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Hours missing from my life

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posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 02:16 PM
I had about 8 hours go missing in my life.

Last night I laid down in bed, and next thing I knew it was eight hours later. I can only vaguely remember anything in those 8 hours, it's kind of like i was dreaming.

I do however remember a Unicorn playing a flute under a rainbow and it was wearing dockers. Very Weird, I didn't even know Aliens had Unicorns.
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posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 04:34 PM
Those aliens are bastards, they say that they arent going to "harm" and that it is for experiments etc, but the true reason behind it, is that it is basically a cryptic form of torture. They think the key to life is in "DNA" and they do not believe in the concept of an immortal soul.

posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 09:03 PM
I had a very similar occurrence happen when i was about 17, i was abducted from at least age 6 yo the late 90's is what it looks like. With me i was walking home like you around 9:pm during summer time and next thing you know i wake up in bed about 3 hours later around 1:00 am. My head was buzzing and my shirt and clothes were on still. Thing is my shirt was on inside out. I also had to knock to get in because i had no key. My mother did not see me come in and i would have had to walk past her. My room was on the second story of the house with no access to my room or window. Totally unexplained? I had a series of high strangeness happen over this era of my life. I hate to connect the paranormal to what i suspect to be a classic abduction. But in years to come i began to remember what happened.

Little people escorting me in to a dark building by my arms. A red lit door way with lights, a room with concave walls and a table that just floated there. Weird symbols on the walls and dials "what looked like dials" all over the walls. Cold very cold, a smell of ozone. This was not the only time either.

when you said: The soles of both my shoes have been peeled away from the uppers

I can imagine you being dragged at some point where your shoes were dragging on the floor?

As for myself im still trying to find other explanations. Perhaps temporary psychosis? Does not explain how i got in my room. And the memory could be mere imagination sure. I just wish i knew.

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posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 10:49 PM

Originally posted by Cinquain
What exactly do you believe happened to you that night? What are your thoughts and opinions of it? Obviously this story has all the hints of 'alien abduction' written all over it, but what do you feel?

You said you don't know what happened between the hours of 2am and 6am. You haven't had any flashbacks, any slight slivers of memory about the experience? Have you considered going to be hypnotized? I'm not sure if it actually works, I haven't experienced it [although I would love to] but there are always mixed opinions, and considering what you might get out of it, it could be worth looking into.

Obviously you want to share your story with strangers, get it out there somehow, or else you wouldn't have posted it here for everyone to read. How do you and your family just know what happened if you can't remember the details?

I will answer your questions as you are being polite, those who keep posting childish nonsense can save it, I'm not offended, just bored.
I don't know why but I honestly can't say what I believe happened, it's just too absurd. I can think it, I just can't say it. There are very few moments in ones life that you remember years or decades later, these are life changing moments and they simply don't go away with time.
One of those moments is the one I described yesterday. The last thing I remember is running with the light above me, it was instinct, I sensed something was wrong. There is no memory at all after that, next memory is me sitting on the floor looking at my shoes. I have considered hypnosis, but what's the point? How do I know the hypnotist isn't just planting seeds for future harvest, "We need more time to dig in here, every Tuesday at 3pm sound good to you?". Who needs that?
I have never had a flashback or nightmare, perhaps it's best if I don't recall the four hours in question.
As to how we "just know" the answer is pretty simple, my post is titled "hours missing from my life". I'm quite sure that before you even began to read the post you formed an opinion based on the title alone. Nowhere in the post did I mention flying saucers or aliens "you just know".
In closing I would like to make clear that I have decided to end thirty years of silence not because I need to get it off my chest but because the time has come to do so. You can consider this a gift from the heart or make anal probe jokes, it does not change the facts.

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