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WikiLeaks and Israel Shamir - WL connected to antisemitism?

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posted on Dec, 18 2010 @ 04:43 AM

WikiLeaks is represented in Russia and Scandinavia by a father and son team with a disturbing record of antisemitism

WikiLeaks's spokesperson and conduit in Russia has been exposed in the Swedish media as an anti-semite and Holocaust denier; his son, who represents the organisation in Sweden and is handing out stories to selected papers there, has been involved in an earlier scandal where a story he wrote about the supposed Israeli control of Swedish media was withdrawn after several of the people in it complained of being misquoted.

While this does not affect the credibility of the WikiLeaks revelations, it does raise uncomfortable questions for the whistleblowers' organisation.
The two men involved are Israel Shamir, a Jew who has converted to Orthodox Christianity and passionate antisemitism, and his son Johannes Wahlström. Shamir was listed as a co-author of a story in Counterpunch, which suggested that the woman who brought a complaint of rape against Julian Assange was a CIA plant. But he has a longer and stranger past than this would suggest.

If this guardian article is correct (big IF there, as this apparently was uncovered in Sweden!) I was just wondering if it changed the minds of those who are claiming that Assange and WL made a deal with Israel to keep stum about their dirty laundry?

I'm still waiting on the fence, but after watching a fair bit of footage of Assange, especially the interviews with Pilger, I lean towards WL being the real deal and have not been swayed by many of the spurious arguments and tenuous connections to NWO I've seen made on ATS.

Alternatively, is this a sign that even WL's own media partners (the Guardian) are turning against them?
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posted on Dec, 18 2010 @ 05:26 AM
Hmm, someone in sweden has just now, nearly by coincidence, found out that a guy who changed his names so often, wrote offensive articles about jews in swedish newspapers (but wasn't fired). His alleged father - he denies it is his son and that he has something to do with wikileaks - did give some time back a personal opinion of an interview he conducted. And all the stuff about Johannes Wahlström's (the son's) remarks et cetera about isreal started to appear just 6 Days ago on the swedish Wikipedia Page about him, written by one anonymous person.

In other news:
Assange's cleaning women has connections to the freemasons. She was seen with a scraper and smoothing cement. The cleaning women Mrs. S claimed it was only to fix a leak in Mr. Assange's basement, but a local drunk told us Mrs. S is picked up every day by a wierd large mysterious vehicle with a lot of windows and only two doors on one side. This does not affect the credibiliy of the wikileaks revelations. But it gives you to think with what dubious people Assange is in contact.
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posted on Dec, 18 2010 @ 06:47 AM
I was waiting for someone to play that anti-jewish card.

Whats next Assange is a nazi loving holocaust denier, who wants to enslave the black population of the world.
He is also a witch that eats babies for breakfast and has acid for blood. He is wanted for killing nuns plus is a reptilian shape-shifter from the planet Farkoffyouidiots.
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