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Sexist Female Oppression? Cleavage In The Workplace

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posted on Jan, 15 2011 @ 10:50 AM
Ok everybody here's my two cents. There's nothing wrong with a woman showing cleavage in the workplace. Course she shouldnt just whip em out for all to see. I have a deep respect for the female body it's the one of the most amazing thing to me. As for sexist well that's just a person's view not a consensus.

posted on Jan, 15 2011 @ 11:20 AM
Like it or not a females breasts have sexual connotations.
Like it or not, men are more into physical appearance than women.
As a female I would hate my colleagues' attention to be on my chest instead of what I am saying! Plus quite frankly, the only occasion you should be displaying a large amount of breast in public is on the beach. Or when you are plying your trade as a hooker.
Conversely and though it's not quite the same thing, I really don't want to see my male colleagues going around in tight trousers stretched over their crotch or (aka medallion man) with shirt buttoned down to display their oh so manly chest.
Not cos I'd get all excited - just that it would put me off my lunch.
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posted on Jan, 15 2011 @ 11:45 AM
reply to post by starchild10

Disagree totally here...Starchild..

Like it or not, men are more into physical appearance than women.

Women I know are into everything and anything more physical than are far. Women understand subtilty and nuance in a more acute and yet undefined arena than most men can ever conceive.

The abominable ignorance of men in this arena has allowed such statements as yours and for which I quote above to be postulated without much question or competition/debate.

All I have to do is look at market trends and items in any western world nation to see that the woman is the primary determiner of how and where the economy trends.

Women are the primary determiners of what kind of autos are purchased..not the male. This means they must be physically well as aware of how to organize the spirit behind these purchaese..the default settings.

Women are the primary determiners of what kinds of homes are purchased. What goes into the homes.'
This requires tremendous physical awareness and consciousness. The male is pretty much ignorant of this as long as he has something to eat, drink, and a remote controller in his hand and occasional sex.

Notice that in western nations the women are so physically aware....that they wear burkas everywhere they go.
They dont determine anything...they are silent?? Not physical??

Notice how much women are totally unawares of the physicalness of the other women...the competition and what this implies and bodes for them?? Have you ever noticed this..I certainly have.

The males or men in this western affluent economy may earn the monies and take the risks..for it in earning..but the women primarily determine how it is spent....not the males who earn and risk for it. To keep a man ignorant of this line of thinking requires great physical awareness as well as spiritual awareness.

Only a male can be this naturally dumb..ignorant and stupid about almost everything and everything such that he thinks a male is the physical one. For most of the females I know...know different. They may carry a public face...but deep down ..they know different. They must hide this awareness..and keep the male ignorant of just about everything and anything in this arena.

The problem with that they are physical expecially in this one arena...and thus leaving most of the other arenas to the women...this is the big secret out here of which no one wants to speak.

When you have about a 7 to 1 disparity of goods in any department store in the western world..of goods marketed primarily to women verses will never convince me that the man is the physical one.
Colour, cut, line, display, price ..all examples of physical awareness.

Also women are far more marketed to in the arena of pampered type goods and services in western economically affluent nations than men or males...thus illustrating more physical awareness.

Once again..only a male can be this naturally dumb and ignorant about what is around him daily. Women are by and large not this unawares. They may not tell all..but they are aware.
Give the average male some drink, sports, and cheerleaders..his brainwave activity flatlines and defaults over to the female. He will be good for another 100,000 miles without thinking or catching on.

This thread itself and many of the textbook male replies are ample testimony to this concept.


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posted on Jan, 15 2011 @ 11:48 AM
Only hookers and beach goers should show cleavage? That is mighty restrictive!reply to post by starchild10

posted on Jan, 15 2011 @ 12:21 PM
I remeber a lady from "OOP North" (Of England) explaining to her Teenage daughter the importance of "Not putting all her goods in the shop window" thus explaining the need to leave something to the imagination.

posted on Jan, 16 2011 @ 07:23 PM

Originally posted by hotbakedtater


We cant win can we.

I am the oposite to you Hotbakedtater.

Shave me head, polo shirt n black pants.

I realy, realy dislike, being looked at like a piece of meat, and yelled out to you like you're a walking Bed n breakast.

I much prefer the "what the @#$ is that?" look on their faces than the other.

posted on Feb, 19 2011 @ 05:41 PM

Originally posted by darkest4

Originally posted by Shikamaru

That's why I believe it partially pisses women off.
Their boss won't say it's because they have a massive shaboing right now because of the cleavage.
They'll claim the EMPLOYEE is simply being unprofessional.

