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My Family Stories About Magic

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posted on Dec, 16 2010 @ 11:11 PM
Hello everyone, I want to share some stories from my family.

First of all we all heard about magic. Some people believe it, some people don't. But with my families' experience I came to believe it's real.

First let me say this stories are from two of my mom's aunts, one from a cousin and one from my little sister.

Three stories are from Peru and one in the USA, first I'll start with one of my mom's aunt in Peru.

She died of old age a few years ago. But I saw her only once, or at least the only time I remember her is when my Grandfather died in 1999 and she cried as if she was going to die too. My mom told me she had a strong character, she would hardly get scared.
Now let's go back in time when she was a small kid, I'm not sure what age. Her mother took her and her other children to a man who did magic. The mother had a question and wanted the man to ask the spirits so she could get the answer, I don't know what the question was. The man went in a room with a long curtain as a door, he told everyone to stay in the room while he asked the spirits. My mom's aunt, as a child, was curious as to what was in the other room. She opened the curtain and looked inside. She saw a table that was floating. The man noticed she saw it and My mom's aunt left the room. The man told the mother that her daughter had a strong character, if she didn't then she would faint by looking at a table floating.

I was not there but my family is not one that makes up stories, they don't make things up. My family don't tell this stories to other people because it's hard to believe. It's something that is told within the family, and when I say my family I mean my parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.

Next story is from another one of my mom's aunt in Peru.

She is also old right now, lived by a farm. One day she was acting crazy. She was already an adult and went to my grandparents house, my mom was a child at that time. They thought she was sick, so she stayed in the house. They put her on a bed to rest. At night she would not sleep, her eyes would always be open. Sometimes she would act crazy, she could pull someone's hair, throw them to the floor and act as if nothing happened. After a few weeks of acting crazy they took her to someone who heals with magic. The person looked at her and wuickly knew she needed help. Did a ceremony to cure her and told my grandparents that they needed to take her back so she can fully cure her. They went home and was a different person, she acted normal again. My mom says that's her proof because from acting crazy for weeks to being normal after taking her to the person was unbelieveable.

Again, my mom is not lying to me, I believe this is real.

Next story is from one of my little cousins in Peru.

He is young, about 7 years old right now. This happened about a year ago. Firs I'll tell you the background.

The father was first married to another woman and had two daughters. He wanted a divorce after they had many problems. The woman didn't want to, meaning that he was still legally married to her. The law in Peru is different from the USA, over there the two of them need to agree to divorce for it to happen. The woman hates him and wanted to screw his life as much as she could. When I say she hates him, I really mean she detested him. She got the police to take him to jail after he couldn't pay something. The police arrested him while he was at a wedding. One of my cousins was getting married. Some people say that they saw her outside the church laughing at how he was getting arrested.

This story happens before the father was arrested.

The father married one of my aunts and had a son. A year ago he got sick. They thought it was the flu, so they kept him in bed. He didn't get better after a week so they took him to a doctor. The doctor said he had the flu and gave them medicine. A few days later he wouldn't get better.
My aunt then thought it could be something else, she knew that fire cleanses an area from bad energy, so she tried to light up a candle in their room but she couldn't. The candle would not light up for anything. They then took him to a witch.
Once they entered the room the witch saw that he had a curse. She did a ceremony to him and cured him. She even told the father that it was a woman who did this to him and she told other stuff that I don't remember, but they say the witch was right ni everything. The thing is that his ex-wife wanted to curse him but the magic didn't do anything to him, it instead went to the most innocent person. The witch gave them something and told them to keep it because it acted as a protection from other curses the woman could try to do.
The child was fine, after being sick for weeks he now was fine. My aunt then tried to light a candle once they were home and it did, It finally did.

This story happened not long ago and my aunt wouldn't lie to my mom about this. This stories are my proof because I know my family.

This story is from the USA, this one is my own proof, it happened to my little sister.

