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Human Response

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posted on Dec, 16 2010 @ 07:07 PM
Figured i'd get some feedback by asking three questions.

Whether or not the government knows about aliens, how would the human race react and how would the governments react if contact was made so far spread that it could not be denied?

Second question, with the first question in mind, what if they were hostile? Naturally the theory is, if they advanced enough to get here they are advanced enough to wipe us out, but then again we would still have the home court advantage in some ways. If they were hostile, the reason that stands out the most is that they want our resources...which leads me to believe they would not want to extend too many resources in acquiring new ones as this may defeat the purpose. What is your take on this and how we would respond if attacked.

Considering life is out there, and it probably is if you look at it mathematically, maybe they just can't reach us just as we cannot reach them. This would remain true if faster than light travel truly isn't possible. If it is possible and we haven't been contacted yet, could it be we are some type of "protected planet" until we reach a level worthy of contact? If they are hostile i'd have to assume they want our resources, if friendly then probably just curious. Something else to think about, what if humans are more evolved than most of the races out there. This being the case, if we found life and the means to get there, do you think that humans would approach a world in peace or go after it's resources? I myself think we would ask at first, and then once denied we may be the ones invading an alien world.

Just some things to thing about and discuss.

posted on Dec, 16 2010 @ 07:40 PM
reply to post by JonStone

Question 1 .....A: Mass panic

Question 2 ....A: If they were hostile, We would be a slave planet or a source of food. Either way, not much fun.

Question 34567.....too many questions here. Last question," if we found life and the means to get there, do you think that humans would approach a world in peace or go after it's resources? "
A: Look at he human you really need an answer from someone else?
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posted on Dec, 16 2010 @ 07:47 PM
1) The government knows about aliens, there is no doubt about that. The most important aspect in this question is how 'the people' will react. Are they ready? No, not yet. The fear instituted through MSM and other medias (films, TV, radio) has been very successful in keeping 'the people' distant and hostile to the idea of ETs and Aliens. The people must let that fear go if we are to make first 'open' contact.

2) Hostility is a thing of the past for them and it soon will be for us. At their stage of evolution, being hostile is probably the last thing on their minds and in their hearts.
If their civilization is advanced enough, I think they would find a way to outsmart us and somehow take away our resources. Remember, they might be half a billion years ahead of us (500,000,000 years) or even more.

3) They can reach us in no time through wormholes and stargates. Again, 500,000,000 years head start.
I like to imagine that they are studying our species, just like we would study other species that are less developed than us. It is all relative.

You should maybe check out this thread. It's a fun read and good insight.

I hope that I have helped enlighten you just a little bit. There is more to come.

posted on Dec, 16 2010 @ 08:12 PM
I think it's insane to think we are the only inhabited planet in our known universe.

Whether we are being visited by an alien species in our present time, I've no idea. No-one can know for sure except for those who already have contact or knowledge of them.

If alien craft suddenly appeared in the skies above us, people will panic and think the worst case scenario. Death.

Fight or flight would kick in. Flight would be the most common form of response.

However, if an alien species were to come here for our planets resources, it would be too easy for them to wipe us out by a genetically altered virus. Heck, we already know how to do that ourselves.

If they wanted us for enslavement or food, that doesn't add up either. If a race is so far superior to us, then they will be able to grow their r own food, make their own bio-robots etc. All the stuff seen in Sci-fi films.

The only thing they can see us as, is a species for study. Like we do with nature.

edit: on the other hand, we could be seen as a treasure and made into earrings or hung from a necklace just for pure exuberance or vanity.

Who is to say aliens aren't absolutely massive. Maybe they have no neck or ears and we end up hanging from some sticky out bit on an alien species, near their anus.

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posted on Dec, 16 2010 @ 10:23 PM
Thanks for your answers. I imagine that we would try to nuke any hostiles and possibly any non-hostiles, its the most powerful weapon we have after all. If the attackers did their research, a biological response would be a more viable one, knock out the human race without harming any potential resources. We still have the question as to whether or not all races can create a nuclear weapons, uranium is rare on earth...could be non-existent on other worlds. I often wonder why we haven't been invaded yet, if there is a race out there like our own....well i'll put it another way, if we found another planet capable of supporting life, we would try to take it considering our population problem and lack of resources. They could be a million years ahead of us, but could also be a million years behind us. Considering we are on the outer edge of our galaxy, its logical to think that the worlds around us hold the biggest chance of having advancements similar to our own as we share a similar timeline in the process of evolution. In either case, many here would panic on first contact, some would be skeptical and some would be simply curious.

I just want to add so anyone who wants to join in can join into the conversation. Lets say we did find another planet with lots of resources, and we were able to get there. There is no highly intelligent life there, but there is animal life. We earned our immunity to viruses on our own planet over the course of thousands of years, so what happens when we come across a new virus capable of infecting us? Naturally our immune systems would have seen nothing like it before. I got to thinking about this after watching war of the worlds. The new virus would either be unable to infect us due to the differences in our blood, or it would take us down with no resistance.