Who's really unprofessional, the employee wearing clothes that show cleavage?
Or the guy who can't control his sexual desires, and for that matter his happy-stick?
It's almost accusing women of a crime because they have big breasts.
What's next manditory breast reduction for C-size and up?

Thankyou for proving my point, you are everything thats wrong with modern "feminists". Say no to woman and its all about oppression and how oppressive men just can't control our sexual urges so they take it out on woman, but say no to a man FOR THE SAME EXACT THING and its fine. The simple fact is MEN HAVE TO COVER THEIR CHESTS AND OTHER BODY PARTS TOO. WHERE IS THERE ANY INEQUALITY OR OPPRESSION HERE? Men have to wear suits and often ties in a professional environment, if they come in wearing short testicle hugging shorts showing off their "assets" or white beaters showing off their arms they not only wont be promoted, they will be FIRED. So you pathetic men haters want "rights" GREATER than a man's not equal. You want to be able to wear lowcut shirts showing off your breasts in the same office where men have to wear suits. FAIL. Read this again maybe your hypocrisy will sink in:

Feminists are the worlds biggest hypocrites. This is one of the silliest posts I've ever read. Ok so you want to "showcase" (thus draw attention to) your "big breast assets" which, are a part of the body which obviously have sexual appeal (or grossing people out) to the opposite sex (or you wouldn't consider them an "asset" unless you're a professional baby breast-feeder or something because thats the only other function of breasts), but you don't want to ever be negatively judged for that in a work place which is not supposed to be about sex/sex appeal or grossing people out (trust me just cause you have big breasts doesn't mean all guys want to see them, I myself don't even like big ole droopy boobs, taking one look at your profile tells me Id much rather see you in a snow suit than naked, thankyou very much so even more reason to keep those suckers covered up just like a hairy fat man has the decency not to dangle his ass in front of your face).

So basically you want to flaunt your sexual "asset" breasts with low cut tops but its "sexist" and "a conspiracy oppressing women" for the opposite sex to notice them and find them a distraction and in some cases (I say in some cases because I'm sure plenty of risque dressing woman have also been promoted because a boss enjoyed the show) a negative distraction that may count against you in the office place...? Furthermore you want "rights" to wear things MEN ARENT ALLOWED TO. We wear suits, not low cut beaters showing off our chests and arms and tight shorts showing off our bulging wangs. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHH. The hypocrisy is so ridiculous.

If men have to wear suits or other professional COVERING attire instead of white beaters to show off their big biceps and tight minishorts showing off their packages, then why shouldn't woman be expected to do the same and simply wear a non-low cut top (no ones saying you have to tape the suckers down or anything)? You want equality, then you got it, wear professional, COVERING, attire in a professional office just like we do. But no, most feminists dont really want equality, they want all the benefits of being a woman with none of the disadvantages and they wan't men to worship them at the same time. Woman have all the legal rights men do, shutup already and stop trying to blame men for any issue you have. Not to mention I bet your tone would be alot different if men were walking around the office with tight elastic pants on so you can see the full size and definition of their penis or testicle "assets". I'm sure that would be "sexual harassment" or a "conspiracy to oppress woman through masculine flaunting".

PS- To the pathetic attempt by some woman here to try to say we are saying people shouldn't be promoted cause they are attractive or cause they have big breasts, UH NO. READ THE OP. It specifically says woman intentionally revealing their breasts, regardless of size, with LOW CUT shirts to as the OP says herself "show off her best assets." Stop trying to change the arguement or put words in peoples mouths, no one said woman should try to look ugly or something ridiculous like that they simply say cover your chest with cloth like men do.

Bleh, barely even worth wasting my breath, pathetic.
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I couldn't have said it better myself. I have pointed out their hypocrisy for years on here now. They are too arrogant to see anything other than THEIR wants and needs. That's why they can't even logically understand obvious things like this that are pointed out to them. They use twisted logic to reward their arrogance and to enforce their lies in their own minds and they need other weak women to coddle them like children when things don't go their way, whereas men have to suck it up and deal with their government sponsored tyranny like marrying us when they don't even like us just so they can divorce us and take us to court and hit paydirt. Some are so calloused as to pop out a child (always, accidentally of course) and then convieniently, they get more cash added to that sum and then there's alimony, we men lmow, they always win in court. This is all planned, watch this video from Arron Russo, a famous, well respected filmmaker who was also a close friend to the Rockefellers..............who funded feminism to destroy men and to break families apart. Here is what he said Nick Rockefeller told him. Aaron is dead of cancer now and had no reason to lie just before his death. Besides....just look around you (i'm talking to the men, of course the women aren't going to see anything wrong), we men are getting royally screwed by feminists and the government is helping them big time Even Gloria Stienem admitted in one of her books that her feminist cause was funded by the CIA to separate the husbands and wives and the fathers from the children so that the families would not be strong and the children wuld think of the state as their parents. True evil, that's what feminism is.

