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Could you beat someone with an I.Q. of 180 at chess?

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posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 11:41 AM

Originally posted by atlasastro

Originally posted by realeyes
How about 5 people against just you, each with a genius-level I.Q. You really think you could win?

The problem with your premise is that the government needs you to play the game it wants to control.
What happens when people don't play in a manner that the government wants to play.
The game falls apart and the "I.Q.'s" lose control. They literally lose the game.

Well that's exactly what you're doing when you try to figure something out or think you found something that tptb slipped-up on.

Sorry, but this is you giving up.
Once you inflate the power of any government like this, the government does not need "i.q's" siting and planning contingencies because they simply don't need to when people like you spout this spineless rubbish.

The government "allows" the media to release wikileaks docs and then complain about how it's messing up relations with other countries; putting peoples lives at risk; and to boot, no government employee is allowed to view the material. Does that sound a little "off" to you?
Yes, you sound totally off to me.

These people have unlimited resources and they have anyone with an I.Q. over 180 locked up somewhere sitting around thinking of ways to throw us off.
They do not have unlimited resources. You believe they do. Just like you need to create imaginary scenarios about the nature of opposition the government has "locked" away in a room.

Everything they do is a calculated move with plenty of backup plans for almost every conceivable change of direction. I really do believe that they want us to think they aren't the sharpest knife in the drawer, even though they really are 10 steps ahead of us.

Dude, if you want to give up, then do so, but don't come here spreading this all powerful NWO B.S.

There could literally be dozens of geniuses sitting around a table figuring out how to get from point A to point Z, and everywhere in between, the exact way they want it to happen. So think about this next time you think you catch them with their pants down. Did they really mess up, or is that what they wanted you to see?

How about you start waking up tp the fact that YOU are a part of the problem.
People like you who give up to fear of an imagined all powerful, all knowing government.

They have the power you speak of simply because you give it to them by imagining they actually have it.
Wake up [snip].
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This isn't a debate about whether I've given up or not. Please do not misconstrue a thread I made on a conspiracy forum for my definitive personality. I'm simply turning some wheels in my mind. I am the type to figure things out a few steps ahead. That's why I wanted to see what other people thought. I think you'll find that your post was a little overly aggressive toward me and I would hope that you could curtail the sour demeanor. Thank you.

posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 07:12 PM
reply to post by realeyes

The sour demeanour is the OP.

If you would care to address the issues I raise concernig your "wheels turning" then I would appreciate that. As it sems your reply is merely sour grapes at the suggestions I make. My reply is personal because your OP is personal.
Your OP implies that no one is capable or intelligent enough to contend with a government.
Your OP is ignorant of the entire history of governments being usurped and destroyed by the people.
Your OP is ignorant of the fact that historically political/economic power structures are not infinte but decay and erode ultimately heralding great change regardless of the endeavors of the existing power structures attempts at maintaining that power.

As I state before, you need to imagine the instruments of the governments power.
You need to give up in order for you OP to be true.
You need to imagine that the government is as powerful as you state, and this effectively means that the government does not need to really do anything because your belief and imagination empowers them.
You relegate any truth exposed regarding the PTB as "allowed" or "given" but fail to consider why historically revealing expos'ees have destroyed political elite and governemts.

In order to answer the above, you have to inflate your premise. If you really think a few steps ahead then you would see that you would indeed soon have to inflate the conspiracy in order to counter the criticisms, by inflate I mean you would then add to your premise that the example I gave abvove are controlled or contrieved and so the conspiracy suffers inflation. You simply grow it in order to explain the things that make it implausible. Essentially, your OP does that in spades. It inflates the government into such an entity that it explains the failings or flaws in government as being deliberate acts by the government as part of some agenda.

I'm simply turning some wheels in my mind. I am the type to figure things out a few steps ahead. That's why I wanted to see what other people thought.

I am simply relying.
I am sorry, but all I saw in your post was your imagination. You have not provided any thinking.
Read the OP. You applied no thinking to your scenario, just your imagination.

I think you'll find that your post was a little overly aggressive toward me and I would hope that you could curtail the sour demeanor. Thank you.

I did not find my post overly aggressive. You did. I stand by my comments, totally.
Let us be clear on that.

How about you answer the criticisms instead of attacking my demeanour?

I play chess. Very Well.
One of the scenaro's in you OP is called a simul. It is where one opponant takes on many opponants simultaneosly.
People can do it, and they can do it well. If you had of thought about your "chess scenario" more thoroughly you may have come to comprehend that it is in fact severly flawed by the reality that individual people are capable of taking on many, many others.

I'll let you get back to those grapes.

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