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posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 08:21 PM
Here is another truthout about the manufacture of disease carrying swarms of mosquitos.
Aparently Fort detrick is in the dengue fever business since the forties.....
The testing as usual was secretly done on poor neighbourhoods, and federal inmates without their knowledge or consent....
read on.....

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posted on Dec, 19 2010 @ 12:35 PM
I am a bit shocked nobody has even glanced at this news.
The exposure of the federal goverments callous and uncaring attitude towards the citizenship of the nation galls me to no end.
Add to this the possible introduction of a plague such as dengue fever(for which there is no known cure) into the continent of North America is tanamount to bilogical warfare on its own citizens.
But hey who gives a sh&&t! They are doing the same type of crap day in day out. It is business as usual in Washington where they are busy destroying the nation whose promise was once the hope of the world.
From within and without the corporations insiduously craft their machinations against the nations of the world.
Boardrooms around the globe are full of greedy psychopaths who care not for the entire population of he world, and worship the corporate Bottom Line above all else.
How can ordinary people uderstand the danger these monsters (corporations)pose to the life, liberty, and well being of every person alive or yet to be born?
Corporations are ETERNAL ENTITIES!
They do not die like dictators or goverments eventually do, they grow, and merge and become the underlying dark forces which threaten to end the very livability of the earths biosphere!
All in the name of corporate profits!
When a man like Dick Cheney is ransomed for five hundred million dollars, by a private corporation(halliburton)
in order that he personally escape the prosecution for bribery which he so well deserves,It is indication to the world that the corporate hierarchy, is beyond the reach of the law, and operates above and beyond the control of mere earthly goverments.
The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, amply illustrates, the criminality in which the corporate entities engage,
in order to reap profits from national (indeed world class) dissasters.
The fact the Halliburton,supplied the defective cement to the drill platform,and knowingly used it ,is an indication that deeper criminality may be involved.
The fact that Halliburton had purchased Boots and Coots(the largest oil spill cleanup corporation in the world)
mere weeks before the Macondo well blew,is another signifigant indication that perhaps this accident was no accident at all.....
It is an old saying in China, that an evil wind can blow somebody some good. (paraphrased)
And i believe that the corporate elite has realised that they have the means to benefit from major dissasters, even if on the surface it appears that they are suffering too......
I seriously question the sanity, of such corporate enterprise.
The iraqi people, would have rallied to the cause of freedom far more readily if the US military, had not destroyed a large percent of the nessessary infrastructure which was built so painstakingly over decades of privation and tryany.
Bit the planes bombed the water, electricity, roads, schools, bridges, hospitals, jsut about every improvement ever made in their lives.It was as if the mighty war machine of the USA was sighted in on each individual iraqi rather than in the ability of Saddam to make war.
The primary reason for this, was the vast amount of money the corporate interests in the US and other invading countries,would make from reconstruction of these nessessities.
Not only that, but these same corporate entities would then be firmly entrenched within the conquered country, and have a great degree of clout politically, as well as econimically because they are the primary contractors
in country capable of undertaking the vast projects required.As well as investing heavily in bribery and collusion with unscrupulous iraqi politicians and businessmen.
So did we need to rid the world of a mad man, or did we need the immense sums and the huge oil reserves,the strategic locations, and all the rest of the corporate advantages, this invasion of a sovreign nation has bought us?
WTF does this have to do with Dengue Fever?
Well everything and nothing...but its my thread, and i get to rant.....nobody is listening anyways....s


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