posted on Feb, 20 2011 @ 10:40 AM
reply to post by Phenomium

And dinosaurs still walk the Earth.

posted on Apr, 30 2011 @ 08:08 PM
reply to post by mryanbrown

This kind of reminds me of the boys these days who wear their pants around their hips, or lower. It is a constant battle for we teachers to keep after these boys to pull up their pants. I've often wondered if the girls would be allowed to wear their pants low like that!! But then, the girls do show cleavage, and lots of it. Fifth grade girls these days could pass for 8th graders. I don't know if it's the hormones in the milk and meat, but something has caused these young girls to develop beyond and above what should be normal for their ages.

posted on Apr, 30 2011 @ 08:14 PM
Ahhh summer interns will be showing up soon A sight to behold for every real man

posted on May, 1 2011 @ 04:40 AM
I'd say I'm on the fence...I think it's alright if you never intended to show off your breasts (you know, it just happened to be the shirt you picked for the day) or if you're interested in a male co-worker and want to get that specific co-workers attention. But if you're showing off your breasts in low, v-cut shirts ALL the time, then I think you should get another job...*if you catch my drift*

posted on May, 2 2011 @ 10:48 AM

Originally posted by Dark Ghost
reply to post by intrepid

Well said.

Who's to blame for women feeling self-conscious about their breasts? Men.
Who's to blame for women not being allowed to show their assets? Men.
Who's responsible for forcing women to dress appropriately? Men.

It seems this thread is yet another one demanding special treatment for half the population while not accepting the responsibilities that are supposed to accompany it.

I thougth I would get this thread going again. Agree with the premise in the quote about special treatment. This goes on entirely to much in our "civilized nation." It is not is whoredom....buying, selling, trading the soul of the people for lucre.

Who's to blame for getting women to feel self conscious about their

Wow...ever heard of a Female ...competition??
It works like this and more women are aware of it than are men...Here how it works.

That Slut...that Whore...she's showing more than I am showing...she is lowering my value in the marketplace by offering more competition. Just don't ever let the men know this is going on. Women/females are far more aware of competition from other females than are males aware this is going on.
As I stated many times ..give a man some sex and sports and all brainwave activity flat lines.
It is very convenient to blame ignorant men or males fort is just not the whole picture of what is going on out here among the wildlife. Much of the competition and wildlife is among women/females..not males.

Not all women follow this template and to their credit... but all are aware of it..they just don't much or often teach this to males.

This leads us to the other question or statement....
Who's to blame for women not being allowed to show their assets? Men.

LOL LOL LOL....see the part about the Female Mafia above.
Most men would like for more women to show their assets. They as men or males are indeed that simple..
Most women are not that accommodating..especially of other women. Even most men cannot think this far. IF this were true..more men on this thread would have posted thus. Such thinking is beyond the capability of most men with a sports and sex mentality.

Women themselves by Occult/concealed means desire to control this arena and for themselves...for their convenience...their suitability..their purposes...and many of them while blaming the men for all of it. What this means....for you men still stuck on sports and that these women are leading you..not you leading them.
You just think you are being a man or male. You are being lead. How about those Redskins, Lakers, NASCAR????

Who's responsible for forcing women to dress appropriately? Men.
See Female Mafia..above...She is giving it away or displaying it more loosely than am I ..thus lowering my value or purchasing power in the marketplace.

The concept of a Female Mafia is so foreign to the sports/sex mentality of the average male. You men think you are the sportsmen here...that you are the hunter gatherers. LOL LOL.

Here is the Female Mafia at work and i have posted this many times on ATS/BTS as well as on other boards.

At a company party to which I escorted a company woman...I took a break from the ball room to step out into the lobby.

I very quickly learned that this was a great location to observe "Wildlife in it's natural habitat" hidden.

What I was able to observe was a group of five women watching people coming to the company party. It became quickly clear that these women were watching the other women coming to the event..they were not watching the men.

They were giving these other women the nod of approval or the shake of the head.
But what was most interesting and noteworthy was the look in their eyes. The eye movement and evaluation was very quick but also very wild....feral...judgemental. Talk about wildlife in its natural habitat. I was seeing the hidden soul of these women coming out in the open. It was an unguarded moment. This is a variation of the Female Mafia at work.There was enough ammunition going on here to keep these women talking for two weeks as they established the proper barnyard pecking order.

