a company that makes
electronic instrumentation, needed with a "geologist" and why he
was the only person EVER to claim a "rhyolite" clearance (a common
geologic term)...

The deep black (unacknowledged) projects obviously take measures to stay secret which involves using front operations, it's not really hard to believe or some outlandish idea, makes total sense. Mafias have pizza front operations with the real criminal activity in the background, same concept. His ex wife says (and proves) he had two SS# that help keep work history undercover. I don't know about clearance codes used in these operations. The only thing I can think of is that very few number of geologists worked in deep underground military bases (DUMBs) and few would have that special clearance name (but just speculating here).

His story was so ridiculously childish that no real UFO researcher took
him seriously.

People like Schneider, Adair, Pete Peterson, Alex Collier are just playing
to a credulous audience that will suck up any nitwit story and believe it.

This book falls into that same category.

UFOs might be anything, I do not discount the possibilities but to think
that an "alien" conspiracy is occurring because some fool writes a story
with no evidence to support it is not very intelligent.

I need to get busy and write a $19.99 e-book all about my trip to the
Martian Sphinx...

David Adair is one of the most intelligent and credible people alive. The fact that you place him in your nitwit story category shows you're not very intelligent yourself and just don't possess the capacity to accept realities that are beyond your dim-wit intelligence level.
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