She was about 4 or 5 years old. She got scared during a thunderstorm, the sound of a thunder scared her and she began to cry.
The next day she wouldn't eat her cereal, she said she was not hungry. We all could see something was not right with her because she was a cheerful kid. But from then she look depressed, she had her head a bit down, wasn't happy, didn't want to do many things she would do before. She would barely eat, we almost had to force her to eat. I knew she wasn't normal.
My mom said that it could have been from the thunderstorm, we knew medicine was not the answer here, it was something else.
Weeks passed and my dad was told from someone that he knew a woman who could be able to cure her. He gave him the phone from the woman and my mom called her and they made an arrengement for the next day.
The day came and we went to her apartment. We went in a mini-van and I was sitting besides my little sister and I saw how she was looking down, that's how she always was. My mom gave her a plastic bag with snacks inside. She ate one and didn't want anymore.
We got ther and my mom parked the car and took her. As they were walking I saw how she was to see the changes if they were going to be any. I saw how she walked with her head a bit down, looked uncheerful, a bit depressed.
I waited for about 20 minutes and they came out. I was very happy to see my little sister walking with her head up. She went inside the car and she looked a bit more cheerful. She was actually smiling a bit. My mom gave her the snacks and she ate some by herself.
My sister had another appointment the next day to continue to cure her. The woman said that a small amount of her soul came out of her body when she got scared of the sound of the thunder.
She was back to normal, it was evident how much she changed. It was my own proof that there is something more, sometimes we get sick and we instantly think of taking medicine, but there are times that it's not our physical side that's sick, it's our spiritual side.

This stories are real for me. There is no proof that I can show you, at least at this time because I'm thinking of finding a witch that can levitate a table once I go to Peru. I want to video tape something extraordinary.

But I want to also tell you another short story. This one is about the Ouija.

My father's sister is a witch, she can read the cards, etc. But I don't think she can do magic, or at least I didn't ask her because I was a kid at that time. She lives in Peru.

My dad was in the USA and my mom had to work, so I needed a babysitter because I was a kid. That's when my aunt and my grandmother came to take care of me for a few weeks.

One day I was watching TV in the livingroom and my aunt and grandmother were in the room.
I decided to go to the room and found them playing the Ouija. They used a piece of paper and wrote the letters, numbers and the "yes" "no". They both had one of their fingers on a coin.
They looked surprised when I entered, as if they were not expecting me to enter. My aunt then asked my if I wanted to join. I said ok, but at that moment I didn't know anything of this, I didn't know what Ouija was or what they were doing. But as a kid I thought this was interesting, so I joined.
I sat next to the paper and my aunt told me to put my finger on top of theirs. The coin was already moving but I thought it was them. Once the coin was in the middle I put my finger on top of theirs and the coin started to move. I asked what they were doing and my aunt said that a spirit was moving the coin. I didn't believe her and told her that she was the one moving it. My aunt said that it wasn't them, it was a spirit.

Before I continue I wanted to say that my mom already knew that they played the Ouija because my aunt told her that one time they called my dad's spirit and he told them to stop bothering him, that he was working. They found it funny.

Now let's continue. I don't remember what questions they asked or the answers because they only did one or two and then my aunt said something to close the door. The only thing I remember from what she said is "Saint Mary".

This is also my own proof that Ouija is real if you know what you are doing.

My aunt and grandmother didn't plan this for me, my grandmother already knew she could do this. I'm thankful that I went to the room at that time because I could have stayed in the livingroom for a bit more and I could have missed it.

Well this were my family stories in to the paranormal, I can tell you that they are real for me and for my family because it happened to us obviously.

There are many charlatans out there, but there are also real ones.

I also have many ghost stories from them too, my Grandfather who died once told my mom that before more people could see ghosts because people were more innocent back then, when he was a child, but now it's not the same.

I even had an uncle who said he saw an spaceship on a hill with little aliens outside, he could see their shadows.
My family joke and say that maybe he was drunk.

They know my uncle is not lying to them, but it's hard to believe someone saw an alien, even if he is from your own family.

But that's another story.

I hope you guys at least enjoyed the stories, like I said this are true. They are my proofs, they make me believe that there is a spiritual side. They actually make me know that it's real.

If you have any questions I'll be happy to answer them. Right now I'm going to sleep because it's midnight here. This took me more than I expected.

