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The Word of Cod

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posted on Mar, 18 2003 @ 04:01 AM
This is a copy of an article I found in a local newspaper, the 'Metro' on 17th March 2003.


"It sounds fishy but two men claim a 20 pound carp warned them the end of the world is nigh - in Hebrew.
The 'miracle' happened when 30-year old fishmonger Luis Nivelo was about to club the catch to death in New York.
He ran to a colleague screaming: "The fish is talking. It's the devil, the devil is here."
Zalmen Rosen, 57, dashed in and recognised the fish was speaking in Hebrew.
He tried to kill it with a knife but missed, cut his thumb and was taken to hospital. Mr Nivelo returned to finish off the fish. He insisted yesterday: "I heard it talk. I can't sleep and I've lost weight." Mr Rosen added: "I wish I never said anything about it."
Being New York, businesses are already cashing in. One shop wanted to change it's slogan to 'Our fish speaks for itself.' - but feared people would be offended.

The whole thing sounds rather 'fishy' to me.


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