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The Significance of Pyramids

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posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 03:06 PM
Hello all! Celebrating our growth and prosperity as a website, I decided to finally expand on this concept I have. 10 million posts and running, here is to ATS!

We have been trained to worship pyramid schemes of all kinds. For centuries, we have been made to think that pyramids rule our lives and forever will. But the concept of the pyramid is simply an illusion to gravitate the most ambitious people into rule over humanity. Many times, these people participate in “sinful” activities, just to satisfy their egos in their pursuit of money, power and respect (3). Within a pyramid structure, equality is an illusion. There always has to be a capstone on top for it to be complete. Our eyes have been seeing life from the inside of the pyramid, which is why we perceive equality to be impossible. People throughout history who have fought for equality have seen the pyramid from an “out of the box” perspective. When you look at the dollar bill, this is why an eye is on top of the base pyramid and contained within its own pyramid. Secret societies see our pyramid from the viewpoint of their own intricately constructed power structure. So I will get down to the subject matter at hand. Why has capitalism become our adopted philosophy? Why do some people claim to have what seems to be “super human powers”? Why do wars rage on in the name of God? Let me show you from top to bottom.

Money: The Ego

Anybody who has worked in a business position knows that many meetings, especially in the retail field, involve explanations of pyramid structures which demonstrate how to sell a product or idea. In order to sell an illusion, there must be a strong foundation and solid form.

In a capitalistic country, rule by distortion and manipulation becomes a far more effective tactic because everything can be openly contributed to pyramid structures, without any complaint. Flow of money, power, and respect to the top must first start with a society’s citizens. We are the foundation. Without our consent, the structure will crumble. To prevent this crumbling, the illusion of satisfactory progress must be continually upheld by those on top and perpetuated by those on the bottom. We must be given our circus and bread in the form of modern gadgets and addictive, unhealthy food. Just for good measure, we must be “dumbed down” by our food and water with MSG (monosodium glutamate) and fluoride. We must be “dumbed down” by our desires using media stupification, repression of sexual urges, and blackout of artistic talent. We must be “dumbed down” with our standards in education and social structure, where smart is considered “uncool” (3). This societal scheme is utilized by our government [3] (legislative, executive, and judicial branches), which is “in bed” with big business [3] (ruling the imagined upper class, middle class, and lower class).

These separations are all imagined constructs, designed by architects to keep us from being truly free. The Blueprint isn’t even hidden from us! Those of us who perceive ourselves to be “free builders of reality” often end up trapping ourselves into yet ANOTHER pyramid scheme, as symbolized by the eye at the top of the pyramid (Secret Societies).

Respect: The Superego

Our religious beliefs continue the base pyramid structure by manipulating our inherent moral standards. These manmade constructs have become three of the world’s largest belief systems [3] (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism).

Each of these sectors has been given control of certain portions of the “empire”. From a religious standpoint, the Catholic Church rules South America, Europe, and a large portion of North America. Judaism rules a large portion of Europe and the USA, subtly along with Christianity. Islam rules large portions of the Middle East and sections of Africa, and gives the illusion that they cannot work together because the beliefs clash (perpetuated by our own religious intolerance of each other and planned terrorisms throughout history).

Within these religions, pyramids are used to perpetuate even more illusions, which are all based on a common concept seen throughout psychology. Psychoanalytic theory recognized the Christian Trinity (3) of Jesus, Holy Spirit, and Yahweh as a combination of characteristics describing our own human psyche. The popular picture of an iceberg comes to mind when thinking of the ego, superego, and id (3).

I am not going to go into detail about this psychological revelation because I have already covered the topic pretty extensively in another thread titled “Will You Blaspheme to Learn or Keep Learning to Blaspheme?” I talk about, from a religious standpoint, the concept of perceptual illusion. For instance, we perceive the ego to be the “self”, when in fact all three of these things compose a bigger “self-concept”.

The bottom line is that we should be tolerant of all religious/spiritual schemas. We control if the pyramid breaks or stands and to break this cycle we must understand how we have been deceiving ourselves. People who understand this concept have “opened their third eye” or in other words “opened their mind” to the infinite possibilities of our universe. This is why it is not equality which is the illusion, but it is how we see the world which is the illusion. We see the world based on pyramids because of subliminal messaging that has conditioned us for millennia, keeping other people in control of our perception. If you control your own perception and are able to practice and work at it, you can do anything imaginable. It is not “superhuman”. We perceive it to be such because we are now “sub-human” after losing our connection with true spirituality and our relationship with the divine nature of All That Is.

Power: The Id

And finally, our militaries rule the land, sea, and sky (3) through force with the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

If our relationship with the Divine One that is All was better, we would realize that Death is not threatening at all. Many civilizations have known this fact, but they were all eventually wiped out. The periodic destruction of cultures who knew the “Secret of Death”, such as many African and Native American tribes, has played a large part in the controlled perpetuation of our distorted perception. Wars are waged, mass amounts of people are killed and incrementally we become more and more afraid of Death. But any man can enforce Death, especially in these modern times. It is nothing special to be able to wield a gun. But the architects at the top of the pyramid have control of the biggest guns, which can keep us in fear of escaping and breaking the pyramid; for if we dropped the pyramid, everyone on top would crumble. So to keep up the illusion that we are “free”, the people on top have to make us afraid of Death with religion and keep us in fear with militaries who exorcise power.

But yet again, we find ourselves agreeing to continue this cycle. Our militaries feed on our desire for power, our religions feed on our desire for respect, and our economies feed on our desire for wealth. We volunteer to be our own slave masters, while those who “watch from the top” laugh and profit at our expense. War is probably the simplest pyramid structure and thus should be our next step towards freeing ourselves. We must “Stop the Violence” and love each other, which has been preached through “prophets” for a long time. The Divine speaks through us to tell us how to escape our pyramids. Put down your guns and understand that we must share Reality, not control it.


Our prime ambitions have been measured for millennia, sized up in order to be ruled in the most effective manner upon completion of the construction of our Grand Pyramid. Under all these ambitions, we hold up the illusionary building. In the bottom of the picture above, the lower class shows on the right, the middle class on the left, and the upper-class right above them both. We must learn to stop separating our schemas. We separate ourselves into those with money, those with power and those with respect; we separate these separations even further, into classes and archetypes of their own; we then separate these classes even further, and all this separation has caused us to become lost in the illusion we created. That there is separation when there really is none at all, but we believe that there is, and it is so. Whoever controls what humanity believes has the most powerful weapon known to man: difference in perception. Lower-class, middle-class and upper-class, we should unite! Let’s drop the weapon guys because although it isn’t scary anymore, I am tired of us killing ourself.

posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 03:10 PM
your first image reminds me off this album cover.

posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 03:15 PM
nice thread !!

i like the Pyramid of capitalism !!!

its still real and it ever will be i guess

posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 03:54 PM
reply to post by Ophiuchus 13

yup. or that album by poor righteous teachers. can't remember the name of it currently...


thanks. that pic is a fav of mine as well. however, it can be changed, but the change has to come from the bottom, the foundation. any change that comes from politics or any faculty of the top is not really "changing" anything, it's just remodeling the pyramid.


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