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All The Fun Of The Fair.

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posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 11:12 AM
I love summer nights.
I love the idea of finishing a good performance, packing away the Punch & Judy tent, cleaning the area of rubbish and quietly slipping away into the evening.

It's the way the children scamper back to their parents to inform them of the strange tale that as been laid out before them. That bit I love too.
I usually sit in the car, take a sneaky slug from my whisky flask and watch the real show.

It's late July, the fireflies skirt the lilac bushes, the moon, blood red, hangs in the warm summer sky and the carnival proclaims it's power across the village green.

I have worked here for twelve years and have never missed a day through illness. I'm proud of that.

Mandy Curtis the Dust Witch, is packing her costume away as we speak. I can see her through the opening in the back of her kiosk, a light breeze pushes the canvas to one side and I can see her in her bra and panties.

Jed Curtis, her brother, The Great Inferno, is still juggling flaming torches for the last of the dwindling crowd, he's very good....for a drunk.

Jane McGarry is still belly dancing, and John Little is still conning the punters into parting with their money on the hoop throw.

The carnival belongs to The Great Mafisto Brothers, they're the two portly chaps, beaming and patting the crowd, as they pass down the midway.

The usual machinery is here, The Waltzer, The Carousel, the huge Ferris wheel in the dark sky, that scares the crap out me and of course, there's the Ghost Train.

That will be my next shift in a couple of minutes. I love to watch the crowd, the kids, running everywhere, their eyes soaking every image up.
The teenagers, pretending this is for the younger, but still enjoying the lights, the smells and the feeling of the night.
There are two teenagers leaning against the back of my car right now, The heavy kissing and the nervous giggling, yeah, I love watching the crowd.

Well, I take another gulp of firewater and it's off to the Ghost Train for me. I'm taking over from Joe Trantor, he's a funny one.
You know, he left his wife and two kids to run away and join us. That was six months ago today. He loves the carnival and he's a whiz with the fair's finances.
He was holding down a well paid accountancy job in the bowels of Londinium and he tossed it for the carnival. You can't buy it!
Joe waves and moves off to cover Buddy West on the Prayer Wheel.

I like this job. I tell the customers to keep their arms in, not to leave the car at any time and please close your eyes if it gets too scary!
The macho men smile, the girls giggle and the kids look wide-eyed.

In they go and once every hour, I go in after them.

I love this job, it's the packing away that makes me sad. The village green or the meadow, wherever we land, looks lost and barren when we go.

I try my best at the Punch and Judy, the stories change from day to day. I keep Punch clean and smart, I keep the tent free from toffee-apple stains and candyfloss clumps.
I sweep my patch and i try to make the Ghost Train more real.

I love this Job.

posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 11:45 AM
Thankyou for this wonderful insight into the workings of the fair! I am so glad there is somebody out there who loves their job!

posted on Dec, 15 2010 @ 01:00 PM
reply to post by arise91

Thank you.
I hear the Fair mentioned may be pulling into your town... take care!!!!


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