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So who runs the world?

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posted on Dec, 18 2010 @ 11:33 AM
reply to post by notsoperfect

That's what I said, except in a more condensed way.
Don't you wonder who is giving direction to the Jesuits?
I do not think that they as a group over all these centuries could have so consistently kept to the target.
It should be obvious that world events are Orchestrated. This does not "just happen" without direction.

And for what purpose?
We have to know that it is not money, as those at the top already have more money than they can ever use.
It cannot be power, as they already have all the power anyone could dream of having.
They literally Own us.

What exactly is the object of oppressing the masses?
Why can't they just let us be? We are only a threat to them when they make us mizerable.
Why Wars when those at the top are arming and financing both sides?
It seems that this is just a game for them to watch, something like those allegedly taking place in the Roman Collisium, Animal versus man to the death, man versus man to the death. Do they enjoy the negative vibes coming from this?

Some posters here have not thought deeply on this matter. They need to pay attention and do some research on the matter.

posted on Dec, 18 2010 @ 11:46 AM
reply to post by OhZone

They (The Knights of Malta, NWO) have a perfect agenda. They want to have a peaceful one world government with the Pope in the Temple of Jerusalem to rule the world as the literal King of the second coming(came) Jesus Christ. But it has to be Catholic not Protestant or any other denominations of religions.

It is all for good purposes. The problem is that it is not achievable unless you use enormous destruction and terror all over the world to achieve that goal which is what they are doing.

They have to kill all the Jews, Moslems, Buddhists, Protestants and the non believers (communists).

Who started the thread where to start the polulation control?

The above is the order planned by the Jesuits, the Knights of Malta.

posted on Dec, 18 2010 @ 11:56 AM
who runs the world?

the banksters...

does it sound similar to:


it sure does

posted on Dec, 18 2010 @ 12:13 PM
reply to post by Ophiuchus 13
yes i do, some of the thoughts??? no wonder the NOW is getting in power, well i did find out one new thing old to some new to me.

posted on Dec, 18 2010 @ 12:15 PM
reply to post by notsoperfect

Any organization has "good" Samaritan agenda from the beginning. No one would join an organization saying "let's just kill all the human beings on earth". It doesn't work that way.

You have to have a Grandiose Agenda that is hard to achieve but sounds so good.

What is better than the world ruled by Jesus Christ, the loving and the living God, who came the second time?

Don’t we all want such a world? Wouldn't that be a paradise?

This is where the catch comes where everyone will diligently join the killing club to achieve the goal.

This is what is happening in the world now.

posted on Dec, 18 2010 @ 12:41 PM
The zionists under Masons under illuminati under pagans under luciferian and satanic. People who pledge their allegiance to Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons, Adam Weishaupt.
Luciferian occult practices invoke Aliens/reptilians/spirits/demons>>>>Djinn>Satan being the leader of the malevolent which is the majority.
ALL powerful groups employ the use of symbols from luciferian occultism and rituals too. Thus achieve great power and success in this world.

Proof of djinns has been sought for a long time yet it probably will never happen, yet practice of such occultism has become increasingly evident, an those that do practice it are some of the most clever intellectual minds in the history of mankind. At the top of the ladder they believe, satan was a fallen angel who trieed to help mankind by giving them the freedom of living a life free of the strict law of God. Yet to reach such status and notoriety in the occult will involve having to make so called 'bad' decisions which ALL of the world see as evil acts.

The state of modern society depicts these occult practitioners as the 'good' and beneficial for the future of mankind and paints them in a positive light, while showing the religous people of monotheistic faith as th 'badguys' extremist, zealous etc.

One thing that is definitely right is the duality in nature, there is a good and bad. The choice is which will you choose..

posted on Dec, 18 2010 @ 12:46 PM
my list would be, in no particular order. since it would be quite tough to distinguish

1. rothchilds
2. rockefellers
3. illuminati (many families sharing control)
4. freemasons ( at the upper top echelons)
5. aliens (with interaction on all types)
6. msm
7. lucifer

posted on Dec, 18 2010 @ 01:19 PM

Originally posted by OhZone

Don't you wonder who is giving direction to the Jesuits?


Everyone of the Secret Groups is taking orders from Satan because he is promising "enlightenment".

The followers all get mad sex, only pretty people are in the club, they all roll in hyper wealth.

