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My recent astral visions

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posted on Dec, 19 2010 @ 02:03 AM
I have two visions that i was hesitating to share, but i feel the need that i must.

I have been seeing past and future visions lately, so i cannot attest to the exact date that these visions are referring to, however i would like to share what i saw.

The first vision:
Earth with the Dinosaurs.
First off, let me just say everything that you thought about the skin tone of Dinosaurs is completely off. Earth back in the Dinosaur age looked completely different than what you imagine.
It was not just Green, but blue, purple, orange and all kinds of vibrant lush colors. There was a myriad of texture from the forest life to the Dinosaurs themselves.
I had two vivid images that i recall very clearly:
One was of what appeared to be a Terradactyl like figure. Except it was not brownish-orange like your encyclopedias have you believe. It was a light brown with purple tone mixed in. Its eyes where red and it looked stunning.
The second image was of a tall man. These men could walk over mountains like they where dirt mounds. They had dark brown skin with very European/Caucasian facial features. It was a very interesting sight to behold and they ironically did not look out of place with the wild life. I am to this day convinced that these giants existed and that the old texts most likely refer to these men.

My second vision was even more startling. It was that of the moon. I am sure it was the moon because i remember having a quick fly-by from earth to the moon as the vision started. Also before i projected i kept telling myself that i wanted to know for sure what was on the moon. i felt we where being lied to and i wanted to see what was there with my own eyes.
I personally believe i was seeing a secret government/nasa mission from the early 1950's or 1960's, because i remember hearing voices saying something that i dont remember exactly, but i can paraphrase: "We are going to break grounds with this. Who would have imagined what we are seeing here?!" It sounded like a lady in her mid 30's to 40's talking over some kind of radio device.
Now for what i saw:
I believe i was attached to some kind of lander or astronaught, i dont know for sure. Anyway, we landed on the moon, and there was this big lake. There also appeared to be ruins with very Greek-era architecture.
Inside the lake there where more pieces of rubble from the ruins, and there was living sea-life inside. The one i clearly remember looked like a manta-ray combined with an eel. Very weird but interesting creature. The creature stared at us somewhat confused.

As we went a touch deeper, we found what appeared to be a blue-like crystal. To this day i could not find an exact match to what the crystal was, but this is the closest i could find:
Upon seeing this crystal was when the radio message above was played to me, and the vision ended shortly after.

I find it hard for me to astral project sometimes, and it takes days for me to have the experience i seek. But sometimes i see things that i cannot explain. I know for a fact this wasnt my imagination, because there are things in these visions i have never seen in my life. My brain could not have created them based on past experiences.

I hope i have given information to people seeking answers such as myself. Who knows what else we aren't being told?

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