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Essential Minerals/Sources for Survival

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posted on Dec, 16 2010 @ 01:49 AM
Hi all! This is my first post so be gentle. Just thought I'd start off with sources of things that you can stock up on that have essential minerals for survival. I am only going to list a few sources for each, but know that there are many and I just want to keep it simple for myself as I cannot buy or grow everything. Also, I will Capitalize ones that seem to be repeating for many minerals: i.e. Organic Sesame, Organic Molasses. If I have made a mistake in my research feel free to let me know, as I am only alm0stperfect.

Boron - apples, carrots, grapes, raw fruit, nuts, legumes
Calcium - Organic Molasses (no more than 2 tsp), Sesame Seeds, Yarrow, green veges, Almonds
Carbon - Activated Charcoal (ok, not sure about this one)
Chromium - Organic Molasses, fish, mushrooms
Copper - Organic Molasses, Almonds, Oats
Geranium - garlic, onions, mushrooms, seeds, veges
Iodine - Sesame Seeds, raw spinach, garlic
Iron - Organic Molasses, black cherries, nuts and seafood
Magnesium - Organic Molasses, beans, almonds
Manganese - oats, pineapple, nuts, blueberries
Molybdenum - beans, legumes, dark leafy veges, eggs
Oxygen - should be able to see white moons on fingernails, if not your not getting enough oxygen
Phosphorus - eggs, beans, almonds, pumpkin seeds, Sesame Seeds
Potassium - Organic Molasses, fruits, veges, fish, white potato
Selenium - Organic Molasses, fruits, veges, fish, dates
Silicon - horsetail, radishes, root veges, whole grains, brown rice, soy, green peppers
Sodium - celery, kale, Sesame Seeds, sea salt (Iodized), apples, carrots and hot peppers
Sulfur - garlic, onions, dry beans
Vandium - mushrooms, radishes, seafood, whole grains

Organic Molasses and Sesame Seeds seem to have one thing in common on this list, they show up often. Might be prudent to add at these these two items to your food survival list in order to benefit from staying strong and focused when things get rough. Also, Iodine is import for your Thyroid which is in Sesame Seeds and is lightweight as well. Don't forget Oats, they are lightweight too. Well I hope this list helps someone out there. It's made me do a crash course in something I never really thought about before. Be well!

posted on Dec, 16 2010 @ 02:33 AM
Very helpful list you've got going on there... appreciated! A star for you...

*Checks moons on fingernails*

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