In either case, it never hurts to talk about things like this.

posted on Dec, 16 2010 @ 11:29 PM
1/ Most people already know something is going on, really how much swamp gas and other pathetic debunks can some take.

2/ We are not dead yet.

3/ Come back when you have a unified theory of everything.
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posted on Dec, 16 2010 @ 11:45 PM
"Alone" is an illusion, nobody is alone. Life is abundant, life is everywhere, consciousness permeates every particle, which is the shadow cast by the godforce's sparks. metaphorically speaking

If there were hostile, well in some ways there have been hostile actions in the past, because ET presence with Earth goes hundreds of millions of years IMO, however talking about human development this place has been closely watched since the beginning there have been many efforts to assist us in the transformation we are taking part in. So i think hostility is irrelevant.

posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 12:09 AM
If extraterrestrials are in fact visiting earth, I'm fairly certain the government is aware of this. That said, if their visits became known as undeniable fact throughout the world, I believe the most common reaction would be one of fear. I can even say myself that as much as I want to believe, as much as I'd like to think I'd welcome their presence, my initial reaction would be some definite pant-sh*tting. I think this would bring on a state of panic and chaos across the globe, as everyone acts differently under the influence of fear. It would change everything as we know it - how long have we speculated, made claims, created stories and turned elaborate tales into movies, only to have it shown as fact? I think it would have such an impact on every single person on this earth. The next biggest thing would be to find out God exists. I actually think the world needs a good alien invasion. It would unify us. Put every single one of us in the same shoes as everyone else. We'd all be going through one situation together as an entire population.

Which kind of goes with the second question. Firstly I don't believe they are hostile. If we came to find they were though, again, it would be a very terrible thing but for once, we would have to work together as an entire earth population - maybe we could stop killing each other off and realise that our human race and the planet we live on is worth fighting for. If we make it out alive, awesome. We've possibly gained some insight and a new perspective and if we get completely destroyed... well, we weren't far off from doing that ourselves.

As far as us being more advanced than other civilisations, I believe it to be possible, but given the size of the universe and the amount of galaxies out there, with such a seemingly unlimited potential for life, I'd have to think there are many other life forms out there that are far more advanced than us. If we stumbled upon a planet somehow that had life on it less advanced than we are, I don't think for a minute we wouldn't see it as anything more than something to lay claim on. Something to try and take over and own.

posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 11:13 PM
I think fear would be a first response, but since the dawn of humankind I think we've questioned whether or not we were alone. Though I believe in an almighty, most cultures created a god of some sort to help eliminate this feeling of being alone and of helplessness. I believe it would be mixed emotions, depending on your beliefs and the beliefs of the culture you grew up in. I think people can get used to anything given enough time, and since fear is usually due to the unknown, any friendly visitation could be adapted to. However, humankind is so fearful, any friendly first contact is quite liable to become a hostile first contact. Why do I say this...because that which we do not understand will instigate us to throw the first punch. Perhaps this is why we have as of yet to have made first contact, such an effort would do more harm than good in the eyes of another species. For all we know, aliens are watching us as we would watch the Discovery channel.

Things have changed over the years. Earth has become quite advanced in technology. We have learned to prevent our own death, we have learned to reach the stars (in a matter of speaking, some believe we've reached further than others), we've learned the nature of the atom while at the same time we acknowledge that we are still mere animals. One thing we haven't learned how to do is get along, and I doubt any major first contact won't happen until we learn to do just that. But there is a difference between technology and enlightenment. Technical advancements are perhaps the beginning of enlightenment, but not the fact, it is probably just the beginning. How can we expect another race of beings to cherish us, when we cannot even learn to cherish each other for what we are and for what we can all provide. We took the most advanced technology available, the ability to harness the power of the atom, and what did we do with it? We killed hundreds of thousands of people. Even today there are still nations working hard to repeat this mistake (The atom bomb).

In conclusion, life is out there...probably watching us, but why on Earth would they want anything to do with us? I suppose we are not ready, which is really sad. First contact in my opinion probably won't be made until we can find a way to not only protect each other from harm, but to protect the very planet we live on that gives us life. As it appears to be now, we are probably the ghetto of the galaxy. After saying this, I really don't blame them. Lets just hope they don't go as far as giving up on us, and spraying us all with a can of RAID. The meaning of life has changed, its no longer what we can do for our country, it is what we can do for our planet and each other. If we can do this, we will achieve the enlightenment in which we have sought since time began. If we fail, then we probably deserve to fail along those lines. Life will continue to re-cycle until we get it right, hopefully we'll get it right this time around. It like a first date, we want to make a good first impression. That first impression isn't up to you, or me...its up to us. If we make a first impression together, great things can come not just to you or me, but to all of the human race.
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