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MDI Car is still here. Zero Emissions.

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posted on Dec, 18 2010 @ 01:11 PM

I searched the database, It's sad to see no one beat me to this. We talked about it years ago, when it was just a baby being born.

Now I see threads on hydro power. Don't we drink water? Use it for irrigation?

Sure we live on a water planet. Hydro power may be great some day, but for powering vehicles? 7 billion people on this planet, you really think hydro powering this boat is such a good move?

We are smarter then this. Maybe no one told you guys, we already resolved the vehicle energy problem. It's not speculated, it's not being researched, it was resolved in 2002. As a whole and collective we are once again caught not denying ignorance, but embracing it and even spreading it.

The technology has only been strengthened since then. Sharpened with what little investing MDI has received. As the leading alternative news source on this little home we call the internet, you should be ashamed for not knowing this and shouting it at the top of your lungs every time someone brings up a new hydro based energy system for transportation use.

We need air too. But compressed air is not harmed. Once emitted from the vehicle it is restored to its original state.

Powering air compressors would be a small and easily defeated obstacle.

You talk about a hydro power cover-up? I want you to perform a field test for me. I want you to go out today and ask 5 people about hydro powered cars, and then ask 10 people about compressed air powered cars. Then I want you to post how many people knew about each.

Even Wiki bashes it, yet uplifts hydro powered cars. Yet, air power is working and being used, hydro power is still not.

Notice the different focus on each page. The largest section of the wiki page for air car is the disadvantages. The water powered car page has no such thing.

Deny Ignorance, peace out.

edit on 18-12-2010 by Ciphor because: Just because

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