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"Remarks by another poster"

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posted on Jul, 5 2004 @ 05:58 PM
I was reading a post by a member on the UFO page and this person refered to people who post on the predictions page and the religous page as "THE LOONEY BIN OF THE ATS".I laughed at first ,and then i started to think is that how most people perceive us as looneys?. I don't want to start a thread of name calling, but i would like to discuss this.Do most people who post here keep their thoughts to themselves and post them here where people are more open, do you share these thoughts with friends or family. Just how open are people with different abilitys about their thoughts or predictions.
I can also see how far out this must look to other people (like the person who posted the remark) If you are like me you probably take matters like these predictions in stride and the paranormal in general.
So should we be offended,or should we feel sorry for people who are not in touch with this other reality?
What are your thoughts on this subject.

P.S this was written without malice, and i hope we would be above making remarks like the one mentioned above.

posted on Jul, 5 2004 @ 06:01 PM
they are talking about little gray men and they are calling us looney's lol

posted on Jul, 5 2004 @ 06:10 PM
That was funny Sickboy...

I just wanted to add that i only talk about remote viewing and other paranormal subjects with a select few, I do not discuss this with my best friend as he was brought up in a houseold that is oblivious to these subjects. It doesn't mean we cant be friends but i know where his line is drawn and i respect that. Yet i can talk openly to my wife about this subject ,She is more of a skeptic than i am and it helps to have objective opinions on all subjects.

posted on Jul, 5 2004 @ 06:16 PM
Well you have to understand that some will be believers and other not, and in ATS you will always find both, now sometimes I find somethings hard to swallow but I will respect the opinions of others, if somebody offended you with their comments on something that you truly believed to be true that is why mod are for it.

So disregard comments like that and keep posting that is what made ATS great, when we can shared all kind of views even if we don't like them some will

posted on Jul, 5 2004 @ 06:30 PM
better than believing that it's all real...and gonna happen.
my best friend is of the "head in the sand like an ostrich" club.
Ya know, they're the ones who are believing that hey, if they only believe the world is a certain way, it will negative thinking allowed.
I don't tell her much about what I think might be happening....too negative for her. In a way she is right, but still, reality seems to indicate that at least some of what I am saying is online and to me, it would be half hazard to ignore reality. My husband won't listen to me either, if he had, we wouldn't be in such a financial mess now. oh, well, I don't want to be a prophet or anything anyways...would rather believe I am nuts.
But, the head in the sanders really can drive me nuts at times.....if you avoid all the negative, how do you know when you are walking into a trap....and I think many are.

posted on Jul, 6 2004 @ 10:57 AM
I find predictions fun. Maybe only 1/8th of them will come true, but it's fun speculating. I always turn to the Predictions page first to see what's brewing.

posted on Jul, 6 2004 @ 11:35 AM
I think it takes a lot of guts and conviction to post something up here that later you MIGHT have to say - oops! didn't happen! I applaud anyone who has the spine to come in this forum and share a feeling, a vision, a dream - whatever.

Keep it up! - ya' goofy loons!

sorry, I for got the "MIGHT" above. *

[edit on 7-6-2004 by Valhall]

posted on Jul, 6 2004 @ 12:38 PM
Don't let it bother you. You either "get" it or you don't. Personally, I have always considered myself a tad loony, so being called "loony", is old news for me. I say: Keep on posting those predictions. They are fun and sometimes very deadon!
joey (the freely admitted loony)

posted on Jul, 6 2004 @ 01:58 PM
If you believe in the scientific method you encounter "loonys" on a daily basis. To be prejudiced against them would make one very lonely. I have friends who believe in the divinity of Christ (loony), friends who believe that name brand meds are worth paying more for over the generics (loony), friends who believe in the NWO (loony).

My beliefs form the basis of my sanity, anyone with differing beliefs is necessarily loony. I also expect those with contrary beliefs to consider me loony. If they don't, well then they're loony

posted on Jul, 6 2004 @ 02:21 PM
Seeing as how I've never had a true paranormal experience, I usually find myself questioning more topics than most...Maybe some people feel a desire for conformity when they enter a message board like ATS

I like to rub against the grain sometimes tho, just to see what kind of reaction I get - it's fun to do this with moderators too, but word your thoughts carefully
- if they have a genuine reaction, that a normal and sane person would have, then I respect their beliefs and leave it at that, maybe going on to adopt them myself - but if I suggest an alternative and someone becomes irrate and unable to conduct a civil conversation I begin to question their validity...

Especially when your comments go by without a reply to your questions - If they can't answer simple questions that are directed to them, then they are probablly just out for a few extra points or to just get their names on the board

posted on Jul, 6 2004 @ 09:18 PM
When i posted this topic i thought it would prove the people on here were not loon's at all and i was right, they are anything but.
The people that replied to this did not go off in a tirade, or a vitriolic attack of the person who posted the loon remark. All the replies were intelligent, concise and well thought out responses, clearly not the responses of crazy new age stereo-typical loon's.
If these people could be considered Loon's then im proud to be one of them!

[edit on 6-7-2004 by parker]

posted on Jul, 10 2004 @ 12:28 AM
I don't mind their remarks...besides, isn't it like the kettle calling the pot black..

I like the looney bin!!!!

posted on Jul, 10 2004 @ 01:27 AM

Originally posted by ms_Bhavn
I don't mind their remarks...besides, isn't it like the kettle calling the pot black..

AH HA! Thank you ms_Bhavn.....I feel so stupid saying this, but my friend has always used a messed up form of that line, but it never really made sense when he would say it, although I knew what he meant just by the context he would use it in...

He always says "it's like calling the kettle black" -
- now I know the whole thing - lol - I guess I always could have looked it up on the net, but I hadn't thought about it until I just saw it in your post - can't wait to catch him botching it up again! - mwa ha ha

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