Meanwhile Satan's destroying the Earth God created and isn't giving 'enlightenment'....only putting his followers at the trough devouring the worlds resources. Thus keeping himself officers to push forth his punishment on God. Destroying his creation.

posted on Dec, 18 2010 @ 01:28 PM
reply to post by MaximumTruth

Well all proof indicates that bankers and industrialists run the world. I think the truth might be a dark secret that will not get out because of how secret it is. My theory says that bankers, industrialists and the military are in collusion.

The bankers get to make more money.
Industrialists get to extend their power and income.
The military gets all the funding it needs for all their new toys and gadgets.

Congress has no real powers against this cabal because how do you face this complex situation without getting assassinated? You can't.

Even if congress had one honest politician left he would be too scared to go up against all his colleagues and the world.

posted on Dec, 18 2010 @ 01:40 PM
reply to post by MaximumTruth

You forgot god ..

posted on Dec, 18 2010 @ 01:48 PM
reply to post by MaximumTruth

Cockroaches and flies.

posted on Dec, 18 2010 @ 01:54 PM
Here's a scary thought. No one is in control, it is all chaos and random. There are those who try to controle things. But in the end, they only create more uncertainty. We could all die tomorrow, the planet could get destroyed by some chunk of rock shooting through space.

There is no good or evil, these are human constructs. There is life and then death....nature is indifferent to us all. We are not special, and in the grand universal scheme of things we dont really matter. The lives and time we are each given is a gift, and that in its self should be more than enough. Anyone who thinks they are in controle of the outcome of time and history, is living a fantasy, at least in the long run. The more we try to control our lives the more they spiral out of control, relax and let your mind float down stream....this is not dying.

Anyhow that's my 2 cents with a little beatles added in for good measure.

posted on Dec, 18 2010 @ 02:06 PM

Originally posted by shakennotstirred
reply to post by MaximumTruth

Oh and it is Zionists and not Jews. Jews implies everybody that follows the Jewish faith.

You also don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist.

Correct, long before it was called Zion, it was called Scion. Its always some brotherhood of men keeping secrets to gain power and control. Nothing new and easy to spot if you know thier language.
The Protocals of the Elders Of SCION is a more fitting title to an infamous document which sparked anti-jewish fervor at the turn of the 19th century. Just as they did in Jesus time so they do now. Hiding behind an accepted religion all the while worshipping themselves in secret. Such Blasphemy as those who would call themselves Jews, BUT ARE NOT, they belong to the Synogouge of SATAN.

posted on Dec, 18 2010 @ 02:23 PM
The world is run by black magic wielding evil sorcerers.

posted on Dec, 18 2010 @ 02:57 PM
reply to post by MaximumTruth

i do

posted on Dec, 18 2010 @ 04:03 PM
More and more I am convinced that Aliens rule the world. I believe that they manipulate the worlds elite by bestowing gifts of technology and knowledge in return for who knows what?

Perhaps our World was infiltrated long ago. They very well could have bred and raised humans to do their bidding, and all these abductions are just part of their breeding program. But really, who knows? It`s entirely speculative.

The people in the know, are not going to tell us.
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posted on Dec, 18 2010 @ 04:40 PM

Originally posted by Pervius

Originally posted by OhZone

Don't you wonder who is giving direction to the Jesuits?


Everyone of the Secret Groups is taking orders from Satan because he is promising "enlightenment".

The followers all get mad sex, only pretty people are in the club, they all roll in hyper wealth.

Meanwhile Satan's destroying the Earth God created and isn't giving 'enlightenment'....only putting his followers at the trough devouring the worlds resources. Thus keeping himself officers to push forth his punishment on God. Destroying his creation.

Where exactly do you find Satan destroying anything?
According to the O.T. it was Jehovah who did all the destroying and killiing.
The O.T. is also loaded with sex....ever read the Song of Solomon?
It seems that Satan is actually the Good guy in the O.T.
Satan never required blood sacrifices.

Those who have hijacked the name are actually using the O.T. as a guide in their ritual practices.
As to the NWO being a Catholic/Jesuit plan......I don't think so.
The Vatican is anything but Christian. They were originally Bachic and the early church had regular sex orgies.
They gave it up when so many of their clergy and members got Syphilis.
Not likely they will be touting Jesus, and they were never interested in Peace.
Their record speaks for itself.

