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Bush Is good|But not that good!

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posted on Jul, 5 2004 @ 12:34 AM
Has anyone ever wondered why the hell we bombed IRAQ then did a food drop on the same night there small villages burned. Then Bush got all this publicity by being "THE GREAT HOPE OF IRAQ " he wanted to help them become a democracy..etc.
I've come to the conclusion that he isn't the best President but he had an ingenius plan.
My concerns are still standing, where his plans for the betterment of society as a whole..(United_States)?
The plan i've come up with is we are the "super power", but there are still forces which we can't control and that makes us question those forces. Now a force such as IRAQ has threatened us(U.S.) they even bombed(WTC). We must stand strong and bomb who we believe is holding them(terrorist) freely in there country(IRAQ). Therefore we destroy them, then we rebuild them !!!It's like whipping your child for being bad then fixing them dinner they still love you. When they get a scrap who will they come running to?????U.S. is the daddy now!!!!

But theres the one thing that's not good! Im sure you guys have heard of the CIA transporting either bin laden or sudam's sons out of the country just minutes before the trade center bombings. Amazingly just when there plan landed safely all flying was suspended in the USA. Then the last plart of the plan i dont get is why after u make a deal with the three sons, youn fly them home then kill them later on.

Was that to make everyone believe that you are still fighting terror???You make a deal with snakes then kill the snakes!!!!


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