Take care guys.

posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 12:45 AM
Did you want to read others family stories, or just tell your own?
Having grown up in the continental U.S. , I don't have stories about spiritual sicknesses being cured by people. But my mom used to play a game with me. She'd tell me to think of a color or a number, then tell me what I was thinking. She was never wrong.
As a teenager, my friends and I used to play what we called psychic chess. It's normal chess with the addition that you can distract your opponent, cloud their mind, make them think your queen is a pawn or whatever. We also played telekinetic pool (billiards?). I wasn't very good.

posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 02:16 AM
To tell the truth,it was too long and,I did not read it. If you summed it up real fast,just saying what magic happened,that would be cool.

posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 03:34 AM
reply to post by danielsil18

I read all of your stories danielsil18 and they were very interesting. When I was a kid (40 years ago, or so) my family did all kinds of stuff like you stated, and they had been doing it for generations. The story you told about the table floating is very real, our family used to do the same thing, but not secretive. Its called "table tilting" and many videos are on YouTube about table tilting. Our family used to do table tilting, but asked questions of the table, and the table would answer with pounding the floor one time for a "yes" answer and twice for a "no" to an answer from the floating position in the air. One time a girl sat on the table while it floated, and another time the table was loaded with books to try and hold it down, but the table acted as if they didn't exist and floated like normal.

We also used to lift people with 4 fingers and they were light as a feather when we lifted them. It took four people to do it, each using only one finger and yet no one ever felt any weight, yet the person floats in the air. There are videos on this on YouTube also I believe. I think its called something like "light as a feather, stiff as a board" except when we did it the person was sitting on a chair.

One of the members here on ATS is a long distance healer and healed me of my wolf spider bite that I had on my side that I described to her. I'm very in debted to her. It healed in about 10 days. It had started off as a huge bruise on my side about 6 inches in diameter, and then an indention started to take place in which I could stick my finger into my side, that's when I contacted the healer here at ATS. The healer said that she would heal it and I believed her, and it healed very successfully; and I didn't take any medication, I just believed in that healer. There are no marks on me, and I really can't point out the exact area that it happened. In the beginning I didn't realize what it was until after about a month of the bruise getting bigger and bigger and turning to a very dark purple.

We used to play with the Ouiji board when we were younger and it was amazing at how fast it reacted to a question. It would simply yank you from one spot on the board to another at amazing speeds. Its a great kids game, and can be used to obtain knowledge that otherwise couldn't be obtained.

I have other stories, but I just wanted to let you know that, yes I believe in things just like you do, because of past experiences. I enjoyed your stories.

posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 03:41 AM
reply to post by danielsil18

While I do not exclusively rule out the possibility of magic (at least psychological magic), I have to say, that if a person is believer type - that is, believing all sorts of external invisible influences which people consider to be paranormal and supernatural - then there is a good chance that doing magical ritual will have effect. But this works because of psychology, not because of some invisible supernatural forces (unless you call psychology as one).

For example, try magic to those who don't believe in it at all. Somehow they seems to be shielded against magical effects. To me, this is a give away, that magic is mostly psyhcological.

This is also what I gathered from OP.

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posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 04:06 AM
People certainly can learn some paranormal abilities. After all even CIA had tried to develop and use them. Some documents claim that they had succeeded in many spheres. Also my dad told me that his grandmother had cured many disease without medicaments. But in most cases those who claim to possess some paranormal abilities are just charlatans. For a lot of people it is a good business. Here you can see for your self how many charlatans make their "miracles" and how easy we can explain it with science.

posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 04:09 AM
Ummm...think it's spelled Magick. The spelling
differentiates between "card tricks" and the "real thing"...

posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 08:35 AM
reply to post by Busymind

It's fine if you tell your stories too.

But your mom being able to tell your color and number is interresting. Did you ever asked her how she does it? because maybe she can tell you if it was a trick or maybe she has an ability.

I play chess but never heard of what you call psychic chess. I'll try it next time I play to see if something happens.

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posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 08:40 AM
reply to post by whipsandchainsamerica

When I finished typing I pressed preview and was surprised to it was very long too.

Basically my mom's aunt was a kid and saw a table levitating. Another of my mom's aunt was acting crazy and was cured by a man. One of my cousins was also cured by a witch, the most one of the most interesting things for me was when my aunt couldn't light up a candle in the room and then she could after they went to the witch.

That's basically the stories.

posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 09:01 AM
reply to post by RussianScientists

You have many experiences, that's awesome.

First time I hear about a table used to get answers, but did you see it in person. Were you right there when the table was levitating?

I also never heard about the "light as a feather, stiff as a board" but it's also amazing. You said you were there in person, that must be an uncomparable experience. Can you tell me more about your experiences? I'm very interested.

About the healer, I think people can actually do that. Supposedly we are all connected with a string of energy. I also heard many stories. I also believe that something wrong in your spiritual side can activate cancer.

