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ATS: New Inquest reveals Porton Ignored Test Dangers

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posted on Jul, 5 2004 @ 12:08 PM
During May 1953, a RAF National Serviceman, Ronald Maddison died while undergoing experiments which involved his exposure to Sarin nerve-gas. The original inquest, held in secret at Porton Down established that cause of death was "misadventure". After a long campaign by family members, The Lord Chief Justice Lord Woolf quashed the original verdict of misadventure and ordered that a second inquest be opened into LAC Maddison’s death.
The inquest heard how just days before Leading Aircraftman Maddison’s death on May 6 1953, two other volunteers, John Kelly and Oliver Slater, had suffered adverse reactions to the sarin.

But the scientists ploughed on regardless of their “near misses”, Mr McKay said, ignoring the most basic of scientific methodology and despite “lightning having struck twice.”

Prof Forrest said the experiments on humans should, in his opinion, have been immediately stopped and a return to testing on animals made or even for the National Service volunteers to “paint fence posts instead.”

Mr McKay said: “No reasonable or conscientious scientist could not have realised that they were embarking into a dangerous area that would result in a loss of life.”

He said the test had been a profound and “reprehensible failure” that had robbed LAC Maddison of a fundamental human right – that of a pain-free and dignified death.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Last year the Crown Prosecution Agency said there was not yet enough evidence to enable prosecution of Porton scientists who carried out human experimentaion during the past 50 years. They have decided to wait until the Coroner has carried out the new inquest before making a final decision.

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