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Introduction of a NEW IDEA and a NEW HOPE. . . .

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posted on Dec, 14 2010 @ 02:16 PM
The purpose of this thread is to introduce a new idea with the function of helping to put critical information directly in front of those in dire need of it. I believe that our only true hope of survival as a human species is to wake up our fellow country men. Those who have slipted gradually into the mental prison that has been made for the minds of all. Our only hope is in our numbers and the fact that we will have to stand together with one voice and demand our rights as inhabitiants of this world. . . .

. . . . So, I am now proposing that we form a simple gathering of minds with a minimal effort on behalf of its supporters, but a maximum effect for their well deserving actions. . . .

. . . . Many people work and live in communities or establishments with FREE WIFI services, or even free computer access. We can use our positions to post new relevant information in support our cause. We can create small individual groups to go out and make their rounds, much like security guards do, thus making sure we can covertly keep our most hightly regarded information right at the beginning of many peoples internet experience. We will of course switch up our squedules to try to keep ourselves unnoticed. THEN . . . . set up a system of say "twitter" accounts to send the message and a link to get our system coordinating with maximum efficiency. Well I could really say much much more on account of this new and exciting way to stick it to the man, but I am honestly in a hurry. I thank you very much for the time you've taken to atleast read this through.

Your thoughts are most welcomed.

p.s. dont let reality blind you from the hope that surrounds us.. we have to be creative in finding any possible advantages.

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