Presently TPTB are working hard at Deconstructing Christianity and replacing it with Islam.
I read that the Vatican created Islam to destroy Protestantism.
Did this monster get out of control? Or is this by design?
It has been said that in public they appear to be competitors, but in private meetings they are all of the same mind.

Who exactly is responsible for the change in the immigration law that not only allowed, but encouraged the Muslims to move into Europe and the Americas?
What exactly is the goal here?
Are Muslims easier to control than non-muslims?

Why do they want to contorl us as all?
What is to be gained by turning the Earth's humans into primitives?
Without all the provocation from Governments and Religion we are usually a peaceful people who just want to get on with our lives in the pursuit of happiness. Governments and Religion have been creating chaos in our lives since the beginning of time.
As I have said previously -- They must be getting some benefit from our mizery.

Every culture in the world has a story about Sky Gods that came to Earth and instructed humans in various skills.
It was these Sky Gods that gave man Religion.
It was they who demanded blood sacrifice.
Sometimes it was animals; sometimes it was children or young adults.
Why did they do this?
Who benefited?

posted on Dec, 18 2010 @ 05:07 PM
At the top are the ancient gods which created us to do their work and screwed everything up for us. Most of these are the tall Humans with blonde hair and blue eyes, commonly known as the Nordics, these are Pleiadians, more specifically those involved with Nibiru. They are also in close contact with the Reptilians, most of these are monsters, some are good people, and many are between the two, these are the tip of the capstone, though Humans and hybrids are also involved. The royalty of both interbreed, creating pure hybrid strains of both. So those who created us were Humans, Reptilians, and hybrids. There's a good chance that Adam and Eve were part Reptilian, as they lost their cloud of glory and horny skin. The reptile in the garden is also clearly humanoid, very tall, with wings, he also is equal to God and has no problem going against his will. Enlil was in charge of everything, he wanted us as slaves and treated us as LULUs, which is the same as a primitive worker, Lu is sheep and saying something twice emphasizes it, we were also food for many of these beings, generally the Reptilians, as most of the Humans don't eat food like us. It was Enlil's progeny that got control of the Middle East after we were spread throughout the lands, the Tower of Babel situation. Enki, the God that is on our side, was the second in command and the fighting between these two brothers and their "followers" is what was at the heart of most the wars in heaven. He was likely part Reptilian, but he was a great guy, him and Ninhursag were the ones most in control of our creation. So he was sent out of the ME while a bunch of monsters allowed their giant-human offspring to run amuck and terrorize everyone, while basically everyone tried to wipe each other out for their respective Gods.

But with Enki still came plenty of monsters and Reptilians, as the act of sacrificing humans still continued in the Americas. But as we see from Gods like Quetzalcoatl, Kukulcan, Viracocha, and the general great White Brother that many were the Humans, while some had separate Human and Reptilian forms. While the tales of dragons as monsterous people, rather than just spaceships, seemed to be throughout the fertile crescent areas, they were the great fiery serpents, though many describe ships. Many were good guys and taught us culture and such, but most were power hungry little royal brats. But in other areas like China, they usually more represent the vehicle of the Gods, though some of the Gods were also Reptilians. So we've got Humans, Reptilians, and hybrids ruling and fighting throughout the world, usually with their own designated areas to rule. Many women, like Ishtar, didn't get official land or people since she wasn't a man, so she tried to get it other ways, be it by seducing Gilgamesh or getting Enki drunk. Then you get Enki trying to help raise us humans back to the level of Gods, while Enlil was all about keeping us as a domesticated work force. This, along with mating with human women, led to Gods and Demi-Gods causing tons of problems for everyone, this eventually led to the universal leaving of the Gods.

At this point it was decided that they would leave and let us develop "naturally" with many left behind to watch us and protect our Free Will and such. But this Free Will is tricky, if we allow ourselves to be duped, then we can get suckered into some bad deals. There were also plenty of malevolent aliens left, especially since many Reptilians lived here before they even arrived in the first place. There was also a bit of an overthrow by some of the not-so-good Humans, Marduk being a good example of this. So even though the good guys left, many of the bad guys still had power and control here, but the Earth was sucked into a Fallen Angel sort of scenario where we went fully third-dimensional, this is discussed throughout many myths, where the gods become mortal from living here too long or eating our food. So those who still wanted to enslave us had to do it through an intermediary. That's when the demi-god, royal bloodlines, and divine right to rule comes into play, these people had purer alien DNA, many also had the "badge" on their chest which allowed them to become a priest, this was likely a patch of reptilian skin on their chest, Noah and Melchizedek likely had these, explaining why Noah was so angry when his son's saw him naked and passed out that he cursed them. So this led to the royal and priestly lines which held all this information for themselves. At this point, the bad guys could control these people through a sort of conscious possession, or they could kick their soul aside, put their consciousness in a clone, or just shape-shift (naturally or technologically).

