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most powerfull episode of jesse!!

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posted on Dec, 19 2010 @ 04:28 PM

Originally posted by _BoneZ_

Originally posted by trebor451
Boy....that was hilarious.Ventura only added to his whack-job reputation.

You want to know what's more "hilarious"? You didn't even watch the video, even though your post suggests you did. You posted 24 minutes after this thread was made, even though the video is 43 minutes long.

Now that you're busted on that fact....

I've never heard that Ventura has a whack-job reputation. Maybe in the handful of trusters crowd that runs around this board professing how the official theory is the right theory.

Further, how dare you attack a former governor and military war veteran of this country just because you don't share the same views and opinions? Ad-hominem attacks only make you lose credibility and look like the fool.

As was already said, unless you have something constructive to add that contradicts the theories and ideas presented instead of attacking individual people, then don't even bother wasting forum space and bandwidth. Your negative and meaningless ad-hominem attacks are not welcome and are against forum rules.

Perhaps you missed this thread that deals specifically with ad-hominem attacks.

Thanks angrydog for posting the video. I was waiting for TruTV to post it on their website, but you got it first. Thanks.

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hehe nice observation

well i normaly ignore those postings...same like they ignore the facts

posted on Dec, 19 2010 @ 04:31 PM

Originally posted by Untergang
reply to post by Six Sigma

What are you saying? The quotes you provided only seem to confirm that at least $1 trillion dollars has been unaccounted for. Nothing you've provided offers any accountability for it.

I'm not trying to attack you or start an argument, I'm simply asking, what's your point?
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Yes, the transactions are missing. Some truthers think that since Rummy talked about it on 9/10 was buried in the news.I was showing that it was in the news well before 9/11 and well after 9/11.

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