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Religion versus Government versus Discovery

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posted on Dec, 14 2010 @ 08:07 PM
I am just throwing this out there. I have notice a similarity between government and religion. That similar thing is embracing fake proof and putting down the science that delivers the truth. The weird part is that it is not all things that each uses the manipulation. Both manage a different sort of manipulation.

My theory is that each will give a bone to the information hounds to get the scent off the real story. I am kind of wondering what is going on.

Historically, religion and government had a power conflict but now it appears that the are actually working together to use science against us. I am really disturbec by the fact that I cannot put my fingure on an exact. It is just, all of the sudden, we have antiquity dealers saying the "jesus" artifacts are fact while also putting Wikileaks in the headlines.

Does this mean somehow the two are going to be joined together to do the magician slight of hand?

What are your ideas and if you have proof, do link! I just have this thought thing that is connecting these two seperate ideals into one kind of manipulation. They are both happening at the exact same time on the media and Daddy always said watch your back when the news is on the front lines of anything.

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