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The Products Of Government

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posted on Dec, 16 2010 @ 12:44 PM
The products of government:

-Lockheed Martin
-Northrop Grumman
-McDonald Douglas
-General Electric
-General Dynamics

While many neo-conservatives feel obligated to point out that Fannie and Freddie, along with a host of other institutions, are nothing more than private front companies under government control; they seem to gloss over the fact that the above institutions are no different.

From where does Lockheed get most of its funding?

From private individuals looking to buy F-35s and Littoral Combat Ships?

If violent looting of the innocent was illegal, would Lockheed still be around today?

If government did not buy the steel to produce LCSs, would there not be more steel available for the production of cars, tools, buildings, and other goods that the private sector actually needs? What would happen to the cost of steel?

If government did not horde the engineers and laborers necessary to produce F-35s, would there not be more engineers and laborers available to produce goods that the private sector needs?

What would happen to the cost of copper if the government stopped purchasing endless miles of wiring for the production of weapons systems? Wouldn’t the price fall, making it cheaper for private sector producers to manufacture goods that the public actually buys?

Is it necessary to spend half a trillion dollars a year on government weapons systems when we have a population of 65 million gun owners, which is 20 times the size of China’s entire military, including its reserve forces?

Does the country face the threat of invasion and foreign military occupation? - and even if we did, would the US public not be a thousand times more nasty in its response than the Taliban is to us in Afghanistan? Would any invader actually be able to conquer a country of 65 million armed citizens, when the US Military is having trouble conquering some mud hut dwelling goat herders?

If we engaged in free trade with everyone, would any first world nation bother attacking a trade partner that mutually benefits it? Why would any country attack another country that provides it with a net benefit?

That last point bears repeating, because the point is lost on so many people. It is a massively costly enterprise to invade and occupy a foreign territory. And even if successful, the resources of the country can not be acquired without even greater expense at the cost of the invaders, since the occupied people will refuse to cooperate voluntarily. The economic calculation of trade over war is a no-brainer.

What I find absolutely amazing about all of this is that not only do the neo-conservatives laud the glories of the State, but the liberals are right behind them. The liberals decry defense spending, but laud the economic chaos caused by institutions such as government backed mortgages and student loans. The neo-conservatives decry the epic waste of government subsidized housing and home loans, but laud the vast economic waste of defense spending to protect us from imaginary enemies.

Neither side questions the State itself as being an inherently violent institution that has no goods of its own.

Neither side questions the fact that the State must violently take from one group of people before it can give to another.

In the end, as with all institutions of violence, it will implode on its own. However, the ensuing chaos could be avoided if people simply accepted the fact that coercively funded government is an unnecessary evil in a modern civilized society.

No, they prefer to go through the chaos of a currency meltdown instead.

Looters know no other way of sustaining themselves other than through the enslavement of those who produce.

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posted on Dec, 16 2010 @ 01:01 PM
Bombing ourselves into oblivion:
Estimated 1998 spending on all U.S. nuclear weapons and weapons-related programs: $35,100,000,000

$59,960,655,319 in 2009 dollars - or about 400 dollars for each person of working age in America.

The F-35 fighter program costs:

Close to $300 billion is needed to acquire 2,458 aircraft for the three services and another $650 billion will be needed to operate and maintain the fighters that are expected to be flying well into the 21st century, the report says.

Just two programs.

Just two.

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