This led to the seclusion of knowledge and power, this obviously then leads to secret societies which basically vet these people and make sure they're maniacal material. Gold mines, money minting, forcing the money to be based on gold rather than production, then just using paper "backed" by gold, was a huge first step for these people in creating a global conspiracy. I recently read Babylon's Banksters, it does a good job connecting the beginnings of a global financial conspiracy, tied closely to the priesthood and royalty. So their control grew and grew and this leads to having to create other offshoots, other secret societies, banks, political parties, religious leaderships and such. But then these other groups occasionally get a bit too big for their britches and start taking on other groups, a good example is that the current Illuminati, what I refer to as the NWO, basically consists of the Rockefeller faction and the Rothschild faction. Rockefeller was the American version of the Rothschilds, along with Freemasonry, but they made so much money that they could start doing what they wanted. So even though they work together, they also attack each other, the ClimateGate emails being a good example. This is great for us, when they're fighting each other, they can't fight us. Within the Rockefeller group are many of the names that are being discussed now, they've got the Freemasons, Nazis, Bolsheviks, Zionists who are Khazarians or otherwise, most of these go along with the Crowley style "Satanism" which is basically just mystery school style rituals used for a dark purpose. Groups like the Jesuits, Rosicrucians, and Knights Templar are important to our history, but these sorts of groups have sort of merged and mixed into other groups, like the Vatican. Most of these people are just NWOites as I call them, they're just working on a specific area of the plan and that's what offshoot they're a part of. The Nazis and Zionists seem like they wouldn't get along, but they're all working on the same thing, the same thing that all these groups are working on, to conquer the world without having to do it the old fashion way. At the root of this idea of conquering the world and enslaving it, are the rogure malevolent ancient Gods and the present Reptilians, along with other rogue groups. It's a contorted mess of information, take Marduk, the person who lead this enslavement for a long time, he was the son of Enki (the good guy), but he was angry that his father got screwed on the leadership deal (Enki was the oldest son of Anu). Marduk was also a Reptilian Human mix, so he found similar sentiment with Reptilians who hated our new species and those rogue Humans groups who shared similar thoughts on us and wanting more control. So it's not just Reptilians controlling the planet presently, though it's much easier to just say that, but it's really a mix with the Reptilians being predominant. All those who aren't full-blooded Reptilians have all of the same traits and desires as them, that's it's easier to throw them into the same group too.

So that's why it seems like there are so many different groups, it's because they're just all the offshoots that were created when the European Illuminati needed to spread their power. It's also why they're not always coherent because sometimes they're fighting against each other. Lady Rothschild switching her backing Hilary to McCain after Obama won the primary is a perfect example, they'd rather have the other team's NWO puppet, than no NWO puppet at all. Not only are there these groups ruining everything, but many governments, especially ours, have made deals with the Greys, representing the malevolent Reptilians who've been behind most of this, for advanced technology. In exchange they were allowed to test on our animals and people, but the gov had to be informed of who, when, and where. But this quickly turned into the Greys doing whatever they wanted and the gov not being able to do anything about that. This is when the Reptilians officially owned us, it's when our Free Will was officially thrown away by our gov, you know, the gov that was already very compromised. There have also been benevolent aliens who have made deals that were broken by us, they've also appeared many times to high officials and explained the dangers of atomic bombs and such, but they were ignored.

