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Are professionals whose career depends on the US goverment in the same situation that professionals

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posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 09:01 AM
Does it happen all the time that up to 5 people quite a scientific journal over an article or was it something unique, related to something 911? Which one is it?

posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 10:01 AM
reply to post by Cassius666

He said he believes in UFOs and Aliens and what not. It makes sense he believes a conspiracy theory and if it is presented by the American goverment, he will believe it no questions asked no matter what anybody else says.

Why is it that you people make it a point to salt-and-pepper statements and other material , just to suit your own tastes ?

He said he believes in UFOs and Aliens and what not.

If I see an object flying in the sky , that I can't identify , well guess what Einstein ? It is a flying object that is UNIDENTIFIED . Therefore , it is , by definition , a friggin UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT .

And , for clarity , please show where I said I believe in "Aliens and whatnot" . For your information , if scientists discover a new strain of here-to-fore unknown bacteria , in a lab setting , Guess What , genius ? The previously unknown bacteria is technically an ALIEN lifeform . THEREFORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , if we discover water on the moon or another celestial body , we have discovered an extra-terrestrial lifeform . Or , are you one of those who deny that the molecules , atoms , etc. , that make up water , do not fall within the building blocks of "life" ?

Maybe it's just that you haven't reached that grade-level in middle school yet , that teaches you things like this ?

If your intent is simply to play childish games , as is evident thus far , then you can play them with someone else .

You truthers are really a pathetic lot . You fail miserably when attempting to engage in an otherwise intellectual conversation , so you ALWAYS resort to the childish antics which you have displayed . You don't sincerely want to debate in an intelligent manner , you want to come on here and continue to spread your lies unchecked .

Just for the record , I can guarantee that you have participated in more UFO threads than I have . Want to call me on that ? After you fail to prove me wrong , can we get back on topic ?

posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 11:03 AM
''''''Are professionals whose career depends on the US government in the same situation that professionals career depend on the Nazi Government?""""

There is a Federal Law which makes it a felony for someone who works in a public water system to tell the public that the Public Water System is not safe.

Say if there was a malfunction and all of the chlorine was released at once making the water toxic....illegal to tell the public.

In 2000 when they started chlorinating the Water of Washington DC the chlorine ate the lead water pipes which made the water highly toxic with deadly levels of LEAD. The Federal Government cited that Federal Law and threatened people to keep the public from finding out.

In 2002 they told the public but they had already been drinking toxic levels of LEAD and they were already poisoned. I didn't know about this law until I was reading what is going on over here. The Federal EPA is forcing the island of Guam to have a +$1 Billion water project. In the Water Master Plan there is a question and answer page where the Guam EPA is asking the Federal EPA, the Federal EPA cites in it the Federal Law and theatens officials on Guam with a Felony if they tell the public what's actually in the water.

There are LEAD water pipes on Guam. LOTS OF EM. There's a Federal Law mandating tests for lead but they haven't done one since the 1990's. Why? Levels then were TOXIC and excceded allowable levels.

The Federal EPA has also been fining Guam because the effluent (waste water) going into the ocean from the sewer is HIGHLY contaminated with LEAD. Where's it all coming from? The Lead water pipes the Fed's put in the ground decades ago when the Navy Seabee's built the infrastructure.

Chlordane exceeded allowable levels in 2008. It's half life has came and went many times over but it's still contaminating the island. 100+ former military dumps they refuse to clean up which contain hazardous waste, munitions, chemical weapons, radioactive waste...all from before Haz material laws were created. In 2008 the former dumps on Andersen afb which were on the Superfund were pencil whipped off without capping them. They didn't want to cap them because that would put land use restrictions around them.

DOD now plans on putting new water wells right next to those old dumps. So they can provide the US Marines and their families with water. It's going to be highly contaminated.

If you go to the Andersen AFB EPA Superfund website scroll down to "Marbo Annex". The Federal EPA just gave DOD a waiver for the TCE (trichloroethylend) in the bottom of the island water table. Can't be cleaned out. It's from an era when there were lots of military there and dumping hazardous waste right on the ground or throwing it in the dumps.

Ordot is a dump created by Japan on Guam in WWII. The Navy took it over and ran it throwing munitions, hazardous waste, radioactive waste, industrial was put under SuperFund in the 1980's...they just had the Federal Courts declare it put under Federal Receivership and is forcing the people of Guam to fund closing it, run leaching fields and deal with what's coming out of it. The Federal Government bought off the Guam Attorney General with a SWEET Federal job to stop Guam from using the CERCLA/Superfund process to determine WHO contaminated Ordot...that would have forced the Federal Government to atleast fund 50% of the costs...

The island of Guam's getting HOSED...and YES...professionals are in the same situation in America as Nazi professionals were....the little people ain't got NOBODY looking out for them.

posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 11:07 AM
reply to post by Cassius666

Editors of journals change all the time. You will have to ask those who left what their real reasons were rather than insinuate that it is somehow career threatening to have the smoking 911 paper in their journal. Possibly, they were dismayed at the abysmal quality of the paper published in their journal and did not like the background laughter from the scientific community. Maybe they were annoyed that someone circumvented the peer review process or thought that because of the poor quality of the paper no one would want to publish in the journal.

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