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Prohibited Education Great documentary interview with Matias De Stefano 22-year old Argentinian

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posted on Dec, 14 2010 @ 01:49 PM
Really gotta watch this.. Part 7 and 8 coming in the next day or two with CC i hope... check it out!!!

The Prohibited Education - Matias De Stefano Indigo Child

for those who want to skim through, part 3 is about dimensions and vibration (highly recommended u watch) part 4 guess is about good and evil and how our human perspective or POV relates... going into our human history with part 5..
But lots of info covered here, although not into too much detail which is important too because he maintains a universal and 'clear' perspective that he speaks from in this presentation.
Open your mind and heart and just listen to what he has to share..

Don't judge and jump to conclusions, there is so much else to focus on. Such as the 'Here and Now' Most of the time the word doesn't really matter- its the vibration.

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