But now we have some benevolent secret societies on our side, the New Kremlin as Peter Beter calls them, the wealthy Chinese capitalists who own America, the Japanese multi-colored Dragon Societies which own the rest of our debt, and many groups within other countries like India which are aware of the Illuminati problem. Many of these groups are also in contact with benevolent aliens, they have free energy technology and many hidden secrets. There is a war going on between these groups and the Illuminati, these guys have a huge upperhand though, since they own all the Illuminati's debt. These are likely the ones who triggered the Housing Collapse (though the Illum were likely waiting to collapse it themselves, it caught them off guard and actually did considerable damage to them), they are likely behind the Norway Spiral, the Chinese subs emerging during war exercises, the missile by California, and many different electrical problems that have been experienced recently. These people have already beaten the Illuminati, at this point most are running for safety, many have bought vast amounts of land in other countries, but every last one will be hunted down, tried, and likely jailed. These secret societies realize that time and power is on their side, so they are allowing this to unfold naturally, since there are basically no options left for the Illuminati, trying to destroy the economy or start a war are the only options left. But whatever they can pull off will only be very momentary and will be their last act on this planet. There are still millions of benevolent aliens watching over us, they are hear to make sure the Illum can't pull anything off, they also monitor the Earth too. With their technology and advanced spiritual level, they know everything that the Illum talk about and plan, anything that happens will be allowed to happen for our own good.

I highly suggest paying the 8 bucks a month to read Benjamin Fulford's blog, he is under the protection of the Black and White Dragon Society and he's in contact with a large and diverse group of insiders. We've already won, things should be underway very soon, as they have been behind the scenes for quite some time now. A big thing has been rooting out the "Satanists" (Illum Occultists is a better label) from the positions of power and many lawsuits are about to be filed against globalist organizations. They're also waiting to stage a bit of a coup when the time is right, this will be until they can hold new elections. In the US we'll likely have most of the people we already voted in minus all of the monsters (wonder how many Dems will be left?). Ben says that Jan 30 is a deadline for America to pay an immense amount of money, which would be impossible for them to get, to those who own it's debt and such. So before this date will likely be an attempt by the Illum, like something pre-Chrismas since they have Congress still, if they don't attempt anything before and they don't pay it, then there will likely be a coup in several nations. I sure wish that these secret groups could just make an announcement and at least tell us we're being lied to, but I believe they understand that things must be underway with a divine right timing for these sorts of things, it's all about allowing us our Free Will so that we can learn how to stand up for ourselves. So it's likely a matter of months before the big changes, there are already massive changes going on behind the scenes.

As SaLuSa puts it, "For the present your concern should be with Self, and focussing on whatever you need to raise your vibrations. We of the Galactic Federation are handling the bigger picture, and working to change the very foundation of your society. To remove a well established system is not easy, particularly as we plan to do it with as little disruption to your lives as possible. However, the care we have taken to prepare you for the changes is proving successful, and our allies are near to total readiness and go ahead."
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posted on Dec, 18 2010 @ 05:24 PM
Remember Britain used to own the world, not so long ago. ( still do ) So who do you think controls all this?

Considering British Royalty owns america, did you know and considering all countries of the world have to learn the english language. Think about it.....

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posted on Dec, 18 2010 @ 05:26 PM
Ahhh, good question.

Nobody rules it all, yet...but I'll break it down for you;

The Jews are a cabal unto themselves. They have powerful tentacles in US government
and US media. They control themselves and Palestine and not much else.

The Royals of the UK and the banking elite control the US money supply through the
Federal Reserve. These guys are referred to as the Illuminati. They are the OLD money.
They include the Rothschilds and other old banking families. They have major influence
on all Western world affairs through the UN, and organizations such as the Trilateral
Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations. This faction controls all the Western
oil interest such as Exxon and BP. These fellows are the power hungry folks that are
trying to establish a NWO. Theses men have thier tentacles into EVERYTHING
and are the most dangerous faction on the earth.

The Bilderbergers are the NEW money. They control the corporations and some banking, but
are generally looked down upon by the OLD money Illuminati. They are allowed to play ball,
but only because they have a nice new ball to play with. These guys provide the
distraction while the OLD money does the dirty business. These fellows influence
elections, force feed the MSM, and sway legislators through lobbyists.But for the most
part, this group is merely a lamb that is being allowed to fatten until the time is right.

The Asian contingent. The culture and the powerful men who control China are the
biggest hurdle for the Western alliance's plan to establish a NWO. I expect the
Western alliance have been scratching their heads for decades trying to figure out
how to slice this enigmatic pie. One the one hand there is wealth to gain here, but
on the other this contingent is nearly impossible to control. When it is time for the
END GAME, I expect the power hungry NWO guys will fashion an East versus
West war for all of us....and then cross their fingers and hope for the best. Of course
they will have planned for all contingencies, and the gold in their coffers will already
be secured if they need to purchase back any lost power.

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