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This silence is deafening let's crank up the volume

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posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 07:15 PM
First thread so please go easy on me and this is in the right forum as it is an issue with our society, not our politics. Now that that is out of the way let me start by transcribing the lyrics to a great song i heard the other day by Michael Franti and Spearhead called Yell Fire

A revolution never come with a warning
A revolution never sends you an omen
A revolution just arrived like the morning
Ring the alarm, we come to wake up the snoring

They tellin' you to never worry about the future
They tellin' you to never worry about the torture
They tellin you that you'll never see the horror
Spend it all today and we will bill you tomorrow
Three piece suits and bank accounts in Bahamas
Wall street crime will never send you to the slammer
Tell all the children in the arms of their mommas
The F-15 is a homicide bomber

TV commercials for a popping pill culture
Drug companies circling like a vulture
An Iraqi babies with a G.I. Joe father
Ten years from now is anyboby gonna bother

Yell Fire, yo, yo ,yo
Here we come, here we come
Fire, yo, yo, yo, yo
Revolution a comin'
Fire, yo, yo, yo, yo
Fire, yo, yo, yo, yo

Everyone addicted to the same nicotine
Everyone addicted to the same gasoline
Everyone addicted to a technicolour scream
Everybody trying to get their hands on same green
From the banks of the river to the banks of the greedy
All of the riches taken back by needy
We come from the country and we come from the city
You play us on the record, you can play us on the CD
All the shist [thats not the correct lyric, i'm sure you can guess what is] you given us is fertilizer
The seeds that we planted you can brutalize them
Tell the corporation you can never globalize you
Like Peter Toss said Legalize It
Girls and boys hear the bass and treble
Rumble in the speakers and it make you wanna rebel
Throw your hands up, take it to another level
And you can never, ever, ever make a deal with the devil

Yell Fire, yo, yo, yo, yo
Here we come, here we come
Fire, yo, yo, yo, yo
Revolution a comin'
Fire, yo, yo, yo, yo
Fire, yo, yo, yo, yo

More lyrics:
All about Michael Franti+And+Spearhead:

It has become clear at this time that the mainstream media controls what many people think is important. It is trivializing important issues here at home (Think of the 2008 presidential campaign) and is simply not reporting the most important stories abroad (How many of you enjoy hershey's slave chocolate?). The mainstream media has become an anti-democratic establishment in the U.S (As I do not live anywhere else, I cannot speak for any other country). It gives you the illusion of freedom and choice by giving you thousands of channels to watch and tons of magazines to read and butt-loads of cruddy music to listen to (and trust me you won't find the best stuff at the top of the charts) while not pointing out that the fine-print states that all that media is owned by enough corporations that you can count on one hand. Now don't get me wrong here I love video games and I understand the desire to go out to the club on the weekend and dance/drink the week away but it gets to a point where people need to start realizing that they can't just let the terrocrats take our hard earned pay and spend it on whatever the fcuk they want because 99 if not 100% of the time the money ends up snuffing out innocent lives. We're talkin fathers, women, sons, daughters, children, babies having their right to life liberty and happiness taken away because some jerk is too afraid to stand up for what's right. What happened to land of the free? Home of the brave? How the heck is the Bush administrations till running free? Why do we still have no answers for 9/11? I'll tell you why, because we have not banded together in large enough numbers to demand change!

So here's where it all comes together, most of you out there reading this on ATS are already a part of the community that does not trust the government and wants answers. A lot of you have probably been to several protests and are not afraid of voicing your concerns publicly. And while thats all well and good, we outspoken are apparently still the minority. What this thread is about is gathering the brightest minds we have here on ATS and figuring out ways to open the average joe's eyes and more importantly, make the average joe angry enough to do something about it. This thread is for action, NOT tossing around ideas that wont work (because not everyone wants to watch zeitgeist), or wont even be tried. This thread is for figuring out how we can inspire a revolution in the U.S to bring it back to constitutionalism. I do not advocate illegal activity, nor am i encouraging you to bring harm to anyone. What I'm doing is trying to bring the good ol' you ess of eyy back to what it was supposed to be, a land of liberty. So please if you're with me let's take it on ourselves "to make a brand new start. organs pumpin on our sleeves, paint murals on the white house, feed the leaders L.S.D. grab your fife and drum,grab your gold baton and let's meet on the lawn to shut down this hypocrisy."
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posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 07:31 PM
Ah, I see. In the pages of obscurity I shall remain.


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