I knew that two of these women had degrees in business. Education does not civilize women in this arena. Education does not make women rise above this kind of feral wildlife.
Once again and to their credit..not all women/females fall into or use this type of conduct for the purpose of establishing themselves..but they are all aware of it going on. They will seldom educate a man/male as to this type of goings on.

This is a variation of the Female Mafia at work.


posted on May, 3 2011 @ 12:42 AM

Originally posted by hotbakedtater
Only hookers and beach goers should show cleavage? That is mighty restrictive!reply to post by starchild10

If a man wore an outfit to work that exposed as much neckline as what you would advocate women should get away with,he would probably be fired on the spot.

Work is work. We don't do it for emotional fulfillment or any-other reason than survival(anyone who works who doesn't have to is a &*)()^ that is taking work from someone who needs it, because if you are bored and don't need to work you should be doing charity work). And a person(man or woman) should always be dressed appropriately for the job. Some job's might require more professional attire, but some might require more loose clothing. We can argue about inborn instincts till our faces are blue and it won't change the fact that people should dress in a responsible and appropriate manner for the task they are doing.

I used to be able to wear whatever I wanted as long as it was "appropriate". But because of some past co-workers who wore jeans(even though they where told not to) and inappropriate neckline clothing I am now forced to wear a *()&^))&*%^& uniform that I hate very, very, very much, because after several spot checks they failed, it was mandated by the corporate office thingy. Actions have consequences.

As per the instinct "check out" response guy's have, that isn't an excuse to ogle.I could understand a slip up glance, but once we realize that happens we can correct it. Granted we are biological organism's, but we are capable of higher levels of awareness.

Also to the chick's out there, if some guy is constantly ogling you just get a friend of a friend to talk to him about it in a non confrontational way. Some guy's do it without ever truly realizing it that they are ogling. It is like ones perception of time goes off. And by making sure he is told about it in a polite and non-confrontational way you are doing him a world of service.

posted on May, 3 2011 @ 01:06 AM
Yeah cleavage has a place in the workplace;
If you work at hooters, are a hooker, or a stripper.

It sickens me to think some women would wear such provocative clothing at a desk job, unless they are trying to use their wares in order to "suck" up to the boss. Get it?

posted on May, 3 2011 @ 12:27 PM

Originally posted by SolarE-Souljah
Yeah cleavage has a place in the workplace;
If you work at hooters, are a hooker, or a stripper.

It sickens me to think some women would wear such provocative clothing at a desk job, unless they are trying to use their wares in order to "suck" up to the boss. Get it?

Yes I think I get it. We have an expression for this kind of thing. We call it...."Working ones way through the food chain.." A type of evolution at work.

Most of the men I know are to dumb to get it..but the women do right away because of that competitive instinct. What is worse to me is that this kind of short cut ..cheats every and any woman who is trying to make it on their merits..on their work for which they have been trained. It also cheats men trying to do their jobs as well because it counts on men's natural ignorance.

Here is another food chain story for the readers here on ATS/BTS.

There was some years ago, a woman working in the crew with us saw a notice for a job in another part of the company. A job with equivalent pay..and better conditions in another department. So she applied for the interview and on the day appointed she got all dressed up. The problem was that in textbook girl stuff religious beliefs..she got dresses up to if she was going out clubbing on Friday or Saturday night. She did the one thing she thought she was good at..working her way through the food chain.

Lo and behold at the interview..the person giving it was a woman. Talk about flame out!!! Crashed and Burned. She did not expect this in a mostly male dominated industry and after a career in working ones way through the food chain. The first question out of the starting gate is why she was dressed in that manner??

And then she had the bad judgement to go back to the crew with whom she was working and tell the story of what happened. Astonishing ..the entitlement mentality. No one sees what I am doing!!!

This person no longer works here..she has gone on to other jobs with other opportunities of working ones way through the food chain. She has a long list of jobs on her resume....indicating a short attention span.

This is also the template of a type of predator.

However in the context of dressing appropriately. I remember this story hitting the news. As I recall, I first ran across this story on the Drudge Report.

This woman obviously did not dress appropriately for the job she was working and it killed her. I have seen women doing similar dangerous work and their long flowing hair dangling near fast turning machinery. It caught up with this woman quickly.

She probably would have been better off with cleavage showing and hair up in a bun or cap.

However..what makes this story very that it takes good skills to operate a lathe. A skill lacking in many men as well as women today. Nonetheless..appropriate dress is required here.

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posted on Jul, 14 2011 @ 03:13 PM
Its a lose lose situation for men.....If you look at them at work you are merely a pervert or a predator and should be prosecuted for sexual harrasment in the workplace, regudless of provocative attire....If you Try not to look at them and maybe oppose showing of clevage in the workplace, deeming it distracting and unprofessional. You are sexist and you are opressing women...