As for the Ouija I think with the experience I had is enough to make me believe. But When I go back to Peru I'm going to ask my aunt that I want to play it with her but I want to be the only pressing the coin. If she has to do it too then I want to be the one touching the coin. I also want to look for witches that can show me extraordinary things so I can at least video tape them.

But I want to know know about your experiences because I'm very curious.

posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 09:12 AM
reply to post by v01i0

I think I know what you mean.

An example is when you tell someone who believes in magic that you are going to make his hand feel hot. He then will "feel" his hand is hot, but it's actually his mind.

But my aunts are not the type of people who will believe anything. The changes before going to the witch and after going to the witch are very drastic. It's something that can make a non-believer as believer. It's something that you don't have to believe to see.

I took my sister's story in a skeptic way. I wanted to see if she really did change. It's something people have to see to be able to understand.

But I also don't rule out your posibility. That's why I want to find witches that can levitate tables or do things like that. I want to see these things with my own eyes.

posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 09:15 AM
reply to post by AssassinsCreed

Charlatans are the reason why magic is taken as something fake. I think most of those who claim to have these abilities don't have them. It's about finding the real ones, but that's hard.

posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 09:19 AM
reply to post by Holly N.R.A.

I didn't know that, but I think magic can also be understood as something paranormal. I think the experiences is what counts though. After that anyone can call it whatever they want.

posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 09:19 AM
magic doesn't exist

posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 09:59 AM
I too have many experiences with Magick during my life. When I was a child, a small child, my cousin got Scarlet Fever. She was dying. My Grandfather argued for several hours with my Grandma, and my Mom, who were both Christians, and he finally went up the mountain (we live in W. Va.) and came back with a witch woman. They moved my cousin's bed out in the middle of the floor, and took everything else out of the room. I watched this all through a crack in the wall boards. The old woman lit what looked like small branches, (incense) that had a pleasant smell, and smoked a lot. She began to circle the bed, counter-clockwise, and began to chant in a language I could not understand. There was a candle in each corner of the room, and those candles flared up several times, even though there was no moving air in the room. I finally got tired and went to sleep. When I woke up, my cousin was sitting at the table eating, none the worse for wear.

My Grandfather told me when I was 7 that Magick was real, and told me to learn about it, when I was older. (I Did) He told me that I have lived many lives here, this was just one, and that he had performed a spell for me, to protect me, and to punish those who tried to hurt me. The spell still works today. Many people have tried to hurt me, out screw me of money, and they all got their just deserts. Even my ex wife, who treated me really bad for 10 years or so after I got hurt, and tried once to poison me, not she is under liens from the IRS and banks, and her husband, whom she married for his truck driver money, got hurt in a car wreck and cannot work, so she has to work two jobs, and he has a daily drinking habit too.
People can say what they want,

Originally posted by MaximumTruth
magic doesn't exist

But that does not make it so.

posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 10:05 AM

Originally posted by autowrench

Originally posted by MaximumTruth
magic doesn't exist

But that does not make it so.

Things can be explained without resorting to such a highly implausible universal explanation that doesn't make any sense.

posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 10:28 AM
reply to post by autowrench

Great story. Interestly in Peru there are Chamans that can do these things and also live by the mountains.

This stories are something that someone has to experience to truly see that it's real. You know that there is more than the physical reality.

posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 10:39 AM
reply to post by MaximumTruth

It's something that you need to experience to see it's real.

Magic can have an explination that we don't know. It's as if you told someone indigenous that you can talk to someone far away with a small device. The man might say that it can't be true because it doesn't make sense. But once you teach him about the phone and how it can works then it starts to make sense.

Magic might make sense once it's explained to us.

posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 10:44 AM
The "levitating table" and the "coin movement" are easy magic tricks like the kind done in any Vegas magic show. The curtain would be very tempting and easy to peek under or around while the Brujo did his backroom mumbo jumbo. It would be in the "magicians" interest to create an illusion knowing that someone would look and that the magic effect would increase his magician status among the people as the story spread within the community. The coin trick would be something I would play on my grandkids.... and have done similar "tricks". Fun to do... and it also wises them up when I reveal the trick.

posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 10:52 AM
reply to post by danielsil18

and who is going to explain to use how magic works?

Just because sometimes people experience something that might seem supernatural doesn't mean it can't be explained away using a perfectly reasonable mundane explanations?

Don't you find it strange that only people who believe in these things experience them?

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