So now what?
I really dont care because I like boobs. But I find the whole arguement immature, and contradictory. Becuase if women get morally granted to show clevage at work, their just going to come back and complain about how men look at them like a sex object piece of meat.

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posted on Jul, 17 2011 @ 10:37 AM

Originally posted by llmacgregor
Its a lose lose situation for men.....If you look at them at work you are merely a pervert or a predator and should be prosecuted for sexual harrasment in the workplace, regudless of provocative attire....If you Try not to look at them and maybe oppose showing of clevage in the workplace, deeming it distracting and unprofessional. You are sexist and you are opressing women...

So now what?
I really dont care because I like boobs. But I find the whole arguement immature, and contradictory. Becuase if women get morally granted to show clevage at work, their just going to come back and complain about how men look at them like a sex object piece of meat.

edit on 14-7-2011 by llmacgregor because: (no reason given)

I like the female form as well. I just don't care for it being displayed in a professional or work environment.

I find it not difficult at all to get women to come over and take off their access to the female form is not difficult or an issue. As I have stated in previous posts..I know females for whom removing their clothes is their primary survival skill in life. Anything else would take real commitment, work, labor, and risks.

What I find much more difficult to get from some women is real life skills...real talents ..real ability to take risks...solve problems.
This would require real commitment from them..not sex skills or displaying wares to get one through the food chain or play games in the work environment.

I also know a number of professional women who have other women working under them. They also speak of this problem of unprofessional dress in the work place. What these women in leadership positions tell me is that some women dress like this for advantage in the workplace and some of them when confronted by it tend to cause confusion and resentment that they cannot default through with their low standards. Many of these women dress this way to make up for lack of real usable work skills in the marketplace. What I sometimes call...."Working ones way through the food chain." The professional women I know will fire or dismiss these women who don't get it after sufficiently warning them. This is a real peeve with professional women some women dress or conversely don't dress for the work place.
It shows "Entitlement " thinking so prevalent among many women as it is also among many politicians today. It causes " Confusion" in the work place.

This is politics..not workplace requirements. And much of politics today has gelled down to entitlement thinking and blaming others for not getting their way. Make note of this will see it many times on other issues out here. It is standard political rhetoric and technique.

These professional women also tell me that there are women out here who just don't know how to dress for a work environment. Their knowledge of dress is mostly from stepping out on Friday or Saturday night. They think the whole world is like this. They simply have no experience or knowledge and have never been taught or held to a professional standard or account differently. They too many men have only a peer group/television/'movie knowledge by which to judge the world and this is a very poor teacher.

As to 56

This kind of reminds me of the boys these days who wear their pants around their hips, or lower. It is a constant battle for we teachers to keep after these boys to pull up their pants.

This is what happens when you feminize the male. Like women ..he becomes physical ..on the outside. He does not recognize internal traits and skills but outside skills and physical appearances. For the males the females of today ..get more guidance from their peer groups, television, and education standards. Public education is rapidly becoming a movie/'television/peer group education. Little thinking going on ..but much emoting.

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posted on Jul, 17 2011 @ 11:15 AM

Originally posted by InvisibleAlbatross
There is no reason for a woman to be showing off her breasts in the workplace, unless she is a stripper. Men don't generally wear shirts to show off their pecs; neither should women show off their breasts.
edit on 16-12-2010 by InvisibleAlbatross because: (no reason given)

I agree with this opinion....unless the woman is a stripper, a prostitute, or a porn star....there is no reason to wear low cut clothing to work. It is a distraction....and really all it says is ...look at me sexy I am...lets have sex...that is the message low cut clothing is saying in the workplace. A woman can be attractive...and still classy in the workplace without wearing low cut clothing.

posted on Jul, 17 2011 @ 12:10 PM
reply to post by hotbakedtater

I think it should be law for women to display cleavage in the workplace, fairly brightens up my day.

How's that for a sexist comment?

In all seriousness, I think it all depends on who your boss is - some will not like it, some will. Swings n round-abouts n all that.

posted on Jul, 17 2011 @ 12:19 PM
reply to post by hotbakedtater


Heres a scenario. Im a boss, a company owner, and Im looking to promote to high places from within a workplace with a "casual" dress code. Guess what? Im excluding women, AND men, who think exposing a large portion of their chests is appropriate at the workplace, regardless of if they love their chests or not.

Sorry. My business isnt a night club or a social scene. Dress professionally if you want to be taken seriously as a professional. Gender is irrelevant.

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